OtherTroll Assaults in Boomtown


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  1. Combat Trolls in Boomtown (Trolls )

Go to Boomtown and make sure the Trolls know you won't stand for assaults on citizens

Wyatt Anderson

The neighborhood watch in Boomtown has been reporting a lot of Troll assaults lately. It seems that the Trolls' enhanced strength and endurance has given them a feeling of superiority, and they're eager to prove that it's justified. You need to get over to Boomtown and make sure the Trolls know we won't stand for assaults on our citizens.

The Trolls like to hang out in Primer and the Fuze. Those are the neighborhoods I'd start with, if I were you.

Part 1: Combat Trolls in Boomtown (Defeat 15 Trolls)
Defeat x @ 'Boomtown' (Trolls )

Mission Complete: You have discouraged the Trolls from assaulting the citizens of Boomtown.

Wyatt Anderson

Thanks, Red Tomax. The Trolls will think twice before throwing their weight around in Boomtown again.


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