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Mission Index

  1. Defeat Hoyt and his guards (Council)

Shut down the Council cell

Lorenzo DiCosta

A cell of Council troops has taken over a couple of floors of an abandoned office in Paragon City. They are using it as a planning and staging area for attacks throughout the city. I need someone who can go in and shut down he Council cell.

Please take extra care to see that no one escapes, Red Tomax. If the cell's ringleaders get away, we may have to consider this mission a failure.

Last week's bombing at the exchange was planned from this cell, and I'm sure they're planning similar attacks as we speak. The Council has become much bolder since they ousted their old regime. They are being led by Archon Hoyt. Take down Hoyt and his bodyguards, and the cell will disperse.

Part 1: Defeat Hoyt and his guards (Don't let Hoyt escape!)
Abandoned office @ Skyway City (Council)

The offices are in disarray, but someone has made an effort to make this place habitable. In its current condition, it's an excellent staging area.

Mission Complete: You defeated Hoyt and his guards.

Lorenzo DiCosta

You shut down that cell by defeating Archon Hoyt. He's singing like a canary; he's already given up the locations of several other Council cells. Excellent work.


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