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  1. Defeat Rikti Leader - 30:00

Prove yourself to Borea


Alright, Red Tomax, you want to help the Vanguard? First, here are the rules:

  1. If you do not like the way we run things, then that is too bad. We are sure you can find something else to do.
  2. We are always going to have something for you to do. If you do not like what is available, see rule number 1.
  3. We only reward success. Mama raised us to have a high standard. Unlike Lev.

Oh, and rule number 4 - we work on a tight schedule, so everything but the hunting tasks is going to be timed.

Now that we are clear, if you are still interested, let us see if you've got what it takes.

Good. We will give you an easy one. The Rikti have taken over an abandoned building near the base. Your target is their leader. You have 30 minutes to take him out. Good luck.

You have 30 minutes to complete this mission.

Part 1: Defeat Rikti Leader - 30:00 (Defeat the target)
Abandoned warehouse @ Rikti War Zone

This is the place. Time to get to it.

Objective: Target defeated

Mission Complete: You have succeeded in your mission. Return to Borea for further instructions.


That is a start. Good work, Red Tomax.

Now, let's get some more work done.


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