Minor Story ArcJulius the Kind Hearted Troll


Mission Index

  1. Take on a few Trolls (Trolls ,Minions of Igneous)
  2. Defeat all creatures in cave
  3. Stop damming in Red River bed
  4. Rescue slaves from Trolls

Take on a few Trolls

Julius the Troll

You and me, we gone work great together. See? I tell you everything I know. I tell you this: Trolls forcing people to work as slaves. This not good. This not right. I say: show the Trolls they can't treat people that bad. Take on a few, show them who's boss.

Trolls make a mess of this place, yeah? Help me make it all right.

Part 1: Take on a few Trolls (Defeat 10 Trolls)
(Trolls ,Minions of Igneous)
Julius the Troll


Clear out the cave

Julius the Troll

Listen up. You heard of Igneous, Red Tomax? Big, ugly dudes. No one know where they from. One thing I know: Trolls found whole cave full of rock dudes yesterday. Probably you should clear out cave. Good duys got enough to deal with: Trolls, Outcasts. Don't need Igneous mucking around here too.

These lava dudes make me nervous, ok? I don't know where they from.

Part 2: Defeat all creatures in cave
Cavern @ The Hollows

The walls of this cavern bear many long, deep scratches.

Mission Complete: You have cleared the cave of Igneous minions.

Julius the Troll


Stop Trolls from damming Red River

Julius the Troll

Trolls do bad things for the Hollows. Bad, bad, bad, bad things. Trolls dam up Red River to flood some spaces. Me, I want to see nature restored. Do something for me, hero.

You look near dam, you find Trolls. That where they like to be.

Part 3: Stop damming in Red River bed (Defeat 10 Trolls)
Defeat x @ The Hollows
Julius the Troll

I am happy now! Red River should flow and flow. Very beuatiful, yes, Red Tomax?

Rescue slaves from the Trolls

Julius the Troll

Red Tomax. You heard about the Trolls baddest deed? Slaves. Human slaves, kept in Troll base. They forced to work for us. It a bad, bad thing, and I want it to stop. Will you help me, hero? Will you save the Troll's slaves?

I thanks you, Red Tomax. You a good joe.

Part 4: Rescue slaves from Trolls (5 slaves to rescue)
Cavern @ The Hollows

A set of iron chains lies discarded in a corner.

Julius the Troll

Sam Wincott still alive? Well, well, well. I guess police guy you worked for be mighty happy, huh? Stupid Trolls. Never tell me nothin'.


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