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Mission Index

  1. Defeat all Devouring Earth - 1:00:00 (Devouring Earth )

Save the hostages and find out what the Devouring Earth are up to

Eliza Thorpe

I have a situation with the Devouring Earth. Their creatures have been spotted in a warehouse, and eyewitnesses say they have hostages. The Devouring Earth rarely let humans live, or at least, rarely let them continue to live as humans. I need you to save those hostages and find out what the Devouring Earth are up to. Are you up to it? You only have 1 hour to deal with the situation.

That warehouse holds a lot of bulk foods for the school lunch program. If you can't do something about the raid, a lot of children may go hungry.

Part 1: Defeat all Devouring Earth - 1:00:00 (7 hostages left, 4 tainted crates left)
Warehouse (Devouring Earth )

The chill air of this refrigerated warehouse swirls around you. Bits of stone and mold litter the floor, a sure sign that the Devouring Earth is present.

Mission Complete: You have rescued the hostages and stopped the Devouring Earth contaminating the school lunches.

Eliza Thorpe

It looks like the Devouring Earth were planning to put some kind of mutagen into those school lunches. Who knows what those children would have become? Every parent in this city owes you a debt today, Red Tomax.


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