Red Tomax's Guide to City of Heroes

I started playing City of Heroes back in August 2004. At that time the game had not been released the the EU so I, like many other European gamers, downloaded the US version of the game and played on the US servers.

Nearly a year later City of Heroes finally recieved a European release, I didn't join the EU servers straight away because of the friends I had made in-game and at the time doing so would mean starting over completely from scratch, abandoning the characters I'd spent the best part of a year building.

Back when I started playing the best source of information for City of Heroes was a great little site by a community member known as Artphobia, unfortunately once he left the game and passed on the website to new owners the updates slowed until eventually they stopped completely. The guide was last seen at "City of Heroes Online" and, content wise, is pretty much as Artphobia left it as far as I can tell.


As many have noticed, RedTomax has been absent from the game and his site for a while now. The site has sat in its current state for some time.

We are currently hosting his old site on the Titan server, and have also updated the powers database in City of Data to game version 2400.201208211101.1.

The site will mainly be in an archive state. There are currently no plans for updating the mission, contact, and faction archives. We do plan on keeping CoD updated as much as possible. Please remember to change your links to the new address here at Titan.

City of Data, Version 2400.201208211101.1

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