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  1. Defeat all Family and Freaks - 1:30:00 (Freakshow,The Family)

Make sure the Family doesn't hire the Freakshow

Christine Lansdale

I've heard from several of my contacts that the Family have set up a meeting with the Freakshow. There's a good chance that they're planning to hire the Freakshow as extra muscle in their battle against the Warriors and the Tsoo. that would be a bad thing. It would be a good idea for you to make sure no deal gets made. You'll need to move fast on this one, Red Tomax. This meeting won't take more than an hour and a half.

My sources tell me that the Freakshow chose the venue, which might explain why they're meeting in the sewers. You're main goal is simple. Take down everyone there. If we're lucky, they may even end up blaming each other.

Part 1: Defeat all Family and Freaks - 1:30:00
Sewers (Freakshow,The Family)

The muck is disturbed in a way that indicates a large number of people came through this area recently.

Mission Complete: The Family and the Freakshow have all been defeated.

Christine Lansdale

Sounds like it was an uneasy alliance to begin with, but I am glad you cut it off completely. The last thing the city needs is further Freakshow involvement between the Family, the Tsoo and the Warriors.


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