OtherThe Clockwork Menace


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  1. Combat Clockwork menace (Clockwork)

Cull the numbers of the Clockwork menace

Rick Davies

The Clockwork are using the cover of night to scavenge parts for more mechanical monstrosities. With every support beam and street lamp they take, they put our citizens in grave peril. We need to cull the numbers of the Clockwork menace. If we let them keep savenging, I'm sure we'll soon be faced with a deadly accident.

Thank you, Red Tomax. I can tell that the safety of the populace is of great import to you.

Part 1: Combat Clockwork menace (Defeat 5 Clockwork)
Defeat X (Clockwork)

Mission Complete: You discouraged the Clockwork from scavenging in Atlas Park.

Rick Davies

Thanks for helping with that Clockwork problem. We'll see what kind of impact you made tomorrow night.


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