Accomplishment BadgeThe Unlucky Artifacts


Mission Index

  1. Steal artifact from Tavaris (Circle of Thorns)

Bad Luck
You and Hard Case recovered a mystical amulet designed to jinx everyone around the wearer.
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Get the unlucky artifacts

Hard Luck

I've got a hot situation on my hands, Dread Tomax. There's a high roller in the casino who's been throwing sevens all night. He's too important to threaten, and way too important to kill, so we gotta break his luck another way. I've heard of a mystic who has some sort of lucky talisman. Or unlucky talisman, rather. It's an artifact that brings bad luck to all around the owner. We gotta get that artifact, Dread Tomax. And b ywe, I mean you. Now, the guycarrying the Blood of Xiang Xi may try to run. If he gets away, this job'll be a failure.

Way I hear it, this guy lives out in the Flop. Get down there, gte the artifact, and bring it back to me.

Part 1: Steal artifact from Tavaris (Don't let Tavaris escape)
Cavern @ St. Martial (Circle of Thorns)

These caves are chill and damp.

Mission Complete: You retrieved the Blood of Xaing Xi.

ClueBlood of Xiang Xi

This glass vial is clouded with age, but you can discern a few drops of blood within it, still bright and liquid. According to Hard Luck, this unlucky talisman should bring bad luck to all those around the owner.

Bad Luck
Awarded for completing one respecification trial
Hard Luck

Great. I'll be sure to hang out in the casino when Mr. Money Bags is playing his next game of craps. This ought to have him throwing some snake eyes.

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