Story ArcTo Save a Soul


Mission Index

  1. Investigate Carnival's wild party (Carnival of Shadows)
  2. Find Madeleine Casey's pendant
  3. Defeat all carnies in office.
  4. Interrogate carnies about files
  5. Find Nathan Crane's files
  6. Stop Ring Mistress & her minions
  7. Take mask to Cadao Kestrel
  8. End war between groups
  9. Return to Cadao Kestrel
  10. Take mask to Sister Psyche
  11. Defeat all Carnival minions
  12. Take tomes to Cadao Kestrel
  13. Talk to Cadao Kestrel
  14. Find the herbs
  15. Take herb to Cadao Kestrel
  16. Talk to Cadao Kestrel
  17. Defeat Madame of Mystery & crew

Notable Foes

  • Mission #17: Madame of Mystery, Arch-Villain (Carnival of Shadows)

Check out the Carnival of Shadows party

Madeleine Casey

I've got a tip on one of those Carnival of Shadows parties. It's a very exclusive shindig, going on in some warehouse in Brickstown. I'd like you to check it out, Red Tomax. The Carnival likes to have a good time, but sometimes that means that their guests wind up hurt.

Why do you always get to have all the fun, Red Tomax? If I had my way, I'd get in on the action one of these days.

Part 1: Investigate Carnival's wild party (6 bodies to find, Save party-goer)
Warehouse @ Brickstown (Carnival of Shadows)

Like most exclusive parties, there's no sign that tells you this is the place. If you weren't in the know, you'd be out of luck.

Objective: You can't tell how this person died.

Mission Complete: You rescued the last party-goer from the Carnival of Shadows.

Madeleine Casey

Almost everybody at that party died? Red Tomax, how awful! that woman you rescued sounded so apathetic afterward. It's not natural. The carnival did something to her, I know it! You know, I think I have an idea about how to investigate. But I'd rather not tell you just yet.

Get the pendant back from the Carnival

Madeleine Casey

You're going to be mad at me, Red Tomax, but I decided to take matters into my own hands. I went to one of the Carnival of Shadows parties last night! I wanted to help you investigate those mysterious deaths that occured at their last party. Anyway, I'm sorry, but I actually don't remember much about it. I could learn to live with my lost memories, but when I came home, I was also missing my grandmother's ruby pendant. The Carnival must have taken it! Please get my pendant back for me, Red Tomax. It's all I have to remember Grams.

Thanks Red Tomax, I'll never forget this.

Part 2: Find Madeleine Casey's pendant
Abandoned warehouse @ Creys' Folly

There's an aura of tension in this room, as though a great plan was nearing fruition.

Objective: You found the pendant!

ClueRuby pendant

This large ruby pendant was handed down to Madeleine Casey from her late grandmother. The unusual setting is shaped like a long-fingered golden hand. The fingertips seem to caress the deep crimson stone, in a gesture that is at once haunting and evocative.

Mission Complete: You defeated the Carnival's minions and recovered Madeleine Casey's pendant.

Madeleine Casey

Oh, my pendant! Thank you, Red Tomax! Let me just slip it on; I promise it'll never leave my neck again.

Forever and ever, you will serve my indomitable will.

Oh. Oh, my! Red Tomax, when I put that pendant on, I was overcome. Memories, emotions. Some of them were mine, but most weren't. I could almost glimpse the Carnival's plan! They must have infused my pendant with some of their power!

Go to Nathan Crane's office and find out why the Carnival would want him dead

Madeleine Casey

The Carnival of Shadows definitely did something to my pendant while it was in their possession. Ever since you returned it to me, I've been recoveringmore and more of my memories about that party. Red Tomax, this is awful, but I think some people died! One of them, I think his name was Nathan Crane. Yes! Yes, I'm sure that's right. I'd really like you to go over to his office and see if you can find out why the Carnival would want him dead.

I'm feeling pretty shaken, Red Tomax. I was there, while the Carnival was killing people! And I couldn't do anythinng about it.

Part 3: Defeat all carnies in office. (Learn cause of Crane's death)
Office @ Brickstown

The abrupt bleat of a horn makes you jump.

Objective: You found some files on the Canrival!

CluePartial files

From these files, it is apparent that the late Nathan Crane was secretly a Midnight Squad researcher. His last notes seem to have something to do with the Carnival of Shadows; however, the Carnival minions have made off with the most important pages.

Mission Complete: You defeated the Carnival and found an interesting file.

Madeleine Casey

So, Nathan Crane was investigating the Carnival, huh? I guess that's why they murdered him. Maybe he was getting close to something. We'll have to keep digging, Red Tomax. I've got to find out why he died!

Take to the streets

Madeleine Casey

If we can find Nathan Crane's stolen files, maybe we can find out why the Carnival murdered him. I'm sure he must have been on the trail of some big secret. Red Tomax, take to the streets at once. One of those Carnival minions knows where those files are. And I aim to find out which one!

I guess I've been a little curt lately. Sorry about that. I really don't know what's gotten into me.

Part 4: Interrogate carnies about files (Defeat 45 Carnies)
Defeat x

Mission Complete: On one of the Carnival minions, you found a note,


You found this note on one of the Carnival minions you defeated. It reads:

'The researcher's files will be stored in our large Brickstown warehouse. As for the other plan, it is proceeding swiftly.'

Madeleine Casey

Do you need me to hold your hand through everything? You know where ther files are! Get moving!

Get Nathan Crane's files from the Carnival of Shadows

Madeleine Casey

Red Tomax, I really must apologise. I don't know what's gotten into me lately. I guess it's the thought that I was actually at a party while the Carnival was killign people. It's messing with my head. Anyway, I appreciate your work on this Carnival of Shadows problem. Now that you know where they're keeping Nathan Crane's files, we can go in and get them.

Thanks, Red Tomax. You've been great through all of this. Just get in, find those files, and get out. They're probably being stored in a desk or file cabinet somewhere.

Part 5: Find Nathan Crane's files
Warehouse @ Talos Island

Ever since you recovered Madeleine Casey's pendant from the Carnival of Shadows, she's been acting more than a little odd. You can only hope it isn't permanent.

Mission Complete: You found Nathan Crane's stolen files.

ClueComplete files

These bulky files comprise the whole of the late nathan Crane's research into the Carnival of Shadows. his notes cover many subjects: the Carnival's penchant for parties, their psychic skills, and the mysterious deaths they have caused. From the last few pages, it seems that Crane had become increasingly interested in the porcelain masks worn by the Carnival's henchmen. He believed they might be linked to the Carnival's powers.

Madeleine Casey

Excellent. Nathan Crane's files on the Carnival are certainly comprehensive. I thought we had managed to keep most of this stuff a secret. Ah well, he won't be talking now. What's the matter, Red Tomax? Why are you looking at me like that?

Go to one of the Carnival's bases and recover one of their masks

Madeleine Casey

Based on the notes of Nathan Crane, it looks like the Carnival's masks may hide more than just their faces. If they really are linked to the Carnival's powers, we have a unique opportunity to learn more about our foes. I need you to go to one of the Carnival's bases and recover one of their masks.

You see, I'm much more myself now. I tell you, my bad mood was just stress. There's no need to be so concerned.

Part 6: Stop Ring Mistress & her minions
Warehouse @ Brickstown

The door was open, the party music audible from the street. You can't shake the feeling that you were expected.

Mission Complete: You took a mask from one of the Carnival minions you defeated.

ClueCarnival mask

This well-crafted porcelain mask feels light as an eggshell. The painted face upon it wears a sneer that is both repellent and captivating. After you defeated the carnie who wore it, you felt a strange pull toward the mask. It was almost as though it was begging you to pick it up.

Madeleine Casey

Ah, the mask. Isn't it lovely? Can you imagine looking upon this visage while your psyche was torn to shreds?

Take the mask to Cadao Kestrel

Madeleine Casey

I've contacted Cadao Kestrel, the voodoo master. I think he may be able to help us unravel the mysteries of that mask you recovered from the Carnival. Would you care to pay him a visit?

I have to admit, I'm reluctant to part with this lovely mask. Ah, well. All in the name of heroism, I suppose.

Part 7: Take mask to Cadao Kestrel
Delivery @ Founders' Falls
Cadao Kestrel

So, this is the mask Madeleine Casey spoke of. Yes. There is definitely some sort of strange energy within. I will require some tim to plumb it's depths. While you are waiting, would you please go to Peregrine Island and deal with a problem that has been troublign me? As usual, the Carnival is fighting the Rikti tooth and nail, and their battle in Peregrine Island has become far too dangerous. I need you to put some space between them, so we can all breathe more easily.

Part 8: End war between groups (Defeat 45 Carnies and 45 Rikti)
Defeat x @ Peregrine Island

Mission Complete: You have created a buffer zone between the Carnival and the Rikti.

Part 9: Return to Cadao Kestrel
Delivery @ Founders' Falls
Cadao Kestrel

Red Tomax, I must admit that I am deeply shaken. This mask you found contains fragments of human souls! I believe that is the key to the Carnival's strange power. They have mastered the ability to transfer souls, in whole or in parrt, to physical objects. I believe this mask contains a fragement of the soul f the Carnival's leader. By transferring portions of her soul to the mask, she is able to share her powers with all of her followers.

I would tell you more if I could, but it is beyond my power to communicate with the scraps of soul trapped within the mask. For that, you must seek someone wiser than I.

Madeleine Casey

So, the Carnival mistress grants her minions a portion of her power by putting a fragment of her soul into each mask. Interesting, Red Tomax, very interesting. I'd like to know more.

Take the mask to Sister Psyche

Madeleine Casey

Cadao Kestrel recommended that you take that Carnival mask over to Sister Psyche. Perhaps she can communicate with the souls Cadao sensed trapped inside it.

Sister Psyche's one of the smartest women I know. Even if she is a little prissy.

Part 10: Take mask to Sister Psyche
Delivery @ Independence Port
Sister Psyche

There are fragments of a dozen souls imprisioned within this mask! Most are mere shadows of souls, to small to have much substance. Come closer, and I will let you speak to those souls that are more assertive. There is one in particular who wishes to help you with your quest.

ClueSoul of the Carnival Mistress

When Sister Psyche allowed you to contact the souls within the mask, you felt the soul of the Carnival's leader probe your mind with deadly psychic fingers. The mask contains only the merest scrap of the Carnival Mistress' soul, but you sense that it is enough to do great harm to an unguarded mind.

ClueNathan Crane's soul

From its prison inside the Carnival mask, the soul of Nathan Crane told you:

'The Carnival minions all use the power of the Carnival mistress, and it weakens her. In ordere to fuel her powers, she must drink the sould of other humans. Usually the carnies merely tug at the shadows of souls: the hidden fears, the guilty pleasure, all the subconscious emotions that rarely come to light.'

'Occasionally, though, they drain the entire soul from the body. That's what happened to me. I have been stored in this mask along with these scraps of others' souls, until I can be delivered to the Carnival Mistress' psychic table. I thank you for rescuing me from that fate. In return, I will give you a clue to the Carnival's plan.'

'Just before I died, I learned that the Carnival was researching an ancient artifact called the Sicillian Stone. If you like, I will guide you to a secret Midnight Squad library where we can find some tomes on the Stone. Perhaps together, we can learn the Carnival's plan.'

Madeleine Casey

So, the Carnival is supping on souls, eh? Sweet, delicious souls.

You know, Red Tomax, I really wish you'd quit giving me that look.

Get the tomes from the secret library

Madeleine Casey

So, the soul of Nathan Crane believes it can lead you to a secret Midnight Squad library? I guess it's worth a shot. After all, if the Carnival really is interested in this Sicilian Stone, it can't hurt for us to learn more about it. All right, Red Tomax, you've got my blessing. Go get your hands on those tomes.

The mask should lead you right to the spot.

Part 11: Defeat all Carnival minions (Find tomes about Scilian Stone)
Cavern @ Founders' Falls

Imprisioned within the porcelain mask, the soul of Nathan Crane reaches out to you. You feel a sudden warm wash of nostalgia for this secret library, where Nathan spent many happy hours.

Objective: You found the tomes!

ClueTomes on the Scilian Stone

These heavy volumes chronicle the history of the Scilian Stone, its uses, and its dangers.

Mission Complete: You defeated the Carnival and found some tomes of the Sicilian Stone.

Madeleine Casey

Good work getting those tomes, Red Tomax. It sounds like you snagged them right from under the nose of the Carnival of Shadows. We might have to enlist Cadao Kestrel again; maybe his practiced eye can tell us why the Carnival is so interested in this strange Scilian Stone. you say you faced the Madame of Mystery again? That's odd. I though she had been defeated for good.

Take tomes to Cadao Kestrel

Madeleine Casey

I'd like you to take those tomes you recovered to Cadao Kestrel for study. It seems that he may be able to help us figure out why the Carnival is after this strange Scilian Stone.

You know, Red Tomax, I've been thinking the Carnival isnt so bad after all. After we wrap up this one, what do you say we turn our attention to other matters?

Part 12: Take tomes to Cadao Kestrel
Delivery @ Founders' Falls
Cadao Kestrel

Thanks you, my friend. You know, the Scilian Stone was once used to imprison the soul of a duke who wore the stone upon his breast. The stone gradually sucked in the man's soul, until there was nothing left of him. It's been lost for years, of course, but perhaps the Carnival knows where to find it.

Madeleine Casey

Job well done, Red Tomax. I'm sure Cadao will be able to tell us more about the Carnival's motives in short order. You might as well go save some of those pesky citizens you love so much. I'll be here waiting whe you get back.

Talk to Cadao Kestrel about his findings

Madeleine Casey

Cadao Kestrel just called. He's finished studying those books you found on the Sicilian Stone, and he wants to talk to you about his findings. I think he may have learned why the Carnival of Shadows is after the Stone.

Cadao wouldn't say much to me on the phone. When you see him, tell him I thought he was mighty rude.

Part 13: Talk to Cadao Kestrel
Delivery @ Founders' Falls
Cadao Kestrel

I have grave news for you, my friend. When you battled the Carnival at that library, they weren't researching te Sicilian Stone. They were simply trying to keep you from learning about it. You see, they already knew where the stone was!

Do you remember that pendant the Carnival stole from Madeleine Casey? It was the Sicilian Stone! By the time you recovered it, the Carnival had already empowered the stone. When Madeleine Casey put it on, she began to gan access to the Carnival's memories. But none of us realised that the exchange was not one-way. Every time Madeleine Casey remembers somehting else, a portion of her soul is sucked into the stone. Thne it is the Carnival's to command.

If we don't restore her soul quickly, it will forever belong to the Carnival. i know a ritual that may help, but I'll need some rare herbs.

Part 14: Find the herbs
Cavern @ Founders' Falls

According to Cadao, the herbs he needs only grow on the bones of the unburied dead. A chilling thought.

Objective: These bones were covered with Cadao's rare herb!


This strange herb, found only on the bones of the unburied dead, is a bright purple colour. Cadao Kestrel hopes to use it to help you recover Madeleine's soul from the Sicilian Stone.

Mission Complete: You got the herb.

Part 15: Take herb to Cadao Kestrel
Delivery @ Founders' Falls
Cadao Kestrel

Thank you, Red Tomax. As Madeleine Casey's soul is drawn into the Sicilian Stone, it comes more and more under the Carnival's command. The Madame of Mystery you have faced three times? She is non other than the psychic projection of Madeleine Casey's soul. In order to restore the soul to it's proper ower, you must rip apart the psychic projection. No, not just physically. You must rip it apart on a psychic level. With this herb you have brought me, I will mix a draught that will give you the power to do so. Come back and see me shortly.

Madeleine Casey

You and Cadao can have your little joke, but it's not very nice to leave your own contact out of the loop. I'm your best chance of delaing with the Carnival of Shadows. Why won't you talk to me?

Talk to Cadao Kestrel

Madeleine Casey

Cadao Kestrel wants to see you again, and, as usual, he won't tell me what it's about. I don't appreciate all this secrecy, Red Tomax.

I don't understand why you and Cadao feel you have to keep me in the dark.

Part 16: Talk to Cadao Kestrel
Delivery @ Founders' Falls
Cadao Kestrel

Drink this draught, Red Tomax. It will grant you the power you need to defeat the Madame of Mystery, Madeleine Casey's psychic self, once and for all. When you have done so, the Carnival's hold on her soul will be broken. I must warn you, by now Madeleine's soul is nearly consumed. That means the Madame will be far, far stronger than during your earlier encounters.

Part 17: Defeat Madame of Mystery & crew

Somewhere in this warehouse, Madeleine Casey's psychically projected self awaits you. You square your shoulders. You're going to have to kick her butt.

Madame of MysteryMadame of Mystery [Arch-Villain]
After facing her three times, you have learned that the Madame of Mystery is actually the psychic projection od Madeleine Casey's soul. Unless you can destroy the Madame completely, Madeleine's soul will continue to serve the Carnival forever.

Mission Complete: You defeated the Madame of Mystery, freeing Madeleine Casey's soul from the Carnival's control.

Madeleine Casey

You're saying all this time, my soul was being sucked into the pendant? Oh, Red Tomax, I don't know what to say! You saved me! You saved my soul from being bound to the Carnival forever! Words can't describe my gratitude; somehow, i've got to make this up to you.

Souvenir: Madeline Casey's pendant

You've kept this ruby pendant as a reminder of your efforts:

To Save a Soul

It all began when Madeleine Casey asked you to check out a Carnival rave. You went to the party and discovered that almost everyone there had died. You were able to save only one woman. and she seemed strangely altered and apathetic.

It seemed clear that bad things were going on at these Carnival parties. Without your knowledge. Madeleine Casey went to such a party. thinking that she would uncover the Carnival's secret. When she returned. she could remember little about her evening. Also. her ruby pendant had been stolen. It was a precious heirloom. and she asked you to retrieve it.

When Madeleine put on the pendant. she began to recover her lost memories. She was horrified to recall that people had died at the party. The name of one victim stuck in her mind: Nathan Crane. She was sure that he was important. You went to Crane's office to investigate. but found a horde of carnies trying to make off with Crane's files. You drove them off. and learned that Crane had secretly been a Midnight Squad researcher. He had been investigating the Carnival. but the most critical pages of his notes were missing.

If you were to crack Crane's murder. you needed those files. Madeleine Casey sent you to the streets. and you learned that Crane's files were being stored in a warehouse in Brickstown.

You battled your way through some carnies to recover the files. and learned that Crane had become increasingly interested in the Carnival's porcelain masks. He seemed to think they were linked to the Carnival's powers.

You ventured into the heart of a Carnival lair to retrieve a mask for analysis. coming face to face with a strange ring mistress. the Madame of Mystery. After you defeated the carnie who ware the mask. you felt a strange pull toward it. It was almost as if the mask was begging you to pick it up.

You took the mask to Cadao Kestrel. who told you that it contained fragments of human souls. A scrap of the Carnival Mistress' soul was even contained within; it was through this transference that she managed to confer her power upon her minions.

You took the mask to Sister Psyche. who let you communicate with the souls trapped within the masks. Many were mere shadows of souls. but a few were more assertive. A fragment of the Carnival Mistress' soul probed darkly at your mind. You were also lucky enough to encounter the trapped soul of Nathan Crane. He told you that just before he died. he had learned that the Carnival was interested in an ancient artifact known as the Sicilian Stone.

The soul of Nathan Crane led you to a secret Midnight Squad library. where you recovered some tomes on the Sicilian Stone. Though you had thought the Madame of Mystery was no more. you had to battle her again in order to recover the tomes.

When you took the tomes to Cadao Kestrel for study. he told you a little about the stone's history. It seemed that the stone had once been used to imprison the soul of a duke. the stone had gradually sucked in the man's soul. until there was nothing left to animate his body.

Cadao soon contacted you with an urgent message. He had learned the whereabouts of the Sicilian Stone: it had been in Madeleine Casey's possession all along. The Carnival had stolen it from her at the party. and empowered it. When you recovered the stone for Madeleine. it began to slowly ingest her soul. As Madeleine's soul was drawn into the stone. it became the Carnival's to command. The Madame of Mystery was actually the psychic projection of Madeleine's soul! Cadao hatched a plan to recover her soul. At his request. you battled a horde of Devouring Earth creatures to retrieve some rare herbs that only grow on the bones of the unburied dead.

Cadao prepared a magic draught which would give you the power to tear apart the psychic fabric of the Madame of Mystery. thus breaking the Carnival's hold on Madeleine Casey's soul. You journeyed to a Carnival lair. where you fought the Madame again. She was far stronger than during your previous encounters. but you prevailed against her nevertheless.

Madeleine is now fully recovered from the near loss of her soul. though she is. naturally. a bit shaken. And perhaps a bit more circumspect.

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