Minor Story ArcWeird Science


Mission Index

  1. Defeat all Infected in warehouse (Arachnos,Infected)
  2. Rescue Arachnos informant
  3. Interrogate Doctor Geist

Test Infected anti-serum on Stricken

Doctor Creed

As a scientist, one must always have contingency plans in place in case something goes wrong. What's the point in creating an army of super-powered zombie-men when they can turn on you at any moment and rend you limb from limb? It's extremely counter-productive to any long-term goals of world domination!

As a part of risk mitigation I have developed a new Infected 'anti-serum' which causes the chemical equivalent of a chain reaction in weaker Infected, with some rather spectatular results! The least of the Infected are called the Stricken - they have the right bio-chemical balance to trigger the effect we're looking for. Go out and test the anti-serum on the Stricken!

A pack of these Infected have broken into a local warehouse. It should be a good testing ground for the anti-serum. As an added bonus, I can later use it as a testing ground for my experiments! Ha ha! Two birds with one stone!

Part 1: Defeat all Infected in warehouse
Abandoned Warehouse @ Mercy Island (Arachnos,Infected)

Time to give Doctor Creed's anti-serum a try!

Mission Complete: You have completed Doctor Creed's field test!

Doctor Creed

I take it the anti-serum is working effectively? Good!

I discovered something rather important whle you were away...

Most impressive, Dr. Ledot! Most impressive!

Rescue Arachnos informant

Doctor Creed

While you were off testing the Infected anti-serum was contacted by a member of Arachnos who says he has more information on the source of the contaminant in the water which produces the Infected. Unfortuntately, the idiot got himself captured by Longbow before he was able to deliver me the interrogation. Break into the warehouse and capture the Arachnos informant from Longbow!

Bring me back the Arachnos informant intact! He's useless to me unconscious!

Part 2: Rescue Arachnos informant
Warehouse @ Mercy Island

Looks like Longbow has secretly dug into this warehouse.

Mission Complete: You rescued the Arachnos informant!

ClueArachnos Informant Info

The Arachnos Informant tells you that he's been doing guard duty at Fort Cerberus. In a high-security area of the Fort is a secret laboratory where a scientist known as Doctor Geist is rumoured to be performing biochemical experiments with the resulting effluence being pumped into the Mercy Island cesspools.

Doctor Creed

WHAT? Doctor Geist was once a colleague of mine who stole my mutation theories for himself! Arachnos is letting one of my greatest rivals run medical experiments in their labs? And the waste from these experiments is what is causing the Infected? I must know what he is up to!

Interrogate Doctor Geist

Doctor Creed

So my old rival Doctor Geist sold out to Arachnos and is doing medical experiments for them, eh? And the waste from those experiments is ending up in the cesspools of Mercy and causing the Infected to come about? I must know more about those experiments! Break into Fort Cerberus and get the information out of Doctor Geist!

Make Doctor Geist pay for his treachery! Find what he knows to I may seize the knowledge for myself!

Part 3: Interrogate Doctor Geist (Steal research data, Defeat Doctor Geist, 2 labs to destroy)
Arachnos base @ Mercy Island

Somewhere within this section of Fort Cerberus is the notorious Arachnos scientist known as Doctor Geist! Make him pay for his treachery!

Objective: You found something.

ClueDoctor Geist's Research Data

Doctor Geist's research data contains all kinds of information on biochemical processes of Arachnoids, some sort of human-spider mutant hybrid. Non-living speciments of these creatures were shipped to Fort Cerberus for further study from a place called Grandville.

Objective: You destroyed the lab equipment!

Mission Complete: You defeated Doctor Geist!

Doctor Creed

You defeated Doctor Geist? AND you discovered what he wa sup to? Excellent! Most excellent! With this information I will rule the WORLD! Muhahaha!

Souvenir: Doctor Geist's Test Tube

This is a test tube taken from the lab of Doctor Giest, Arachnos scientist and rival of your contact Doctor Creed. You obtained it in a story you like to call:

Weird Science

It all started when you agreed to field test a new Infected anti-serum. Upon your return Doctor Creed related that he discovered something rather important.

An Arachnos informant had some information on the source of the cesspool contamination which creates the Infected, but the informant had been captured by Longbow before he could relate it. Doctor Creed gave you the location of the warehouse where Longbow was interrogating the informant, and you managed to break him out. The informant was an Arachnos guard at Fort Cerberus, and related how there was some sort of biochemical project happening in a secret lab there led by a scientist known as Doctor Geist. Doctor Creed was furious! Geist was a former colleague of Creed who stole Creed's mutation theories for himself! Now Geist sold out to Arachnos, while Creed was struggling to survive in the Rouge Isles! Doctor Creed swore vengeance!

Doctor Creed sent you to break into Fort Cerebus to find Doctor Geist! Within the bowels of this Arachnos base you found the secret lab the informant spoke of, where strange experiments were being conducted. You defeated Doctor Geist and stole his research data, discovering how mutant human-spider hybrids called Arachnoids were being studied at the lab after being shipped there from a place known as Grandville. Doctor Creed was overjoyed with the defeat of his rival and the research information gained on the Arachnoids.


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