Minor Story ArcLast Stand on Mole Point Bravo


Mission Index

  1. Force Scientist to get data (Longbow,Soldiers of Rularuu)
  2. Secure Mole Point Bravo
  3. Rescue Rimsey

Get coordinates for the 'Shadow Shard' from Portal Corp

Technician Naylor

'Ey Dread Tomax, you remember that information ya' gaffed from tha Nemesis Army for me a bit back?

Well, I was goin' through it, lookin' for more stable dimensions, when I noticed there was this one spot they mentioned the 'eeroes were also explorin'. So I talked ta some buddies o' mine in intel, an' they told me that captured Nemesis Army soldiers 'ave been talkin' 'bout somethin' called tha 'Shadow Shard', another dimension where they're fightin' the 'eeroes an' stuff. I think it's the same place. This could be worth checkin' out, but we'd need to know it's tha same place. Ta do that, we need coordinates from tha 'eeroes. An' I know just 'ow ta get them.

I will warn ya, though, if ya start this, you're in it, right? So C'mon, it should be fun, eh?

Yer gonna love this. 'Ere's tha plan: I set me portal 'ere ta intercept tha next time tha 'eeroes try to send somethin' on their portal, and now I can force the other end a' their portal back open. So all you got to do is gear up, go through, an' force one a' their portal techs to get the data from their computers. If it matches, we're in luck.

Part 1: Force Scientist to get data (Kidnap Doc Kryten, Find Mission Exit)
Laboratory @ Nerva Archipelago (Longbow,Soldiers of Rularuu)

You hear a voice echo from the other side of the portal: 'Huh. It really worked!;

Mission Complete: You got the portal data naylor needs!

CluePortal Corp Data

The endless pages of numbers here represent a goldmine of information to someone trained in the intricacies of interdimensional travel.

Technician Naylor

Oh, this is just what I wanted ta' see. Gimme a bit ta' look this over, Dread Tomax, but I think I might 'ave all I need ta' send ya' on a bit of a tour. Tell me when yer ready.

Secure Longbow base in an alternate dimension

Technician Naylor

Everythin's ready. I got the portal all synched up for ya'. You'll be goin' to a base the 'eeroes 'ave established in the pocket dimension they're callin' tha Shadow Shard. The place is called Mole Point Bravo, an' not only is it gonna be full a Longbow troops, but there might also be some a' the human natives on hand talin' to 'em. Your job will be to clean tha place out, lock their portals, and secure it all for Arachnos. We're ready whenever you are.

We've got the portal all set up. Once you're throigh, you'll probably be comin' right into a whole pack a' good guys, so be ready. You'll have to defeat all the base defenders to secure tha place. You'll also need to lock the portal control computer so they can't send re-inforcements. Finally, if there' any a' them human natives there, catch 'em and bring 'em back to us.

Part 2: Secure Mole Point Bravo (Over-ride computer, 2 guard squads, 2 natives to kidnap)
Instanced Outdoor [Mole Point Bravo] @ Nerva Archipelago

The moment you step through the portal, you know you're in a very strange place indeed.

Objective: You have defeated part of the base guards.

Objective: You have defeated part of the base's guards.

Objective: You've over-ridden the base's portal computer.

Mission Complete: You have captured Mole Point Bravo.

Technician Naylor

Now that was sumthin' ta see. We was monitorin' tha whole thing from here. We got those natives squared away, an' Arachnos troops'lll be headin' through soon to hold the base against tha 'eeroes.

Shut down the portal to the Shadow Shard

Technician Naylor

Dread Tomax, we got trouble at Mole Point Bravo. Tha place is bein' over-run! Tha 'eroes are back, but that ain't it. Those creatures, tha Rularuu, they're everywhere! I got me orders from Recluse 'imself. That Portal 'as to be shut down, an' that base evacuated, but tha Rularuu 'ave trapped tha base commander, an' only 'e can do it. I need someone to solve it. I need your help again. This one's gonna be hard. You can lose it all if that base commander gets hurt.

Things went bad at tha outpost real quick. not only did tha 'eeroes counter-attack, but tha creatures, tha Rularuu, they started swarmin'. Tha natives ya caught for us say that tha beasties'll try ya push through ta our world. We can't let that 'appen, an' Lord Recluse 'imself has told me ta shut it all down. Tha problem is ta do that, we need ta get the base Commander, one Operative Rimsey, ta unlock the security codes on tha computer controllin' tha portal, an' he's nearly had it out there. You need to find Rimsey, and bring him back to tha computer so he can shut down the portal permanently. Remember, if Rimsey gets taken out by anythin', we'll 'ave to cut the portal and leave those men behind. Just make sure you get out if that happens.

Part 3: Rescue Rimsey (Take Rimsey to computer)
Instanced Outdoor [Mole Point Bravo] @ Nerva Archipelago

Now the strange and unnatural feel of this place is nearly overwhelming. It's almost as if the entire realm is watching you.

Souvenir: Last Stand on Mole Point Bravo

Information you'd already captured from the Nemesis Army indicate that the heroes and the Nemesis Army seemed to be fighting in a strange pocket dimension called the Shadow Shard. You struck a Portal Corp facility to find some confirmation, and forced one of their scientists to give you the information you needed.

Using the information you stole, you used Naylor's portal to cross over into a strange alternate dimension at a base called 'Mole Point Bravo'. You defeated the defenders and kidnapped some of the natives for information.

Shortly after you left, things started to go horribly wrong on Mole Point Bravo. You went to fend off a Longbow Counter-attack and found the base was also under attack by the strange creatures called the 'Rularuu'. You took a final job to get the base commander out of danger so he could evacuate the place, leaving what's left of Mole Point Bravo to the heroes and the monsters of the Shadow Shard.


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