Minor Story ArcJohnny's Squeeze


Mission Index

  1. Nab Johnny's squeeze (Longbow)
  2. Defeat all Longbow agents
  3. Defeat Theadora & her guards

Nab the girl

Jezebel Jones

Dread Tomax, I'm glad your back. I've got an assignment for you, and this one comes all the way from the top. Johnny Sonata. The 'Pipes' himself. Johnny's picked himself a lucky lady, but the problem is, she wants nothing to do with him. That's where you and I come in. We need to convince that girl of the error of her ways. She's a member of the Marcone family, so it won't be easy. But I need you to nab her.

It seems Johnny met the girl after one of his performances. Sadly, she's not as swayed as some by his golden voice.

Part 1: Nab Johnny's squeeze
Warehouse @ St. Martial (Longbow)

Mission Complete: You have kidnapped Theadora Marcone, Johnny Sonata's beloved!

Jezebel Jones

Theadora isn't what you'd call pleased with her new situation. but a few fancy dresses, a few furs ought to cure that. In any event, Johnny's happy. And that means we get paid.

Keep Theadora out of Longbow's hands

Jezebel Jones

That last trick you pulled getting Theadora away from the Family really impressed Johnny Sonata. Unfortunately, he's having trouble hanging onto her, and he really wants no one's help but yours. Longbow's already saved the girl! Apparently they don't like to see anyone kidnapped, even if she's the daughter of one of their enemies. I need you to get Theadora out of Longbow's hands. Can you do it?

They just abducted her from Johnny's private office in Babylon. Hopefully they're still in the area!

Part 2: Defeat all Longbow agents (Escape with Theadora)
Sewers @ St. Martial

Objective: On one of the defeated agents, you found some orders.

ClueLongbow orders

You found these coded orders on one of the Longbow agents you defeated. Perhaps someone Jezebel knows can decipher it.

Mission Complete: You kept Theadora out of Longbow's hands!

Jezebel Jones

Excellent. Johnny is more than leased with your success. I've arranged for some Arachnos protection for young Miss Marcone. Longbow won't get her away from us this time. Now, as for those coded orders you found. One of my clients is a mole within Longbow. Perhaps he can decipher them for us.

Take Theadora down

Jezebel Jones

I've had my client translate that coded Longbow message you found, Dread Tomax, and the results are not good. It seems Longbow had more in mind than altruism when they tried to rescue Theadora. She's been working with them all along! Yes, she's a relative of the Marcone's, but she has some latent mutant abilities, and she was recruited by Longbow when she was only a teenager. And now she's seen everything inside johnny's private office! There's stuff there that could sink the Giza, Dread Tomax. You have got to take Theadora down!

Show no mercy.

Part 3: Defeat Theadora & her guards
Arachnos Base @ St. Martial

These Arachnos agents have been sworn to protect Theadora. You'll probably have to go through them to get to her.

Mission Complete: You defeated the Longbow secret agent, Theadora Marcone!

Jezebel Jones

Well, Johnny's heart is broken, but he'll get over it. And he'l be a wiser man for it. If there's one thing I've learned in this lifetime, Dread Tomax, it's that love is for fools and fairy tales. You remember that. It'll serve you well.

Souvenir: Longbow Pin

You took this Longbow pin after you defeated the secret agent who was, ever so briefly:

Johnny's Squeeze

It began with a mission from the big man himself. Johnny Sonata had fallen in love, and he had fallen hard. Jezebel jones, ever the devoted servant, asked you to kidnap the object of Johnny's affections, a pretty Marcone heriess named Theadora.

You did the deed, but the job wasn't over. Longbow came after the girl to rescue her from Johnny's private office. You had to dispose of the agents, but not before you found a set of coded orders on one of them.

Jezebel had a client you was a mole inside Longbow, so it wasn't that difficult to get the orders translated. What they revealed shocked Jezebel: Theadora was actualy a Longbow agent! Though her ties to the MArcones were genuine, she had been recruited by Longbow as a teen. Now, she was not just a Longbow agent; she was a Longbow agent who knew too much. You had to take her out.

Some say Johnny's broken heart adds a little exra soul to his singing. Others say he's a cold-hearted slime who never felt any honest affection in his life. As for you, you padded your reputation and your pocket. As far as you're concerned, things worked out well.


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