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  1. Rescue Night Widows from Carnival (Carnival of Shadows)

Rescue Night Widows from Carnival

Regent Korol

Thos wicked, nasty Carnival! I've received reports of Night Widows disappearing in St. Martial, lured away to fancy soirees, only to be spirited away by the Carnival! I've located one of the hidden locations where the Carnival are holding some of my Night Widows. Go there and rescue my Night Widows!

Ultimately, I do not wish my Night Widows becoming slaves to the Carnival. Rescue whoever you can, and destroy the one responsible!

Part 1: Rescue Night Widows from Carnival (3 Night Widows to rescue, Defeat Mistress Mercata)
Warehouse @ St. Martial (Carnival of Shadows)

Off in the distance you hear music and laughter. Sounds like the Carnival is having a party -- but not the kind you want to be invited to.

Objective: You rescued the Night Widow

Objective: You defeated Mistress Mercata

ClueThe Carnival's Plan

Mistress Mercata revealed the Carnival was planning on brainwashing the Night Widows to become new and powerful Carnival Ring Mistresses!

Mission Complete: You rescued the Night Widows!

Regent Korol

You have freed my Night Widows from the clutches of those Carnival harlots? And you have punished whoever was responsible? Good, good. The Carnival will think twice before crossing Arachnos again!


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