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  1. Stop attackers in Arachnos lab - 1:15:00

Stop attackers in Arachnos lab

Dr. Forrester

As you probably already know, AeonCorp has hired some of the most brilliant scientists this world has ever known! Because of such an amazing think-tank of genius, it's only natural when jealous, petty rivals endeavor to wrest away their secrets! We've gotten reports of a recent attack upon one of Dr. Aeon's Arachnos labs here in Grandville! Something about black-clad soldiers and giant robots - I don't know the details, but I'm sure you can handle it! Head over to the Arachnos lab and stop the attackers before they steal Aeon's secrets!

It's only a matter of time before they find the research data! You have only 75 minutes to complete this mission!

Some Arachnos forces are already in there, but they need help! And bring my back any research data they tried to steal! Now that the lab has been compromised, we need to get any and all information out of there!

Part 1: Stop attackers in Arachnos lab - 1:15:00 (Rescue Aeon scientist, Lead scientist to computer, Defeat Enforcer-39 and operatives)
Arachnos Base @ Grandville

You hear the sounds of combat in the distance. Find and stop the attackers!

Objective: You defeated Enforcer-39!

Mission Complete: You stopped the attackers in the Arachnos lab!

ClueAeon Data Slug

This small hard plastic capsule contains all of the encrypted research data from an Arachnos Aeon lab. One of Aeon's scientists gave it to you to deliver to Dr. Forrester.

Dr. Forrester

You managed to recover the research data? Excellent! We've almost managed to reverse-engineer that Malta weapon! Err... forget what I just said!


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