OtherThe Dance Party


Mission Index

  1. Rescue party goers from Trolls - 1:00:00 (Trolls ,Outcasts)

Stop the Trolls from hitting the party

Wyatt Anderson

I just got word from one of my informants that the Trolls have decided to bust up an underground dance party in Skyway City. It gets worse, though. The promoter running the show is the sister of a high-ranking Outcast gangster. If she gets hurt, the Outcasts will use it as a pretext to expand their war with the Trolls. Someone's got to stop the Trolls from hitting that party. You only have 1 hour to stop the Troll attack.

If the Outcasts have heard about this, there's a good chance you'll have to deal with them, too.

Part 1: Rescue party goers from Trolls - 1:00:00 (3 hostages to save)
Warehouse [Party] (Trolls ,Outcasts)

Any music that was playing here stopped a while ago. Now all you hear are the sounds of fighting and panic.

Mission Complete: Missing

Wyatt Anderson

That was well handled. The tensions between rival gangs are bad enough; the last thing we need is for them to find an excuse to escalate their fighting. Oh, I got a call from that music promoter you rescued. She says if you ever consider a career in music, she'll be your biggest fan.


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