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  1. Defeat all office invaders (Devouring Earth )

Clear out office invaders

Terrence Dobbs

I got a call from one of the local Grandville corps today. They said they got some wierd stuff happening in their basement, with some wierd critters popping up out of a tunnel. Definitely sounds like Arachnoids! Now get in there and clean out that nest!

If you find any office supplies while you're in there, bring me some pens, would ya? I'm running short.

Part 1: Defeat all office invaders
Office/Tunnels @ Grandville (Devouring Earth )

The screams of panicking office workers floods the air. Clear out the office invaders!

Mission Complete: You cleared out the office invaders!

Terrence Dobbs

What? Walkin' plants and rocks? That don't sound like no Arachnoids! Well, pest control is pest control - no money back!


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