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Mission Index

  1. Defeat Kurst and his guards (Longbow)

Go after the good guys

Matthew Burke

You know my code of honor? None. I'll steal from anyone if the price is right. From Arachnos, from Longbow, even from the Snakes if they had anything worth taking. But on this particular day, we're going after the good guys. Longbow. Saviors of Paragon City, thorn in the side of Arachnos. Truth is, I don't mind Longbow so much. They irritate Arachnos, which I can't help but find entertaining. Trouble is, Longbow's got something I want.

Longbow's got some of the best cryptographers this side of Paragon City. One of them is known as Agent Kurst. I need Kurst's files. Not only do they contain a wealth of knowledge about Arachnos ciphers, they also are likely to contain a mention or two about the codes my clients use. Which means, I'm sorry to say, Kurst isn't long for this world.

Part 1: Defeat Kurst and his guards (Steal Kurst's files)
Longbow Base @ Mercy Island (Longbow)

Objective: You stole Kurst's files

ClueAgent Kurst's files

These files, composed by Longbow Agent Kurst, detail the many ciphers he has successfully broken while working on Mercy Island. Although many of these ciphers originated with Arachnos, some of them are the codes Burke uses to correspond with his clients.

Mission Complete: You stole Kurst's files

Matthew Burke

Excellent job. These files will server me well. They should let me eavesdrop on secret Arachnos conversations -- at least, until these ciphers are rotated out of use. It's important to keep an eye on Arachnos. They're always testing everybody here on Mercy, myself included. Trying to figure out who's strong enough to survive and who's weak enough to crush under their boot heels. When someone's watching you, it's a good idea to watch them right back.


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