Minor Story ArcKuhr'Rekt Revenge


Mission Index

  1. Kidnap Dr. Westway (Longbow)
  2. Defeat Positron
  3. Defeat Valkyrie - 1:30:00

Notable Foes

Help Kuhr'Rekt get his revenge

Ambassador Kuhr'Rekt

Dread Tomax work: Excellent. Dread Tomax demarcation: Trustworthy. Time occurs: Special request. Pause: One moment.

I need: your help with something: Only trust: Outsider.

No, wait. Let me try again. I'm: sorry, it's just: difficult to think: like a human again. It's been so long, and once you are part of the mind: link, it's difficult to even remember sometimes. But something always brings you back. For me, that something is revenge. I'm a Rikti now, and I don't regret it, and Rikti are supposed to be beyond revenge. But I was human a long time ago, and I was a villain like you. So I now need: the help of someone ruthless but trustworthy enough to get me the vengeance I've wanted for so long. This will: be difficult. You'll need a team to do this, and the last operation will be on: tight schedule. But you'll get to face two of Paragon's best, and wreak my vengeance: upon them.

I knew I could count on: discretionary mercenary spirit. Now, the first part of this operation: kidnap an old colleague of our target. The scientist identity: Dr. Omar Westway. He's working with: Longbow these days. He's not: the real target, but he will draw: the target out.

ClueOnce: called Corey

'I was not always a 'Rikti'. I was born: Earth, in Paragon City, actually. I was once called Corey Ekter. For many years, I went by another name: The Corrector. I was a villain, like you. Oh, I started out: High ideals. Rob: Rich, Give: Poor. And I loved fighting: Heroes in my powered armor. But I got tired of the ingrates I tried: to help. Always needy, never able: help themselves. So I kept robbing from the rich, but I kept it myself. And then things got: bad, and stayed: bad, until after the Rikti war. But even now, at peak: Personal power, I still hunger: Vengeance.

I will tell you more, later.'

Part 1: Kidnap Dr. Westway (Kidnap Dr. Westway, Escape with Dr. Westway)
Longbow Base @ Nerva Archipelago (Longbow)

So Kuhr'Rekt used to be human? Kidnapping some guy should be worth it just to hear all of this story.

Longbow BallistaLongbow Ballista [Elite Boss]
The Ballista are Longbow's heaviest hitters. These tankers are tough enough to withstand direct hits from rocket launchers, and can dish out enough damage to take out the toughest brute Arachnos can throw at them.

Mission Complete: You kidnapped Dr. Westway

Ambassador Kuhr'Rekt

I barely know Dr. Westway, but he's: best bait for the trap. You see, one of his old friends: Dr. Richard Keyes. That's: Right. Now, with Westway in: Our possession, we can draw in the first: Real target: Positron!

Defeat Positron

Ambassador Kuhr'Rekt

I've placed: False information through Lost spies in Paragon City. Positron: Headed to Rogue Isles. Positron thinks Arachnos: Kidnapped Dr. Westway. Therefore, he will attack: Arachnos. This will leave him: Open to attack in turn. Arachnos will not be friendly to you, but they are: Unimportant to me. I can smooth: ruffled egos later. Defeat Positron, and then all will be ready. Be Alerted: Positron is extremely powerful. If you do not: bring allies, failure: Likely.

In: all honesty, Positron is only: secondary target. His capture: also benefit for Rikti. That much anti-matter could: provide our power needs for some time. That's how I've talked them into: supporting this operation. But to me, he's only: bait.

Clue'I felt: powerless, terrified.'

With the first stage of vengeance complete, Ambassador Kuhr'Rekt, or 'Corey', told you some more of his story:

'Right before the Rikti War, I was in: Major super-battle. We'd gathered: over a dozen villains, and were planning: Take over Terra Volta reactor. I was holding: my own when the Freedom Phalanx showed up. I withdrew to: central reactor core. Was going to ransom: Our escape: Independence Port. And I ALMOST did it! But: armor ruined. Plummeted: to the water. They must have: thought me dead. Might as well have been dead. Armor: Ruined. Identity: Exposed. Labeled: Nuclear terrorist.

Then the Rikti war came. I felt: powerless, terrified. I crawled into a bottle and let the world burn. The next thing I remember, I had joined up with: The Lost. And then things started to: Change.

Present story: Sufficient. Continue: Later.'

Part 2: Defeat Positron (Defeat Positron)
Longbow Base @ Grandville

Positron is only the secondary target? You have to wonder who Kuhr'Rekt is really after!

PositronPositron [Hero]
Dr. Raymond Keyes developed a high tech battle suit that allowed him to channel bolts of anti-matter into fierce attacks. He used his powers to help defeat the Rikti, but at a terribe cost. Due to injuries he sustained at that time, he lost full control of his powers. Now, to protect other from himself, he remains imprisoned within his battle suit. He is constantly searching for a cure for his condition, but that does not stop him from contributing to the defense of Paragon City and contributing many other technological breakthroughs for the good of all.

Mission Complete: You defeated Positron

Ambassador Kuhr'Rekt

Positron is now in: our grasp. Now: she'll come. Now: I'll have my revenge at last!

Defeat Valkyrie within 90 minutes

Ambassador Kuhr'Rekt

Now: All parts in place. My Rikti fellows are planning: Utilize Positron as a power source. That was how: I convinced them to try this in the first place. But that: Meaningless to me. More important: Rescue effort underway. Now: real target appears. Now: Valkyrie is coming to the Rogue Isles! She will only be here: short time. I will leak: Positron's location. Then: you will have 90 minutes to defeat Valkyrie! This will be difficult, and you must: complete mission within 90 minutes.

Valkyrie already had Blue Steel: rescue Dr. Westway, but I don't care: about that. Now that I've given the signal and the information: has been leaked, the rescue will begin. My fellow Rikti: won't know of my duplicity, however. And unfortunately: in order to maintain my position: I'll have to say you've betrayed me and attacked for your personal revenge. So, expect: no assistance from them. But don't worry. If you succeed, you'll be well paid, and I'll smooth things over officially. Now go! Get my revenge at long last.

Kuhr'Rekt finally told you the rest of his story.

ClueLast laugh: will be MINE!

Afer Positron's capture, and the revelation of his real target, Kuhr'Rekt was feeling quite talkative.

'After I joined, The Lost, the changes: Began. Slowly, at first. But soon: Stronger. Soon: Transformed. I did well, and was rewarded: Full Rikti Transformation. You see: Rikti aren't aliens. Rikti are descended: Humans, from alternate dimension. Rikti Earth visited by: Advanced aliens, thousands of years ago. Rikti Earth humans artifically advanced by: Aliens. I was transformed, and never looked back. Traditionalists would have preferred: Standard 30 year Rikti educational regimen before full citizenship. Preferably more due to: Late-life transformation. That is: Process on: Rikti world. Restructurists recognized: need for troops. Rikti here: cut off from home world. Need: Troops, supplies: immediately. Restructurists: Promoted based on: success. I chose: Restructurists. Now, I have: power, resources. Now, I can get revenge: person who ruined: old life.

It wasn't Positron who cornered me in the reactor. It wasn't Positron: Tore my armor to pieces. Not Positron who called me: Monster for threatening: Meltdown. No, it was Valkyrie! But I almost: had her. Then Positron: showed up, or I would have won! But now: Last laugh: will be MINE!'

Part 3: Defeat Valkyrie - 1:30:00 (Defeat Valkyrie)
Longbow Base

Rikti, Longbow, an angry Positron, and your target is his Vindicator side-kick. This could be tricky, but then, that's why they pay you.

ValkyrieValkyrie [Hero]
Valerie Kellum was an archeologist who discovered what she first took for an ancient spear. A more careful examination led to the realization that the spear had a technological component. She travelled around Europe looking for ideas about its origin and ended up in a local Crey facility. When a Crey security team tried to take the weapon from her it activated and injected Valkyrie with advanced nanites that transformed her into Valkyrie, a extranordinary warrior with a completely different personality. She broke free and travelled to Paragon City where Positron is helping her come to terms with her new identity.

Mission Complete: You defeated Valkyrie

Ambassador Kuhr'Rekt

I've dreamed of: This day. You've earned: All payment. Can now: Release last human frustrations. Return: Rikti-thought. Human-thought: Left behind. Deliver Thanks: Dread Tomax: Operational Discretion. Payment: Rendered. However: Working relationship: Ended.

Good bye: Good Luck.

Souvenir: Valkyrie's Shoulderguard

There are a lot of strange things to know about the Rikti, but you've learned on of the strangest. That not all of them are aliens. And that the one you're working for used to be a villain named 'Corey'. All this is and more comes back as you hold a piece of Valkyrie's armor and remember the time you helped cause:

Kuhr'Rekt Revenge

When Ambassador Kuhr'Rekt told you he felt he could trust you with an important task, you really didn't expect him to start talking like a human, or to reveal that not only was he once a human named Corey Ekter, but that he used to be the famous nuclear terrorist known as 'The Corrector'. Corey, er, Kuhr'Relt explained that since he used to be a fellow villain before he joined the Rikti and was transformed, he felt that you could understand a need for revenge he still felt, a need for revenge that he had kept quiet from his fellow Rikti. The first part of his revenge was to have you kidnap a friend of one of his targets, a Dr. Oscar Westway.

With Dr. Westway in captivity, Kuhr'Rekt told you a bit more about how he'd gotten into a job that went wrong, and been labeled a nuclear terrorist, had his armor destroyed, and was drinking himself into an early grave when teh Rikti attacked. But soon enough it was time to continue the battle, and the next step was a big one. Kuhr'Rekt had placed false leads about Dr. Westway's location to draw out his first target, none other than Positron himself! But Positron wasn't even the real target.

When Kuhr'Rekt revealed his true target, you were kind of puzzled to learn that he wasn't even after Positron but Valkyrie, Positron's sidekick. It turns out she was the one who defeated him and ruined his armor years ago. Of course, the defeat is what led him into the Lost, and through them the transformation into one of the Rikti and the high standing he has today. Some people just can't let go of a grudge, but he is the one paying the bills and the fight sounded interesting, so in you went. With an enraged Valkyrie, an angry Positron, Longbow troops, and a 90 minute time limit to contend with, it wasn't easy. Despite all obstacles, you managed to defeat the object of Kuhr'Rekt's revenge, and took a piece of her armor as a trophy. She'll remember that defeat for a long time.

Kuhr'Rekt's desire for revenge was finally satisfied, and he returned to his patterns of Rikti-thought. You were paid for your efforts, and left wondering just how advanced the Rikti really were if they couldn't understand a simple desire for revenge?


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