Story ArcDisturbing the Dead


Mission Index

  1. Speak to Archmage Tarixus (Arachnos,Circle of Thorns,Freakshow,Legacy Chain)
  2. Steal magical isotopes from Legacy Chain
  3. Steal blueprints from lab
  4. Harvest electronics from Freakshow
  5. Deliver bomb components to Tarixus
  6. Plant Arcano-Bomb in Circle lair

Speak to Archmage Tarixus

Henri Dumont

Sharkhead Isle has been very good to the Cage Consortium in terms of exploitable natural resources. The bauxite deposits have provided years of good strip-mining production, which has in turn made the company a lot of money. But we realize that these deposits aren't infinite, so need to statr looking to the future. In order to protect the interests of the workers that bring us the big bucks, we need to start looking for more readily available bauxite deposits.

Some of our surveyors have discovered that Potter's Field has a rather rich deposit of bauxite. Unfortunately, due to the unfortunate proximity of the graveyard, exposing the bauxite deposits via blasting might result in some bad PR for the consortium. So we'd like to do some 'creative social engineering', setting up a scapegoat to take the blame for teh explosion, while the Cage Consortium steps in and gives the workers a pittance to make it look like we care, all the while setting up operations to start mining the exposed vein. Tres bien, non?

I know someone who can help us with this little problem, an individual known as Archmage Tarixus. He has claimed a portion of Potter's FIeld for himself, and has little care for the Circle of Thorns there. If we can convince him to help us make a magical bomb to use on a part of Potter's Field and the Circle of Thorns will take the blame! Head over to Potter's Field and speak with Archmage Tarixus.

Tarixus should be able to provide you with the necessary components for this magical bomb.

Part 1: Speak to Archmage Tarixus
Delivery @ Sharkhead Isle (Arachnos,Circle of Thorns,Freakshow,Legacy Chain)
Archmage Tarixus

Hrm, yes. This 'Arcano-Bomb' is entirely possible, but will require special components. From my divinations, I know the Legacy CHain is doing study on some unstable magical isotopes in one of their hideouts, and will serve as the explosives for the bomb. Dr. Aeon has developed a design for an energy accelerator that works on magical materials, which will be necessary for activation of the magical isotopes. The accelerator and trigger mechanism itself will require a plethora of electronic components. Once these materials are gathered, the Arcano-Bomb can be built!

Henri Dumont

This is what is required, eh? Well we should get started on this right away!

Steal magical isotopes from Legacy Chain

Henri Dumont

Now that Tarixus has related the necessary components for the Arcano-Bomb, we should get to work putting it together. Go to the Legacy Chain hideout and steal some magical isotopes.

The Legacy Chain have disrupted Cage Consortium activities in the past, so don't pull your punches.

Part 2: Steal magical isotopes from Legacy Chain
Abandoned Office @ Sharkhead Isle

This office is another front for Legacy Chain operations.

Objective: You have found something

ClueMagical Isotopes

The stone fragments pulsate with a hypnotizing violet light.

Mission Complete: You found the magical isotopes!

Henri Dumont

Ah, you found the isotope! Tres bien, mon ami!

Steal blueprints from lab

Henri Dumont

These magical isotopes should work nicely as an explosive component for the Arcano-Bomb. Now we need the plans for the energy accelerator from Dr. Aeon's lab. Go to the lab and steal the blueprints.

Dr. Aeon's lab is protected by Arachnos forces, so if you get caught, the Cage Consortium will disavow all knowledge of this operation.

Part 3: Steal blueprints from lab
Laboratory @ Cap au Diable

The lab smells of ozone and antiseptic.

Objective: The blueprints are not here

Objective: You found something

ClueEnergy Accelerator Blueprints

These are blueprints for a high-tech energy accelerator used to initiate chain reactions in potential energy sources. They will be used to cause the magical isotopes to explode in the Arcano-Bomb.

Mission Complete: You found the blueprints!

Henri Dumont

These are the blueprints, eh? Wierd stuff. I'll put together a list of the electronic components we need to build this.

Harvest electronics from Freakshow

Henri Dumont

We have the magical isotopes and energy accelerator blueprints necessary for the Arcano-Bomb. Now we need the electronics components! here is an opportunity to kill two birds with one stone; the Freakshow have always been causing trouble for the Cage Consortium, and they also happen to have top-notch electronics components in their cybernetics. Take down Freakshow and steal their electronic parts!

Pass the Freakshow a warning to stay off Cage Consortium property while you're at it. You'll mostly find them north of the Crush area on Sharkhead. They have buld a rediculous fort made out of scrap metal there!

Part 4: Harvest electronics from Freakshow (Defeat 20 Freakshow)
Defeat X

Mission Complete: You've collected enough electronic parts!

ClueElectronic Parts

These are various electronics components ripped from the cybernetics of the Freakshow. These will be used for the trigger mechanism of the Arcano-Bomb.

Henri Dumont

You've got all the parts! In truth we only needed about half as many as you harvested, but I figured this would be the perfect opportunity to make the Freakshow suffer for their transgressions against the Cage Consortium.

Deliver bomb components to Tarixus

Henri Dumont

We've almost reached our goal, Dread Tomax! We've got all the necessary components for Tarixus to build the Arcano-Bomb we'll use to frame the Circle of Thorns with! Once the bomb goes off, the bauxite deposits under Potter's Field will be exposed for the Cage Consortium to mine! Deliver the bomb components to Archmage Tarixus. He'll construct the Arcano-Bomb and pass it on to you.

Be careful with the components, Dread Tomax. We don't want them falling into the wrong hands.

Part 5: Deliver bomb components to Tarixus
Delivery @ Sharkhead Isle
Archmage Tarixus

Ah, you have gathered the necessary components, Just a moment...

There! The Arcano-Bomb is ready. I think it should do its job quite well...


This strange-looking device looks like a series of electronic components, tudes and dials connected by gold and silver wires to a collection of glowing violet rocks. It is a magical bomb made by Archmage Tarixus at the behest of Henri Dumont of the Cage Consortium.

Henri Dumont

Perfect! This Arcano-Bomb is unlike anything I've ever seen before! Any hero investigating this will never link it to the Cage Consortium!

Plant Arcano-Bomb in Circle lair

Henri Dumont

The Arcano-Bomb is ready! When it goes off in Potter's Field, it will expose a rich vein of bauxite the Cage Consortium can exploit! Sicne it'll be a magical explosion, any investigations will point to the Circle of Thorns! This is a win-win situation, Dread Tomax! Go plant the Arcano-Bomb in a Circle of Thorns lair!

I smell big money, mon ami!

Henri gives you the Arcano-Bomb!

Part 6: Plant Arcano-Bomb in Circle lair
Caverns @ Sharkhead Isle

It appears your intrusion has not gone unnoticed.

Mission Complete: You have set the bomb! Now you must escape the lair!

Henri Dumont

What's going on? I set off the bomb, and the only thing I saw was a light shine out from Potter's Field and a bunch of screaming Circle of Thorns! It didn't blow away any land at all!

It's Tarixus! He must have double-crossed us! The Arcano-Bomb was some sort of spirit bomb, not a real bomb at all! Hrmf. Well, this puts us right back to the drawing board...

Souvenir: Depleted Magical Isotope

This is a depleted magical isotope you collected from a tale you like to call:

Disturbing the Dead

It all started when Henri Dumont revealed the Cage Consortium discovered a vein of bauxite under Potter's Field. The problem was that Potter's Field was a cemetary where the local workers buried their dead, and starting to mine there would be a PR nightmare unless handled properly. Henri came up with a plan to set off a magical bomb that would expose the bauxite vein while pointing a finger toward the Circle of Thorns as the responsible party. You were sent to discuss the plan with Archmage Tarixus, who came up with the necessary components to create this 'Arcano-Bomb'.

The first objective was to obtain unstable magical isotopes that the Legacy Chain were studying in one of their hideouts on the Rogue Isles. After a successful raid on the hideout, you acquired the explosive components for the bomb.

The next objective was to gather electronics components for the trigger mechaism. Since the Cage Consortium has been having problems with the Freakshow raiding their facilities. Henri thought it would be bets to take out two birds with one stone. He sent you to take down and rip the electronic components from the Freakshow cybernetic implants. You accomplishyed this task and returned the components to Henri.

Henri directed you to take the components to Tarixus. With a twirl of magical energy he created the Arcano-Bomb!

Taking the Arcano-Bomb, you planted it in a Circle of Thorns temple deep underneath Potter's Field. Afetr escaping the lair, Henri set it off - only to find that it only affected the spirit-world! While it took down a number of Circle of Thorns, it did nothing to the actual land that made up Potter's Field. It turns out Tarixus had other ideas which did not involve the welfare of the Cage Consortium.

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