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  1. Combat the Freakshow (Freakshow)

Hunt the Freakshow right back

Marvin Weintraub

This is something that might concern you, Red Tomax. A contact I have in the Freakshow tells me that Dreck, the leader of the Freakshow, has ordered his men to hunt you down. I think it might be a good idea if you returned the favour and hunted the Freakshow right back.

The Freakshow arne't to be underestimated, they're tenacious and crazy. But if you can cause enough damage to them, even Dreck will realize that they don't need to antagonize you any more. If you're having trouble finding Freaks, a lot of them can be found in Independence Port, Talos Island, and Terra Volta.

Part 1: Combat the Freakshow (Defeat 30 Freakshow)
Defeat x (Freakshow)

Mission Complete: You have defeated enough Freakshow to deliver your message.

Marvin Weintraub

Word from my informant is that the hunt is off, Red Tomax. It seems that Bile, one of Dreck's lieutenants, ran a statistical analysis and found that you were causing more damage to them than before. My informant says that Dreck was badly embarrassed.


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