OtherBattle Romulus Soldiers


Mission Index

  1. Eliminate Romulus' soldiers - 1:30:00 (Cimeroran Traitors)

Battle Romulus' soldiers

Marcus Valerius

You have promised you aid in fighting Romulus' men.

Now is the time to fight them.

We have discovered pockets of hideouts where Romulus keeps his soldiers.

If we striker quickly and decisively, we can cripple his army before is has the opportunity to initiate another battle on this fort.

Prepare yourself, Red Tomax, as I send you to battle.

You have 90 minutes to complete this mission.

Part 1: Eliminate Romulus' soldiers - 1:30:00
Cimerora Tunnels @ Cimerora (Cimeroran Traitors)

The familiar sounds of men preparing equipment and weaponry for battle fills the area.

Mission Complete: You have successfully completed your task.

Marcus Valerius

You have shown great strength and cunning in your victory, Red Tomax. I am in your debt.


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