Mission Index

  1. Recover Ms. Vashers (Freakshow)

Recover Ms. bashers and show her son the error of his ways.

Basse Croupier

Something real bad has happened, man, and I know it ain't your thing, but I can offer you a contract to get it fixed. See, you know them Freakshow types? They're totally crazy, man. But they all had to come from somewhere, and that's where the problems come from, too. See, one of these freaks, his momma, Ms. Vashers, is one of our bgs spenders. So, he sees her, and, well, it's like one of those bad family arguments you see on TV, only he's like 500 pounds of metal now, right? Now, Johnny likes us to take care of the people who do well by us here at the Giza, so we got to get her back, and remind her Freak son not to ruin his momma's night out. And I want to hire you to do it.

Cool, man. Now, Ms. Vashers' son was named Tony, but he goes by T33-V33 these days. Your job is to get Ms. Vashers out of there and well, turn off the T33-V33. Or at least put him on mute.

Part 1: Recover Ms. Vashers (Rescue Ms. Vashers!, Defeat T33-V33)
Abandoned Office @ St. Martial (Freakshow)

Ms. Vashers is in here somewhere. You just have to hope that getting her out is worth the money.

Objective: You shut off Tony 'T33-V33' Vashers

Mission Complete: You recovered Ms. Vashers and defeated her son Tony 'T33-V33- Vashers.

Basse Croupier

Ms. vashers is back at the tables and spendin' money like water. Me, I'd be pretty broken up if things ever got like that with my kid. Man, I guess some people just don't let nothing get to 'em.


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