Accomplishment BadgeInvestigate the hacker known as The Doctor


Mission Index

  1. Locate hacker before Crey can (Crey)

The Doctor's Ally
You have uncovered the fate of Doctor Friedkin.
More Info: City Information Terminal

Investigate the hacker known as The Doctor

Gordon Stacy

I've been hearing rumblings on the Internet about a new hacker called The Doctor. This 'Doctor' seems to be very anti-Crey, taking responsibility for the attacks on Crey's servers, and posting some very amusing stories about Countess Crey on the various news sites. The Doctor hasn't caused any REAL damage yet, but I think its only a matter of time before Crey themselves decide to get involved. I was hoping you could put on your investigation cap and check this one out for me. When Crey do start looking for this hacker, it could get messy.

Great, I knew could count on you. The Doctor is very good at covering his trakcs, but there is an abandoned warehouse that his IP address has been traced back to. My sources inside Crey tell me that they know about the warehouse as well, and will probably apprehend The Doctor for themselves. We all know how that will end up, so try to get to him before they do, ok?

Part 1: Locate hacker before Crey can (Locate The Doctor, 2 doors to unlock)
Laboratory @ Random (Crey)

This warehouse used to deal in electronics and computers and is still wired for braodband internet. Perfect for any hacker to use as a base of operations.

Objective: On one of the Crey agents, you found a key.

Objective: A message was left for you on this computer.

ClueGreetings from the Great Beyond

As you approached the computer, a message window opened and the following text appeared:

'What was it like? I really can't say. I live now in an artificial world of my own making. I'm not old anymore, and I'm much more focused. So many little things you miss, though. I'm just glad I was able to escape them in the first place. You're a dear, but don't worry about me. They can't catch me. And with knowledgeable friends like Executable Number 6, I can fight against Crey's plans. And oh, do they have plans. Don't trust the protectors, my friend. I think that's why I was murdered in the first place.'

Objective: You visit the news sites bookmarked on this computer's web browser

ClueThey call me The Doctor

This computer has various news sites bookmarked on it. Checking through them they all seem to be about Dr. Carole Friedken, an elderly female scientist working. The last one is the most troubling, and describes her body showing up in the sewers of Paragon City 5 months after her disappearance.

Objective: You read the documents left on this computer.

ClueCrey is up to no good!

You find this computer seems to have some classified Crey documents on it. The file called 'Crey Patent Application for Memory Transference Device' looks eerily similar to another file labeled 'Patent Application for Memory Downloading Process'. The second one was never filed however, and belongs to a Dr. Carole Friedken.

Objective: A message from The Doctor appears on the computer.

ClueYou can never find me

There was a short message in a telnet window on the computer screen. it read:

'Am I in that warehouse? yes and no. I can see you in there, though, and I'm sure you've seen me enemies there as well. One thing is certain however, you will never find me there. but it's also the best place to look for me, or rather, for who I was.'

Mission Complete: You have successfully contacted Dr. Friedken and learned that her essence is the hacker known as The Doctor.

The Doctor's Ally
Awarded for completing the mission.
Gordon Stacy

A computer hacker who isn't actually there, a dead scientist, and some kind of memory transferring machine? I don't think I like where this one was headed, Red Tomax. Even if it means another 'person' might be trying to keep an eye on Crey. The warning you received about the Paragon Protectors does seem to jibe with the way those 'heroes' have been acting towards the hero community at large. Very interesting. I wonder if there might be more connections.

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