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  1. Dismantle alien stabilizer (Rikti)

Go to alternate dimension and disable devices

Ghost Falcon

I just happen to be looking for a hero who can help me. As I travelled through the dimensions to get to this world, I came across one that I believe posess a great threat to my new found home. A world overrun by aliens, who were working on stabilizing a portal between their own world and this one. If you can dismantle their field stabilizer, I can help prepare you for what lies ahead.

The portal I have marked for you should get you to that world in one piece.

Part 1: Dismantle alien stabilizer
Instanced Outdoor [Terra Volta] (Rikti)

This world is overrun by Rikti. You had best find that field stabilizer before they find you.

Mission Complete: Field destabilized. Return to home dimension immediately.

Ghost Falcon

Excellent work, Red Tomax. Those wierd aliens won't be able to make their way to this world now.

Well done, my friend.

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