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  1. Rescue the missing citizens (Vahzilok)

Investigate the disappearances

Jonathan Smythe

Several wealthy citizens have disappeared in the last couple of days. That's hardly unusual in this town, but this time no ransom notes have been delivered. I want you to investigate these disappearances, Red Tomax. I have a bad feeling that these people are in serious trouble.

One more thing: all of the missing people had fatal illnesses. That connection has to mean something, but I can't figure out what!

Part 1: Rescue the missing citizens (3 people to rescue)
Abandoned warehouse @ Atlas Park (Vahzilok)

Sick laughter echoes in the distance.

Mission Complete: You rescued the kidnapped citizens from the Vahzilok.

ClueThe kidnapped woman's story

The woman you rescued from the Vahzilok told you:

'They approached me because of my money, and because of my illness. You see, I'm dying of cancer. This strange Vahzilok said he could give me eternal life! And al he wanted was the bulk of my fortune!'

'I was desperate, so I gave in. But that was before I knew what they wanted to do to me. They wanted to turn me into a zombie, a walking corpse!'

Jonathan Smythe

So, Vahzilok convinced those people to hand over their fortunes in exchange for eternal life. Trouble is, it was a life few people would consider worth living: a life as one of his disgusting zombies! It's really sad that he would prey on the desperately ill like this. But I suppose that's what I should expect from such a demented person.


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