Task ForceFollowing Countess Crey


Mission Index

  1. Defeat all security forces (Crey)
  2. Defeat all forces in lab.
  3. Defeat security chief, his men
  4. Interrogate Crey forces
  5. Inflitrate base
  6. Defeat security chief, his men - 1:30:00
  7. Talk with Ms. Liberty
  8. Rescue Councilman Birch
  9. Take on Crey in Crey's Folly
  10. Defeat Hopkins and his minions

Notable Foes

Manticore's Associate
Manticore was proud to present you with this medal, in recognition of the valor and honor you showed while helping him.
More Info: City Information Terminal

Agree to form a task force


Listen, Task Force Basilisk, I don't care what you read in the paper, Countess Crey isn't the humanitarian she pretends to be. I need you to help me find out what's going on behind Crey's closed doors. I've been contacted by a man named Drake who wants out of one of their facilities. Get over to this location, shut the place down, and get Drake to safety.

If you walk this path with me, you may often find yourself in the shadows. I don't operate like Statesman and the others. I hope you're ready for it.

Task Force Basilisk, I think. Yes, that's a good name.

Part 1: Defeat all security forces (Find Drake)
Laboratory @ Brickstown (Crey)

The security code Manticore provided works like a charm.

Objective: You freed Manticore's informant, Drake!

ClueDrake's story

When you rescued Manticore's informant, he told you:

'Thanks for pulling me out of there. You would not believe the lengths Crey is willing to go to, in order to stay at the head of the research world. Their public relations department is brilliant, but their ethics are non-existent. if Manticore can promise me protection, I can divulge the location of another one of their facilities. I have heard that some very shady computer research is being done there.'

Mission Complete: You shut down the facility and freed Drake.


At least you are as good as your reputations. Drake's grateful that you got him out of that Crey facility, and he's told me a lot about the sinister goings-on at Crey. I think we may be getting into deep waters here. Countess Crey won't be happy about someone coming after her.

Task Force Basilisk, it's a privilege to work with you.

Shut down the research facility


That ex-Crey employee gave me one last bit of info before I shuffled him off to my version of witness protection. According to Drake, there's a Crey research facility that's tying to meld Rikti technology into a computer network. I'm not sure what they're trying to accomplish, but it' can't be good. Shut down that research facility and bring back any records you can salvage.

Security is bound to be heavy at this place, watch your backs.

Part 2: Defeat all forces in lab. (Seek clues)

Once again, Manticore's security code works perfectly. With a twinge of unease, you enter the facility.

Objective: It appears the computer's files have been wiped clean.

Mission Complete: You stopped the illegal Crey research and found a clue.


So Friedkin contacted you through the computer, huh? I have to admit, I've heard of this character before. The most common theory is that she has become some sort of AI. Since I know her body was found in the sewers, it seems like the only possible situation. I hope you're ready to go after the big fish. Now that Friedkin's passed on Countess Crey's itinerary, we may be able to catch her while she's involved in one of Crey's illicit acts.

Catch Countess Crey


According to the file Friedkin passed on, the Countess will be touring one of their illegal operations in Crey's Folly today. Get over there and catch her with her hand in the cookie jar.

If she's on site, expect heavy security. Watch out for her personal bodyguard, Hopkins.

Part 3: Defeat security chief, his men

The floor has been freshly waxed and buffed. Everything is spotless for the countess' inspection.

Mission Complete: You defeated the Crey minions, but the countess escaped.


If you had caught Countess Crey at that lab, we would have been able to get an indictment for sure. Don't feel bad, though. You came closer than anyone ever has to pulling her down off her ivory tower. Task Force Basilisk, you have to press the advantage. She's on the run, and we're out of leads. You will have to hit the streets see if you can dig up any dirt. Give me a minutes to pick a target rich environment

See what you can beat out of the Crey forces


Brickstown is full of Crey these days. See what you can beat out of them. What's the matter, not used to the harsh language? Get moving, it's your hide.

Don't kill anyone. Even I can't make a murder rap go away.

Part 4: Interrogate Crey forces (Defeat 25 Crey)
Defeat x @ Brickstown

Mission Complete: One of the Crey minions you defeated revealed the location of a Crey facility in Brickstown.

ClueInterrogation results

One of the Crey agents you captured revealed the location of a Crey facility in Brickstown.


It's not much, but the location of the Brickstown facility is the only lead we have. Maybe you can hack into the computers there and get a location on the countess.

You are quickly becoming one of the city's favourite groups.

Get data from the Crey facility


All right, Task Force Basilik, I'm sending you to that Crey facility in Brickstown. Get in and get out as fast as you can.

More data is the goal here. We want to know where the countess is and what she's doing; don't waste any time on the muscle she has working for her.

Move as quickly as you can, Task Force Basilisk. The longer the countess is free, the more damage she can do.

Part 5: Inflitrate base (Hack the computer)
Laboratory @ Brickstown

You quietly enter the facility, intent on finding the computer systems as quickly as possible.

Objective: You found a clue!

Mission Complete: You received another message from Friedkin.


Looks like it's your lucky day. Friedkin's second message couldn't have come at a better time. According to her, the countess is about to take part in another shady deal. You've got to catch her this time!

Catch the countess


You have obviously made Countess Crey very angry by daring to go up against her. Anger leads to mistakes. Let's hope she makes one. We have to catch the countess while she's involved in something illegal. You only have 90 minutes to find the countess.

Watch your backs; I have a bad feeling about this one.

Part 6: Defeat security chief, his men - 1:30:00
Office @ Brickstown

As you uneasily ener the offices, Manitcore's words echo in your mind: 'I have a bad feeling about this one'.

Mission Complete: You managed to defeat the Crey security chief.


I have to admit, I'm impressed. That was an overwhelming force and they clearly knew you were coming. I knew something didn't feel right. Either Friedkin set you up, or someone else is pulling our strings. I'm going to get Bastion to analyse the disc with that last message from Friedkin. Maybe he can figure this out.

Go to Ms. Liberty


Well, I had Bastion take a look at the disc with the last message from Friedkin. It turns out it was sent by a different person entirely! The countess lured you into a trap; now, the chess game continues. Ms. Liberty just contacted me. Apparently Crey isn't through with you yet. A member of the Paragon City Council has been kidnapped, and the following note was left: 'If Task Force Basilisk doesn't respond to this threat, we will kill Councilman Birch'. You better get over to Ms. Liberty as soon as possible.

Get that politician back safely, Task Force Basilisk, or your reputation will suffer.

Part 7: Talk with Ms. Liberty
Delivery @ Atlas Plaza, Atlas Park
Ms. Liberty

You have shown great bravery by coming here. Here is the note I received, it should explain everything. Be careful.

ClueNote from kidnappers

We are holding Councilman Birch captive. If Manticore's puppets don't respond to this threat, we will kill him.

Part 8: Rescue Councilman Birch
Abandoned office @ Kings Row

The dust in this old warehouse has been disturbed by numerous feet.

Objective: You rescued Councilman Birch.

Mission Complete: You foiled the Crey kidnapping plot.


I think Crey kidnapped the councilman just to make you look bad. If you hadn't responded as quickly as you did, your reputation in this town would have taken a huge hit. I have the feeling things are goign to get worse before they get better.

Take out 40 Crey men in Crey's Folly


You are not going to believe this. Countess Crey's personal bodyguard, Hopkins, just contacted me. He says if you can take out 40 of his men over in Crey's Folly, he'll take you on himself. Apparetnly he is taking your interest in his employer personally.

Hopkins is a tough cookie. Don't underestimate him.

Part 9: Take on Crey in Crey's Folly (Defeat 40 Crey)
Defeat x @ Crey's Folly

Mission Complete: You have defeated 40 Crey minions. The last to fall handed you a note from hopkins.

ClueNote from Hopkins

You are good against agents, and brave enough to go after women. let's see what you can do against me. I am waiting for you at Crey's import/export warehouse. Come find me, if you dare.

Part 10: Defeat Hopkins and his minions
Warehouse @ Crey's Folly

Hopkins' reputation is of extreme skill and courage. This could be the fight of your career.

HopkinsHopkins [Arch-Villain]
Hopkins is the servant and bodyguard of the mysterious Countess Crey. Since the day he was hired, he's been at her side constantly, rarely venturing outside the range of her voice. Hopkins is clearly the second in command in the Crey hierarchy.

Mission Complete: You defeated Hopkins!

Manticore's Associate
Awarded for completing the final mission of the Task Force.

That's the best fighting I've seen yet.

I always knew Crey would be a tough nut to crack. You made a good start. You may not have taken down the countess, but at least you got her personal bodyguard, Hopkins. With any luck, you've weakened the Crey structure substantially. I don't say this very often, but thanks.

Souvenir: Note from Hopkins

You've kept this note from Countess Crey's faithful servant. Hopkins. It's a reminder of the time you spent:

Following Countess Crey

From the first grim words Manticore spoke. it was apparent that this would not be a standard job. After you pulled an informant named Drake out of a Crey facility. it became clear that Manticore was right. Countess Crey was walking in the shadows.

Using Drake's information. you shut down a Crey facility trying to merge Rikti technology with high-powered computer systems. A mysterious tip on a computer screen pointed you toward a possible encounter with the countess herself. The message's sender claimed to be Dr. Friedkin. a former Crey employee now consigned to life in a machine.

Friedkin's tip did lead you to the countess' location. but your quarry escaped.

With no good leads to work from. you took Manticore's advice and rousted some Crey agents. One of them divulged the location of another Crey facility.

You went to the facility. and it seemed that luck was on your side. You found another message from Dr. Friedkin.

But it was a trap. The countess had discovered that Friedkin was helping you. and the second message was nothing but Countess Crey's ruse. Despite overwhelming forces she summoned to defeat you. you prevailed.

The countess then tried a different tactic. Her forces kidnapped City Councilman Birch and threatened to kill him unless you could save him in time. She hoped that you would fail. thus ruining your reputation. but you rescued the councilman in the nick of time.

But it wasn't over yet. It seemed Hopkins took your actions against Countess Crey as a personal affront. He put a test before you. and the reward was a battle with him.

Having passed Hopkins' test. you were guided to his location. In an epic battle. you defeated the countess' most trusted minion.


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