Minor Story ArcVon Grun's Science


Mission Index

  1. Subdue all DE in caves
  2. Defeat all DE in caves
  3. Capture Pyriss

Notable Foes

  • Mission #3: Devoured Pyriss, Elite Boss (Devouring Earth)

Help Vernon von Grun get the Devouring Earth specimens he needs

Vernon von Grun

All science begins with basic research. Research must be conducted according to rigorous scientific methods. To conduct this research I will need theories, wich I already have, and I will need access to equipement, wich I have in sufficient quantities in this early phase, and I will need materials. Specimens. Subjects. The kinds of subjects I need are members of the Devouring Earth. These are normally dangerous to acquire, and I'm going to need a lot of them. That's where you come in.

To prove my theories and show the greater scientific community within Arachnos the true value of my work, I will need a great deal of Devouring Earth specimens. Fortunately, the creatures are as prolific as they are dangerous, and have infested certain sections of St. Martial. I'm sending you to some of the natural caverns beneath that Island where you should be able to find a nest of them. Your Job is to subdue all of the ones in that nest. I'll have them picked up later. Oh, and take this tranquilizer gun. It might help to make them more docile. It has 10 darts, but don't worry. The compound is one of my creations, and I can make more for your next job.

Part 1: Subdue all DE in caves
Tunnels @ St. Martial

Your senses are overwhelmed by the heat and moisture here. This is definitely a Devouring Earth den.

Mission Complete: You subdued all the Devouring Earth for Vernon von Grun.

Vernon von Grun

No, no, no, no, no! No, It's nothing wrong with your work. It's just that these specimens won't work! Their nerve ganglia are insufficiently complex. There's not enough variation in them. Why, even the semi-intellignet lichen that binds and animates the rock-men isn't efficient enough, at least, not in this quantity. There's just not enough variation.

Of course!

The sample size is just too small. I'll need more. I'll simply need much, much more. Let me check my calculations, and then we should be ready.

Catch more DE for von Grun

Vernon von Grun

If I am to make my theories impact the world with the brilliant hammer of enlightment only science can bring, I will need more specimens of the Devouring Earth to study. Fortunately for you, I've found another group of them that should be more advanced. The deal is the same as before, I need you to defeat them all so that I can have them collected for study.

Excellent! I knew I could count on you! Science is built on the shoulders of the greats who came before us, but mad science is built upon the hard labors of morally challenged fiends willing to do nightmarish things to bring the final logical horrors of reason gone mad to fruition. I'm glad that I have you to count on to help me make this all happen.

Oh, and before you go, let me give you more tranquilizer darts. Please, continue to use them. The less damage incurred subduing the specimens, the more information I can learn.

Part 2: Defeat all DE in caves
Tunnels @ St. Martial

You've heard before that most of the Devoured used to be humans before they were transformed. Considering what they got turned into, you're probably doing them a favor.

Mission Complete: You subdued all the Devouring Earth for Vernon von Grun.

Vernon von Grun

I am ecstatic about these new specimens. I almost have all that I need. Why, one of the devoured even had vestigial traces of it's original human organs inside it! How incredible! But I still need one last thing to fully understand how it works. I almost have a complete understanding of the creatures, but there remains one last area of study, one last veiled truth I must find a way to reveal. And once I have throw aside that obfuscating curtain between me and that final layer of discovery, there will be no one left in the world who will mock Vernon von Grun again

GYAAAAH - HA - HA - HA - HA - HA - HA - HA!

Capture a super devoured

Vernon von Grun

I am on the cusp of a major discovery! All I need is one last very special subject to test, and probe, and dissect. That would be a Devouring Earth devoured paranormal! Yes, while many of the Devoured creatures were once humans, a few special mutants come through the process with some of their old abilities intact. And one of those is just what I need.

The target is the only one I want, the rest do not matter for me to complete my work. She was once a young villainess named 'Pyriss', I believe. Her life of crime ended when she was caught by the Devouring Earth and underwent the 'Devouring', thansforming her. But she kept her powers! Those genetic traits will act as a key to understanding the Devouring Earth! By examining her genetic and physical structure, I will be able to see how the two sides were combined, and reach a complete understanding of how Devouring Earth truly operate. Then all will be ready for the next plan!

Oh, and don't forget your tranquilizer darts! They may help. Pyriss could be quite a fight, particularly if you're just on your own. Sadly, this is the last batch of darts for a while. But I'll soon have other things for you.

Part 3: Capture Pyriss (Subdue Pyriss)
Tunnels @ St. Martial

This place is even warmer than before.

Devoured PyrissDevoured Pyriss [Elite Boss]
Pyriss was once an impressionable young would-be heroine, until Peter Themari and a truly depraved villain tricked her into turning against her allies and becoming a villain herself. It seems that her villainous life left her at the mercy of the Devouring Earth, who consumed her and transformed her into what she is now.

Mission Complete: You have captured Pyriss for Vernon von Grun.

Vernon von Grun

Oh, Pyriss! Though minds concerned with the follies of human existence might see your life as a tragedy, I must maintain my scientific detachment, and see your agonized exstence for what it is: My Rosetta stone! Your genetic structure will finally unlock all the secrets of the Devouring Earth to me!

The world has no idea what waits for it, but you, you shall be here to see the dawning of a new day for SCIENCE!!!


Join me!


You handled that very well, and have shown an incredible natural acumen for science. To call our meeting fate would be to slight the laws of probability. No, this work of ours, this work we're doing is too important to minimize it so. Take my cellular telephone number. In experiments so vital, so precise, seconds can matter!

Souvenir: The Devouring Earth by V. von Grun

This scholarly research paper was written by Vernon von Grun, a disgruntled lab assistant to Operative Grillo with dreams of becoming a full-fledged mad scientist. Fortunately for him, he had a resource like you to help him work out

Von Grun's Science

The paper is remarkably well written, given Vernom's tendency to rant about science at strange moments. In the paper, Vernon details how the Devouring Earth work in great detail. Apparently it all starts with a semi-intelligent bacteria called 'The Will of the Earth'. Colonies of it completely re-write the genetic code of an infected creature, given sufficient time and nutrients. What's more, the Will of the Earth is able to communicate with other colonies, forming a bacteriological telepathic network. The added intelligence of other colonies allows the Will of the Earth to create larger-scale changes to creatures. Colonies of Lichen infected with the Will of The Earth are able to animate Rocks to form rock-men, alter the DNA of trees and fungi to create plant creatures, and even take over insect colonies to form cloud of stinging insects. Te greatest transformation is that of the 'Devoured', human being who have been re-engineered by prolonged and forced exposure to the Will of the Earth. Von Grun spends some time on them, and show how the process of 'Devouring' works, based on the information he gained from Pyriss, the devoured ex-heroine you captured. Von Grun also posits that the entirety of the Devouring Earth forms one single intelligence under the creature that leads it, a blob-like being called the Hamidon. Vernon promises to follow up on his theories of how Devouring Earth could be used by Arachnos as a terror weapon in his next paper.


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