Story ArcCrossfire


Mission Index

  1. Defeat all operatives on boat (Arachnos,Longbow)
  2. Capture Operative Unger
  3. Capture Wren
  4. Capture the deceiver - 1:15:00

Notable Foes

Stop the fighting

Arbiter Leery

I've got a tense situation brewing, Dread Tomax. I've just been alerted to a battle going on between Captian Mako's men and those of Black Scorpion. I don't know what they're fighting over, but I know it's going to stop. Now.

Every single operative there had better remember this day, Dread Tomax. Give them all a lesson.

Part 1: Defeat all operatives on boat
Cargo Ship @ Nerva Archipelago (Arachnos,Longbow)

The sounds of battle ring off the rafters.

Objective: You found some orders issued by Captain Mako.

ClueCaptain Mako's orders

These orders, issued by Captain Mako, read:

'The cowardly Scorpion wants to destroy anyone who matches his own strength. But I won't give him the chance. Take hold of the weapons he planned to use against us. And make certain his men get shredded.'

Objective: You found some orders issued by Black Scorpion.

ClueBlack Scorpion's oders

These orders, issued by Black Scorpion read:

'As I always feared, the shark has set his sights on me. Do not allow him to ge the weapons! I will not be taken down by a half-man such as he!'

Mission Complete: You defeated the battling operatives, and learned the reason for their feud.

Arbiter Leery

So, Black Scorpion and Mako each think the other's out to get them. Hmm. I'm not sure whoe hand is behind this, but you're going to find out.

Capture the servants of Mako and Black Scorpion

Arbiter Leery

Captain Mako and Black Scorpion have been set against one another. I don't know by whom, but I know we have to stop this fighting. So you're going to capture the servants of both Mako and Black Scorpion. Get them to my bargaining table, and I'll take care of the rest.

Mako has charged his lieutenant, Operative Unger, with carrying out this war against Black Scorpion. You'll find Unger in Sharkhead, most likely.

Part 2: Capture Operative Unger
Arachnos Base @ Nerva Archipelago

Having official licence to beat down Arachnos higher-ups is so liberating.

Mission Complete: You captured Operative Unger, lieutenant!

Part 3: Capture Wren
Arachnos Base @ Nerva Archipelago

Wren ought to go down just as easily as Operative Unger.

Mission Complete: You canptured Wren, Black Scorpion's lieutenant!

Arbiter Leery

I'll sit down with these two ladies and have a pleasant little chat. No doubt I can uncover the reason for their masters' strife.

Unmask the deceiver

Arbiter Leery

After much lengthy talk, I have managed to get the truth from Wren and Operative Unger. It seems a certain someone contacted each of them, claiming to be a defector from the opposite camp. This person sold Wren on the idea that Mako planned to murder Black Scorpion, and also convinced Unger that Black Scorpion had it in for Captain Mako. If we can unmask this person, we can end this conflict. Dread Tomax, I must warn you: all the indications point to this individual being quite formidable. If I were you, I wouldn't go in alone. And on top of that, we'll be on a time table here. You'll only have 75 minutes to complete this task, so I suggest finding allies before you begin the operation.

Based on the information Wren and Unger gave me, I've tracked the individual to a cavern network on Primeva. And Dread Tomax, I must stress again: all the indications point to this individual being quite formidable.

Part 4: Capture the deceiver - 1:15:00
Longbow Base @ Nerva Archipelago

This Longbow Base is well hidden from the outside.

IndigoIndigo [Hero]
Rumours abound throughout the villain underground about two incredibly dangerous government operatives, code-named Agent Crimson and Agent Indigo. Indigo is supposed to be the information and retrieval specialist, a deadly opponent who can read thoughts and see into the future.

Mission Complete: You defeated Indigo!

Arbiter Leery

Well done, Dread Tomax. I will spread word of Indigo's defeat to Black Scorpion and Captain Mako. This should quell their fury, for now at least. But you should know: peace never lasts long within Arachnos. Mako is a vicious killer, and Black Scorpion a paranoid psychopath. It won't take much to drive them into conflict again.

Souvenir: Indigo's Hair

You took this trophy after defeating Idigo in an adventure you like to think of as:


It began with a battle between Captain Mako and Black Scorpion. Both had sent their men to confiscate a shipment of arms bound for Nerva Archipelago. A polite interrogation of the combatants revealed that each man believed the other planned to use the weapons against him.

Leery was determined to bring the conflict to a swift resolution. He ordered you to capture Mako and Black Scorpion's assistants, and to bring them to his bargaining table. Having official licence to take down highly ranked operatives was a treat, and you defeated Operative Unger and the Tarantula Wren with ease.

Leery interrogated the captured operatives, and found that each had been lulled into suspicion of the opposing camp by a single individual. Using the information Unger and Wren provided, Leery tracked this individuial and sent you to dispose of her. Indigo fought well, but ultimately was no match for your powers. The war between Black Scorpion and Captain Mako has been quelled, for now, and your stock in Arachnos is only rising. It can't be long before Recluse himself is forced to sit up and take notice of you.

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