Major Story ArcMidnight Draws Near


Mission Index

  1. Take out two Midnighters (Tsoo,Midnight Squad,Generic Heroes)
  2. Collect Starr Hair Sample (Arachnos)
  3. Avenge Starr (The Lost,Rikti,Generic Heroes)
  4. Get Midnighter Hair sample (Tsoo)
  5. Talk to Ashley McKnight
  6. Inflitrate Midnight Squad (Midnight Squad)

Notable Foes

Clear out the Midnight Squad

Darrin Wade

Hello, Dread Tomax. Some of my old friends are poking their noses around the Isles. I'd prefer them not to do that. I've got business here and the Midnight Squad is bad for it.

Are you up for making sure they get the message and get out of town?

Great. My spies tell me the Midnighter Club has enlisted the help of two heroes, Kadabra Kill and his wife, Sigil. They're trying to track down some relics uncovered here on the Isles. Beyond the fact that by definition, relics are old, I don't know what they are or why the Midnighters would want them.

Go have a 'chat' with these two heroes. If you happen to find what they're looking for and bring it back to me, all the better.

Part 1: Take out two Midnighters (5 Relics, Defeat Kadabra Kill, Defeat Sigil)
Cimerora Tunnels @ Sharkhead Isle (Tsoo,Midnight Squad,Generic Heroes)

Darrin Wade wants what the midnighters are after. Looks like you'll have to bust some heads to get it.
Just another day in the Isles.

Objective: You found something

ClueOld Bones

You've found a pile of old bones. What's odd about it is the pieces of rusted armor you found with it. The armor looks ancient Greek or Roman in origin.

Objective: You've defeated Sigil

Objective: You've defeated Sigil

Objective: You found something

ClueAncient Tablets

You look over the stone carvings and try and make sense out of them...

You can't make out any of the words, but of the few pictures carved into the stone you see something that looks like a tree or a multiple branching river. The river ends in six streams with a word carved next to it. However, one of the streams is crossed out. The word next to that stream or branch is called Caelestis.

Kadabra KillKadabra Kill [Hero]
In all his travels around the world and to realms unknown, Kadabra Kill seeks a single prize, the salvation of his wife, Sigil. Long ago, when they were both young and foolish, she gave up her soul to save his own. Soon she must pay the ultimate price.
SigilSigil [Hero]
Sigil's soul is marked by a demon form the dark void. She signed a pact, her soul for her lover's life. Ever since, her and her husband, Kadabra Kill, have spent their adult lives seeking a loop hole in the bargain. So far, they have come up empty handed.

Mission Complete: You've taken out Kadabra Kill and Sigil. You've even collected some relics for Darrin Wade.

Darrin Wade

So, the Midnighters are looking into relics from the ancient Mediterranean. I wonder if they've stumbled onto Cimerora yet? It's only a matter of time... Forgive the pun, that was unintentional.

If the Midnighters are looking into Cimerora, then they must be deducing the paths of power. That knowledge in and of itself is harmless and actually worthless. It's not until they learn how to manipulate the paths that things become problematic for some and lucrative for others. Let us try and remain on the latter side.

Collect a locket of hair

Darrin Wade

Dread Tomax, something's come up. Something personal.

A business partner of mine has been killed. I want to know who did it. I can track down his killers, but I need a locket of his hair to do it.

Thank you. My old partner, Starr, was a member of Arachnos. He always said it helped him pay the bills, when his thaumaturgy couldn't. Anyway, they're keeping his body there. I need you to break in and get the hair sample.

With the hair sample I can work some magic and track the killers back to their point of origin.

Part 2: Collect Starr Hair Sample
Arachnos Base @ Sharkhead Isle (Arachnos)

Darrin wants you to get a hair sample from the body of an Arachnos agent named Starr.
It's doubtful Arachnos is going to let you just walk in and take it.

Objective: You've collected the hair sample.

ClueA Locket of Starr Hair

You've collected a short locket of hair from an Arachnos agent named Starr. Darrin Wade claims to be able to use this to actually track down the killers of this man.

Mission Complete: You've collected the hair sample from Starr's body. Return to Darrin Wade for further instructions.

Darrin Wade

My thanks, Dread Tomax. Give me a little bit of time and I'll be able to give you the location of his killers.

Seek revenge for Darrin Wade

Darrin Wade

I've used the hair sample you got me to track down the whereabouts of my old partner's killers. You up for some revenge?

The guys who did this are holed up in an abandoned office near here. I want you to exact some revenge for me.

Go into that office and defeat anyone who was responsible for Starr's murder.

Show them that if they mess with Darrin Wade or any of his contacts, they're going to pay the price.

Part 3: Avenge Starr (6 Captives to rescue, Defeat Sti'Lin)
Abandoned Office @ Sharkhead Isle (The Lost,Rikti,Generic Heroes)

It appears Darrin Wade's old partner isn't the only one being tortured by these killers.

Objective: You've defeated Sti'Lin

ClueSti'Lin's final words...

Sti'Lin told you just before he died that the Rikti are going to eliminate magic from your world...

'Too Long: Rikti have waited. Too Long: Have we not exploited, humans: greatest weakness. Magic is power: Rikti are masters of all power. Your path shall end: Rikti technology prevail.'

Kadabra KillKadabra Kill [Hero]
In all his travels around the world and to realms unknown, Kadabra Kill seeks a single prize, the salvation of his wife, Sigil. Long ago, when they were both young and foolish, she gave up her soul to save his own. Soon she must pay the ultimate price.
SigilSigil [Hero]
Sigil's soul is marked by a demon form the dark void. She signed a pact, her soul for her lover's life. Ever since, her and her husband, Kadabra Kill, have spent their adult lives seeking a loop hole in the bargain. So far, they have come up empty handed.

Mission Complete: You've exacted revenge on Starr's killers and collected some useful knowledge for Darrin Wade along the way.

Darrin Wade

The Rikti killed Starr? But wait, what?

They were trying to extract his magical essence. That's what they were doing with all those other magical beings.

I bet the Rikti are getting a little tired of having their butts kicked by the magic we've got on our world. Odds are, they're looking at a way to shut that down. Interesting...

Thanks for taking care of that personal matter of mine. Now we can get back down to business.

Agree to pay them a visit

Darrin Wade

On that last mission you ran into Sigil and Kadabra Kill again, didn't you?

I guess the Midnight Squad is involved in more ways than one. I think it's time we paid the Midnighters a visit.

Before you can get into their little club, we're going to have to get past security. To do this, you're going to have to question a Midnighter and get another hair sample for me. I'll mix you up a potion that will make you look like him. With that and the pass phrase you should be able to get into the Midnighter Club.

Part 4: Get Midnighter Hair sample (Collect hair sample, Collect Relic)
Cimerora Tunnels @ Sharkhead Isle (Tsoo)

Darrin Wade wants another hair sample, this time from a Midnighter working in this cave.

Objective: You've got the hair sample.

ClueMidnighter Pass Phrase

Taken from a Midnighter... against his will, of course. This phrase will get you into the Midnighter Club.

Si vis pacem, para bellum

Objective: You found something.

ClueCimeroran Relic

You've collected an old relic from within some ancient caves. Just before you let Alistair McKnight go, he told you that these relics are a roadmap to the history of super powers.

Perhaps, Darrin Wade would give you some money for it.

Mission Complete: You've questioned the Midnighter and gotten his hair sample. You've also found an old relic that Darrin might be interested in. You should have everything you need for Darrin Wade to get you into the Midnight Club.

Darrin Wade

What have we here? An ancient Cimeroran Tablet. Excellent work, Dread Tomax. I haven't seen one of these preserved this nicely since... well, since I used to be a Midnighter myself.

Perhaps we can use this to our advantage. With the locket of hair and this relic, we should have everything I need to infiltrate their club house.

Hope you remember the pass phrase.

Go over the plan

Darrin Wade

It's time for you to see how the other half lives, Dread Tomax. You should have the potion that will turn you into a reasonable looking member of the Midnight Club. I call it The Midnight Visage.

The relic you found will help us as well. This will allow you to circumvent the front door and get you in through the back. Let's go over the plan one more time.

Head over to Cap au Diable and give Ashley McKnight the pass phrase. She's on front door duty and you have to talk to her, even through you're not going in the front door. Once you give her the pass phrase, she'll send you around back.

When you get inside, I'm going to want you to steal... I mean replace everything you can in there.

Be careful though, because... and I really should have mentioned this earlier, the Midnighter you're going to transform into is Ashley's dad. But that could work to your advantage on getting in.

Part 5: Talk to Ashley McKnight
Delivery @ Cap au Diable
Ashley McKnight

Hey. dad, good to see you again. I know you and all, but i have to ask you the pass phrase anyway. So, what's the pass phrase, dad?

You:Si vis pacem, para bellum

I know it's silly but there you go.

Anyway, you can take that relic around back. But you know that, don't you? See you later.

Part 6: Inflitrate Midnight Squad (8 relics, Find Mission Exit)
Midnight Squad Headquarters @ Cap au Diable (Midnight Squad)

You're in the heart of the Midnight Squad. Time to take advantage of the situation.

Objective: You found something

Objective: You found something

Objective: You found something

Objective: You found something

Mission Complete: You broke in and stole stuff from the Midnighter Club.

Darrin Wade

Great, you've broken into the club and got everything I need to take over the Midnight Squad... Oh, did I not mention that? Yeah, that's the real reason I was using your services.

I want to establish my own order and focus specifically on bringing Rularuu back to the here and now and pulling him out of the Shadow Shard. And since you were so helpful in getting me set up, I can see to it that Rularuu rewards you as well, if you are interested, of course. I will let you know when I am further along in my scheme if you want in on the action.

Souvenir: Midnight Draws Near

As you hold the empty potion bottle given to you by Darrin Wade, the bottle that once contained the Midnight Visage, you're reminded of the events you've come to know as...

Midnight Draws Near

Darrin Wade was once a Midnighter, but no more. Now, he sells their secrets to the highest bidder. He asked you to stop the Midnight Squad from coming to he Rogue Isles and disrupting his business. This led you to an ancient cave where they were investigating the history of magic. You faced off against Kadabra Kill and his wife Sigil, two volunteers of the Squad.

However, before you could discover why the Midnight Squad was in the Isles, Darrin sent you to retrieve a locket of hair from a now deceased business partner. The partner was working for Arachnos, which meant you had to sneak into their base and get out before they threw you in a holding cell and questioned you.

With the locket of hair, you were able to track the killers down, but what you found was not what you expected. The Lost were performing experiments on magical humans and they had the aid of their Rikti masters. Not only did you find the killer of Darrin Wade's partner, but you ran into Kadabra Kill and Sigil once again, not to mention a number of magical heroes, villains and other creatures.

Now that revenge was served, Wade wanted you to get back on the Midnight Squad. He had tracked down a member who was, yet again, doing more research in an ancient cave. The Midnighter's name was Alistair McKnight. Darrin wanted you to find him, question him and get a sample of his hair. You found Alistair and after a little questioning he was more than willing to give up the pass phrase that allows Midnighters access into their exclusive club.

The time was ready to infiltrate the club, learn what they're doing and steal everything that's not nailed down. Darrin crafted you a potion. It made you look like Alistair and you were able to infiltrate the Midnighters. You skulked through the halls, finding one relic after the next. No one was the wiser... until the suits of armor came to life. It didn't matter where you went or what you did, they could see you. They knew you were not welcome. Thankfully, your job was done and all you had to do was get out in one piece.

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