Minor Story ArcFlux the Outcast


Mission Index

  1. Defeat gang leaders & crews
  2. Defeat all Trolls in base
  3. Interrogate Outcasts in Hollows
  4. Defeat Frostfire
  5. Combat Outcasts in Hollows (Trolls ,Outcasts)

Stop the Outcasts' raid on the Troll cave


Check it, I've got a hot tip today. Some of my 'buddies' in the Outcasts are planning a raid on a warren infested with Trolls. If you can get there, you can put a lot of bad guys in jail. If you can't? Well, the caverns around the hollows are anythign but stable, and the Outcasts are hoping to bring that cave crashing down on the Trolls. Just in case their powers aren't enough, they've brought along a couple of bombs to finish the job.

This could get ugly, Red Tomax. The Trolls may be on the wrong side of the law, but I don't want to see them buried alive.

Part 3: Defeat gang leaders & crews (2 bombs to disarm)
Cavern @ The Hollows

These close quarters amplify the Trolls' angry roars.

Objective: You found a page from a strange diary!

CluePage from a strange diary

This strange page reads:

'I hear them chattering constantly in my mind: the minions of Igneous. Am I going crazy? I am beginning to understand their strange language. I believe the word 'logo' means 'home'.

Mission Complete: You stopped the Outcasts from collapsing the Troll's cavern.


Thanks for taking care of that Outcast bombing, Red Tomax. I have to admit, I was a little worried. It's hard being deep undercover sometimes. All the lying, the dishonesty. You start to wonder whether you're the same person you used to be. But then you help a hero do something good for the world, and you know. YOu know you're exactly who you wanted to be all along.

Rescue the cops from the Trolls


I've got a tip for you, Red Tomax, and it's a doozy. The Outcasts have learned that the Trolls are planning a raid on the abandoned office Lt. Wincott's been using as a base of operations. The unit is made up of trained men, Red Tomax, but they can't stand up to the Trolls in a fair fight. I need you to rescue those cops from the Trolls. A lot of good men's lives are on the line.

I'm counting on you to save those men, Red Tomax. A lot of them are my friends.

ClueOfficer Jaffney's story

One of the policemen you rescued told you:

'One of the Trolls said somethign about carrying us away to the slave camp. We've always known that the Trolls are forcing human prisoners to mine for them deep within the Hollows. But we've never known the extent of that practice. Red Tomax, I think the Trolls may have many more human prisoners than we ever guessed!'

Part 2: Defeat all Trolls in base (5 policemen to rescue)
Abandoned office @ The Hollows

You hear the rattle of heavy weaponry and the shouts of desperate men.

Mission Complete: You stopped the Trolls' raid and rescued the officers.


According to officer Jaffney, the Trolls have a lot of human prisoners somewhere. That's a lead we'll have to follow up on.

Hit the streets and take out a few Outcasts


I think it's about time to trust you with the biggest secret I have to offer: the location of Frostfire's hiedout. Frostfire is the Outcasts' founder, and he's still their most resected leader. If you colud take him out, you'd put a real dent in Outcast crime. Only trouble is, if I just send you to his hideout, it could mean my head. The Outcasts will know someone betrayed them, and t may not take them long to think of me. So, first I need you to hit the streets and take out a few Outcasts. Then you can claim you learned the base's location from them.

Keep asking about the hideout. It doesn't matter if you get an answer or not; the only thing that matters is that you put on a good show.

Part 4: Interrogate Outcasts in Hollows (Defeat 10 Outcasts)
Defeat x @ The Hollows

Mission Complete: You defeated enough Outcasts to divert suspicion from Flux.


Thanks, hero, I owe you one for that. By now the word has circulated among the Outcasts that you're tearing a swath through the Hallows, hot on the trail of Frostfire's hideout. That should keep them from guessing that I'm the one who sold them out.

Take out Frostfire


All right, hero, it's time to shine. I need you to get to Frostfire's hideout and take him out. It won't be easy, Frostfire has the respect of all the Outcasts, and he'll be well-defended. I hear his hideout is a network of small strongholds, which can only be accessed by those with the correct keys. You've got a big job in store, my friend.

I'd recommend you bring along some teammates; Frostfire won't go down without a tough fight. he's far more dangerous than the other Outcasts you've faced.

Frostfire's lair is guarded by the most powerful artifact the Outcasts have collected: the Warding Altar of Trefalgar. You'll have to destroy that completely. Once you make it past the Altar, you'll be almost to Frostfire's inner sanctum. Then, you'll have to take on Keystone. He's a powerful Brick who guards Frostfire with his life. If you can get through him, there'll be nothing standing between you and Frostfire.

Part 5: Defeat Frostfire (2 doors to unlock)
Outcast hideout @ The Hollows

The metal of these walls looks as though it's been melted and frozen repeatedly.

Objective: A great shudder stirs the air, and you hear a door creak open.

Objective: Keystone was carrying a small metal artifact, it looks as though it may be a key.

Mission Complete: You defeated Frostfire!


With Frostfire out of the picture, the Outcasts will have a hard time picking up the pieces. I don't really know what that'll mean for me. Maybe the force will pull me out, or maybe it's time for me to go even deeper under. One thign is certain: it's time for you to move on, Red Tomax. There's nothing more I can show you around here. but the Hollows run deeper than the Outcasts and their petty tricks. If you want to learn more, you should go see Julius.

Arrest some Outcasts


First thing's first, Red Tomax. You got to be cautious. I'm putting my hide on the line for you here, and I sure hope you're worth it. f you're willing to work with me and be discreet, I can give you tips on what's going on with the Outcasts. FIrst, I'd like to see you take to the streets and arrest some of my so-called friends. The police in the Hollows are fighting a battle on two fronts, and the Trolls are too strong to make a moveon yet. We have to start with the Outcasts.

We'll see what you've got, hero.

Part 1: Combat Outcasts in Hollows (Defeat 10 Outcasts)
Defeat x @ The Hollows (Trolls ,Outcasts)

Mission Complete: You decreased the Outcast presence in the Hollows.


Well, well. You did pretty good out there. I think I may be ready to spill a few of my secrets for you. Just remember, this is series business.


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