Accomplishment BadgeSelestar


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  1. Defeat Selestar & his guards

Mage Hunter
That's one less creepy mystic to get in your way.
More Info: City Information Terminal

Defeat Selestar

Mage-Killer Zuhkara

There's a particular Circle mage I've been tracking for many years. Every time I'm near catching him, he gives me the slip. I want to see if you can succeed where I have failed, Dread Tomax. Bring me the cloak of the mage Selestar, and we will continue to do business. If you can't, perhaps you should seek out lesser challenges.

Though he is a vile and corrupt member of the Circle of Thorns, I cannot help but respect Selestar's intelligence. Be wary of him, Dread Tomax.

Part 1: Defeat Selestar & his guards (Don't let Selestar escape!)
Tunnels @ Grandville

It sounds as though Zuhkara's beef with this mage is personal.

Mission Complete: You defeated Selestar!

ClueSelestar's Cloak

After defeating Selestar, you took his cloak as Mage Killer Zuhkara requested. Along the way, you've learned a few interesting things about your contact. It seems she was once involved with the Circle mage. Perhaps this explains her hatred of all things magical. More importantly, it's a fact you may be able to blackmail her with in the future.

Mage Hunter
Awarded for completing the mission
Mage-Killer Zuhkara

So. It is done. To be honest, I thought I would feel more. Happiness, maybe. Or peace? But there's none of that. All I feel is the same burning determination to wipe out all of Selestar's putrid kind. And that's just what I'm going to do.

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