Minor Story ArcNo One Gets It


Mission Index

  1. Capture Castle & his guards (Arachnos)
  2. Retrieve Tears of the Spirit
  3. Destroy Tears of the Spirit

Notable Foes

Learn more about the Tears of the Spirit

Arbiter Leery

You've been around the Rogue Isles for a while now, Dread Tomax, and I'm sure you've seen that even the most deadly villains can be like little children at times. At the present moment, two o fmy charges are squabbling over a toy. The Tears of the Spirit, to be exact. It's a flask of mystical liquid that's rumoured to be older than Christianity. At the moment we don't know much about it, only that Ghost Widow and Scirocco both seem to be willing to squander their troops in a needless battle over it. You know what happens when kids can't share a toy, right? Nobody gets it. But before I send you to confiscate the Tears, we need to know more.

I need you to find a certain Longbow agent. Arthur Castle. According to rumour, he was present in Morocco where the Tears were unearthed six years ago. He's been trying to keep them out of Arachnos hands, so I suspect he knows a little bit about their mystical properties.

Part 1: Capture Castle & his guards
Cargo Ship @ Sharkhead Isle (Arachnos)

Arthur Castle is the commander is the commander in charge of this Longbow vessel.

Objective: Arthur Castle gasped, 'You have to understand! The Tears must be protected!'

ClueArthur Castle's story

When you captured Arthur Castle, he said:

'You don't understand! The Tears of the Spirit are too powerful to remain in Arachnos hands! Shed by an unnamed goddess in ancient times, the Tears have the power to make real the desires of any person who drinks them and speaks the porper incantations. Even in the hands of the world's greatest heroes, the Tears would be dangerous. Please! You must not let Arachnos keep them!'

Mission Complete: You captured Arthur Castle!

Arbiter Leery

Arthus Castle is certainly well-informed about the Tears of the Spirit, as well as other matters of interest to Arachnos. Now we know something about the Tears' powers, and we can proceed with proper caution.

Retrieve the Tears of the Spirit from Scirocco

Arbiter Leery

It has become clear that the Tears of the Spirit cannot be allowed to remain in Scirocco's hands. Nor can they go to Ghost Widow. You, Dread Tomax, are the duly appointed Arachnos representative in sharge of retrieving the Tears from Scirocco. Do so without delay.

I hear the Tears are guarded by Scirocco's most trusted servant, ice Mistral. I recommend you take a full team with you; if Ice Mistral opposes you, she will not be easily dealt with.

Do not be tempted to drink the tears, Dread Tomax. Without the proper incantations, they would surely kill you.

Part 2: Retrieve Tears of the Spirit (Defeat Ice Mistral)
Arachnos Base @ Nerva Archipelago

You hear the crash of a blade and a Fortunata's howl. Ghost Widow's troops are here!

Ice MistralIce Mistral [Arch-Villain]
Irena Rudenko was chosen by one of the Monks of the Four Winds to become the Ice Mistral. Receiving the power changed her; she retained the icy-cold aloofness and desire for mastery of the wind, but none of the control. Her own rage overrode the honour normally imbued to the Knights of the Wind and she went on a mad killign spree. Scirocco took her under his wing to protect her from the Monks - many of which have fallen trying to reclaim their lost power.

Mission Complete: The Tears of the Spirit are gone!

Arbiter Leery

So, Ghost Widow already has the Tears of the Spirit. Her rash action will only increase Scirocco's fury with her. We must act quickly.

Destroy the Tears of the Spirit

Arbiter Leery

I feared it might come to this. Ghost Widow and Scirocco are at one another's throats. Confiscating the Tears of the Spirit won't be enough, Dread Tomax! We have to destroy it! I know Ghost Widow will have Wretch guarding her prize. Teach her a lesson by taking him down. You may well need a full team to do so.

Don't fight me on this, Dread Tomax. You'll lose.

Part 3: Destroy Tears of the Spirit (Defeat Wretch)
Arachnos Base @ Nerva Archipelago

These caverns shake with the sounds of battle.

WretchWretch [Arch-Villain]
A twisted wreck of a human being, Wretch was horribly mutated in the same accident that slew Ghost Widow. He remains her loyal guardian and protector, using his immense strength and savage fury to protect her from all harm.

Mission Complete: You have destroyed the case, but stolen the Tears of the Spirit!

ClueThe Tears of the Spirit

This glass flask contains a few drops of liquid. If you tilt it this way and that, you see shimmers of all colours dance in the light.

Arbiter Leery

Well done, Dread Tomax. It was a shame to have to destory an item of such power, but it was worth it if it helps cement the structure upon which Arachnos is built. I imagine I will have more work for you in future.

Souvenir: Tears of the Spirit

This glass flask contains only a few drops of liquid, but if rumours are to be believed, those drops are most powerful. In addition, they're a potent reminder of the adventure you like to call:

No One Gets It

It began when Arbiter Leery informed you of a squbble between Ghost Widow and Scirocco. They were battling over an artifact known as the Tears of the Spirit. First, Leery sent you to abduct a Longbow operative who knew the story behind the tears. When you captured Agent Arthur Castle, he admitted that the Tears were an item of awesome power. With the proper incantations, they would allow the desires of any person who drinks them to become real.

It was clear that the Tears had to be taken away from the squabbling Arachnos officers. Arbiter Leerfy sent you to confiscate them from their current holder, Scirocco. However, when you got there, you found Scirocco's troops embroiled in battle with Ghost Widow's Fortunata's. The Tears had already been taken.

Furious, Arbiter Leery declared that the Tears must be destroyed. He sent you to perform this act, but you tricked him. The Tears of the Spirit remain in your possession. Should you ever discover the proper incantations, your power will know no bounds.


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