Story ArcProject Fury


Mission Index

  1. Collect Arachnoid parts
  2. Get DNA sample from Widdershins
  3. Find info on Arachnoids

Notable Foes

Collect Arachnoid parts

Dr. Forrester

Have you seen the Arachnoids who scamper about in the shadows of Grandville? These hideous creatures seem to be a mutated combination of man and spider. They are fast and strong, probably the only reason they can survive a place like Grandville! I want to know more about these monsters. Head down to the Gutters beneath Grandville and collect some Arachnoid parts for me to study!

The Gutter area is fairly dangerous, but is your best place to hunt these creatures. I'd take a combat-worthy ally if I were you.

Part 1: Collect Arachnoid parts (Defeat 20 Arachnoids)
Defeat X @ Grandville

Mission Complete: You collected enough Arachnoid parts!

ClueArachnoid Parts

These are parts taken from the Arachnoid monsters who dwell in the Gutter area beneath Grandville. You've collected these parts on behalf of Dr. Forrester, one of Dr. Aeon's lead scientists.

Dr. Forrester

Ah, these Arachnoid parts should prove VERY interesting!

Hrm... that's odd. It seems like some of the vocal centers from these creatures have been surgically removed. What purpose would that serve?

Get DNA sample from Widdershins

Dr. Forrester

Salutations, Dread Tomax! I've been starting the Arachnoid parts you've retrieved for me from the Gutter. Fascinating, simple fascinating! I've started narrowing down the substance which promotes the mutative qualities in these creates. But the substance is VERY dilute in the specimens you brought me - I need a sample from a stronger source!

There are tunnels underneath Grandville where the Arachnoids have built web-filled lairs and devour their captured prey! There is a powerful Arachnoid there named Widdershins who is the perfect source for isolating a stronger mutant DNA sample. Go in to the Arachnoid tunnels and bring me a DNA sample from Widdershins!

The Arachnoid tunnels are very dangerous and full of traps the Arachnoids use to catch new prey. Be prepared!

Part 2: Get DNA sample from Widdershins (Defeat Widdershins)
Arachnoid Nest @ Grandville

This dank cave smells of death. Find Widdershins!

Objective: You have defeated Widdershins!

ClueArachnoid DNA Sample

This is a DNA Sample taken from the Arachnoid leader known as Widdershins. Dr. Forrester is hoping to use the sample to find more information on the mutant strain which creates these creatures.

WiddershinsWiddershins [Elite Boss]
Widdershins is a leader of the Arachnoids inhabiting the Gutter area of Grandville. He is strong and vicious!

Mission Complete: You got the DNA sample!

Dr. Forrester

Ah, excellent! This should do nicely!

I've done further research into the Arachnoid parts you've brought for me thus far. It looks like all of the creatures received an injection at one point. The skin around the injection point is highly inflamed, as if from a poisonous venom. Fascinating!

Find info on Arachnoids

Dr. Forrester

The results of my research into these Arachnoids is a bit disturbing. It looks like these creatures were manufactured - and continue to be manufactured - on a large scale! Is Arachnos doing this or are they merely harboring someone who is? And more importantly, is there a way we can profit out of the whole thing?

Let's find out the truth, shall we? I know a few scientific colleagues who have let slip information on an Arachnos facility here in Grandville which may be involved in the process of creating Arachnoids! Head into this base and find any information you can on the Arachnoids!

Be low-key if you can. I don't want to attract too much attention from Arachnos if I can help it!

Part 3: Find info on Arachnoids (5 research files to find)
Arachnos Base @ Grandville

You slip inside the Arachnos base. Find information on the Arachnoids!

Objective: You found nothing of use

Objective: You found something

ClueProject Fury Files

These data files have been downloaded from an Arachnos lab where they are creating Arachnoids! The Arachnoids themselves were once humans, mainly Arachnos operatives who volunteered for super-soldier experiments. The goal of the project is to simulate the super-powered state endowed by the Well of Furies. The operatives are injected with a 'venom' produced by Lord Recluse himself! Although it's not clear what the end goals of the experiments are, it appears that most have been concluded as failures by the project leads.

Mission Complete: You found the information on the Arachnoids!

Dr. Forrester

Hooboy. This is one of Lord Recluse's pet research projects? I think it's time to abandon this line of investigation. In the name of science or not, I don't want Lord Recluse sending a team of Bane Spiders after me if they discover I'm snooping around Project Fury!

Souvenir: Venom Injector

This is a venom injector found in a Grandville Arachnos lab. You grabbed from there as a souvenir of a tale you like to call:

Project Fury

It all started when Dr. Forrester wanted to start studying the Arachnoids down in the Gutter. He sent you down to gather Arachnoid parts from the creatures. From initial research, Dr. Forrester discovered most of the creatures have had their vocal cords removed surgically!

Forrester started doing further research into the composition of the Arachnoid DNA, but needed a stronger source. He sent you into one of the Arachnoid tunnels to get a DNA sample from one of the Arachnoid leaders known as Widdershins.

Forrester wanted to know more! From his leads he was able to discern one of the main labs where something called Project Fury was going on. Hacking into the computers there, you managed to find information on the project. Apparently, the intent was to create a new breed of soldier made in the image of Lord Recluse by injecting them with a venom produced by Lord Recluse himself. It was meant to simulate the abilities granted by the Well of Furies, but unfortunately had met with dismal failure thus far. Dr. Forrester ended up ceasing investigations once he discovered this was one of Lord Recluse's pet projects!

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