OtherDestroy Romulus' Weapons


Mission Index

  1. Destroy the enemy's weapons - 1:00:00 (Cimeroran Traitors)

Accept task to destroy weapons

Marcus Valerius

It is time that we make an offensive attack against Romulus's men and their weapons. Doing so will help us gain advantage against them.

You must find their weapons caches and destroy them. Only then will we begin to match their strength. Time, unfortunately, is not in our favour, so you must hurry.

You have 60 minutes to complete this task.

Part 10: Destroy the enemy's weapons - 1:00:00 (4 caches of weapons to destroy)
Cimerora Tunnels @ Cimerora (Cimeroran Traitors)

You success, or failure, in this task could mean a turn in the tide of this fight.

Mission Complete: You have successfully completed your task.

Marcus Valerius

I am most poud of you, Red Tomax! Romulus and his dogs have underestimated us far too long.


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