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  1. Recover family contraband (The Family)

Go to the warehouse and recover anything you find there

Christine Lansdale

Investigations by some contacts of mine have located one of the main storage warehouses for the Family's smuggling operation in Independence Port. Now all I need is a hero willing to go to that warehouse and recover anything there. Hopefully, there might be something there that could link them to one of the European syndicates.

If the operation's ringleader is there, I want him arrested. Otherwise, I'm afraid this mission will be a failure.

Search the place thoroughly; we need to recover everything they have. Most importantly, do not let the ringleader secape. He's certain to have valuable information for us.

Part 1: Recover family contraband (7 crates remaining, Don't let Draco escape!)
Warehouse @ Independence Port (The Family)

This large warehouse has clearly seen a great deal of use recently.

Objective: You found counterfeit Euro's

ClueCounterfeit Euro's

The bundles of bogus bils in here are difficult to identify as counterfeits

Objective: You found Superadine doses


The label on this Superadine sample is in Italian. It would appear that the Family has connections in Europe.

Objective: You found the Sforza Horse

ClueSforza Horse

This valuable 'objet d'art' was stolen from a shipment on its way to the Paragon City Museum from Milan.

Mission Complete: You have located all the contraband in the warehouse.

ClueDraco talks

When you captured the smuggling ring's leader, Draco, he said: 'I'll tell you alls you wants to know! Just don't put me back out on the street after a failure like this!'

Christine Lansdale

You hit the jackpot! Superadine samples that were ready for shipping to Europe, counterfeit foreign bills, and a valuable art treasure stolen on its way here. This will go a long way in bringing these thugs down.


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