Story ArcThe Organ Grinders


Mission Index

  1. Defeat all Rikti in Lab (Rikti)
  2. Recover stolen blood
  3. Defeat all villains in warehouse
  4. Find Dr. Snider
  5. Go see Marvin Weintraub
  6. Probe Rikti minds
  7. Rescue Dr. Snider
  8. Talk to Rebecca Brisnell
  9. Defeat all Rikti in lab
  10. Talk to Rebecca Brisnell
  11. Probe Rikti minds
  12. Investigate Rikti base

Steven Sheridan

Hey, I've been hearing rumors that Crey is covering up the fact that one of their labs was taken over by Rikti a couple days ago. It's one of their facilities in Crey's Folly . This might be a good opportunity to learn something more about Crey, or better yet, about what the Rikti's next move is. Will you investigate that Crey lab?

Crey denies any of this, of course, but I have a hunch there is some truth to this rumour.

Part 1: Defeat all Rikti in Lab (Investigate Rikti plan)
Laboratory @ Kings Row (Rikti)

The secure locks to the doors are busted, revealing that there may be some truth to the rumour that this lab has been overrun by Rikti.

Objective: You found a recently harvested human lung.

ClueHuman lung

This human lung was recently removed from a cadaver stolen by the Rikti.

Objective: You found a recently harvested human heart.

ClueHuman heart

This human heart was recently removed from a cadaver stolen by the Rikti.

Objective: You found a recently harvested human kidney.

ClueHuman kidney

This human kidney was recently removed from a cadaver stolen by the Rikti.

Objective: You found a recently harvested human liver.

ClueHuman liver

This human liver was recently removed from a cadaver stolen by the Rikti.

Mission Complete: You have cleared out the Rikti and learned why they took over the lab.

ClueOrgan data

You recovered this data from a lab infested with Rikti. It appears to be a detailed analysis of human organs.

Steven Sheridan

Crey finally admitted that their lab was taken over, but they claim the Paragon Protectors cleaned it out. Typical. Lets look at what you found. So, the Rikti were collecting data on human organs! I have the feeling this is part of some larger plot.

Recover stolen blood

Steven Sheridan

I got a report here that the Brickstown Infirmary had their entire supply of blood stolen right out of their storage facility. The only sign of forced entry was through a liquid waste disposal chute, so I think it's safe to assume the perps came in through the sewers. They can't treat any patients until someone recovers that stolen blood. Can you help them out?

I think they should probably still be in the sewers, try this entrance to track them down.

Part 2: Recover stolen blood (7 blood lots remaining)

A popped bag od blood on the ground tells you that you are hot on their trail.

Objective: You found some of the stolen blood. The seals look intact.

ClueBlood bags

The Rikti stole these bags of blood from Brickstown Medical Center.

Mission Complete: You have recovered all of the stolen blood.

Steven Sheridan

Great job recovering that stolen blood. I wonder what the Rikti are up to?

With the Rikti after fresh blood and human organs, I can only surmise that they are looking at a way to improve their mutagen.

Protect Fors Vorn Chemicals

Steven Sheridan

These recent Rikti thefts have me worried. There's only one reason I can think of for the Rikti to go around stealing human blood and organs. They must be trying to improve their mutagen so that it transforms people more quickly! From what is known about the current Rikti mutagen, they will need a large supply of the chemical Barizium. The only place I could find that had a lot of Barizium in stock was Fors Vorn Chemicals over in Independence Port. You should get over there to protect their warehouse so the Rikti can't make off with the Barizium.

Keep those chemicals out of the Rikti's hands, Red Tomax.

Part 3: Defeat all villains in warehouse
5th Column base @ Independence Port

The upper levels were empty, abandoned. You soon found a staircase leading down to a sub-basement, and quickly realized this was no ordinary warehouse, but a front for a 5th Column base!

Mission Complete: The 5th Column base has been cleared out.

Steven Sheridan

It wasn't a chemical company, but a 5th Column front? Well, we lucked out on that one. Still, I'm sure the Rikti are up to something. Why else would they go around stealing human organs and blood? We've got to get back on their trail.

Rescue Dr. Snider

Steven Sheridan

It looks like that warehouse I sent you to was a dead end. Even worse, the Rikti struck while you were over there! They kidnapped the renowned transplant specialist Dr. Samuel Snider, right out of his operating room! We have a hot trail to follow, Red Tomax. I need you to rescue Dr. Snide.

Dr. Snider was wearing his pager, so we should be able to track that to where he is being held. Hurry, Red Tomax, before it's too late!

Take this signal triangulator. It should zero in on his pager and lead you right to him.

ClueSignal triangulator

This device communicates with two signal detectors in Paragon City to triangulate a signal's source. It's currently set to home in on Dr. Snider's personal pager.

Part 4: Find Dr. Snider
Sewer @ Founders' Falls

The triangulator has too much interference to precisely locate the pager in here, but it is close.

Objective: You find Dr. Snider's pager under the rubble, but there is no sign of him anywhere.

ClueDr. Snider's pager

This is Dr. Snider's pager. It is the only evidence that he was ever here. he must have dropped it. The trail to him has gone cold.

Mission Complete: Dr. Snider is not here, and the trail is cold.

Steven Sheridan

Dr, Snider must have dropped his pager in the sewers while the Rikti were carrying him off! I don't know if we'll ever find him now. Red Tomax, this is getting bad. The Rikti have human organs, human blood, and now a human surgeon!

Go see Marvin Weintraub

Steven Sheridan

So, all you could find of Dr. Snider was his pager. that's not good news. I'm certain the Rikti plan to force him to do some kind of procedure with those human organs they stole. There has to be a way to track him down. Perhaps my friend Marvin Weintraub can help us out. Why don't you pay Marvin a visit?

if anyone has tech that can help us, it's him.

Part 5: Go see Marvin Weintraub
Delivery @ Talos Island
Marvin Weintraub

Steven Sheridan sent you, eh? Ok, I do have something that can help you. I call it a Psychic Probe, and it has been proven to be able to read the minds of weakened Rikti. All you gotta do is defeat them, and the robe will pick up any thoughts about Dr. Snider. Take down enough, and you should find out where he's being held.

Part 6: Probe Rikti minds (Defeat 35 Rikti)
Defeat x @ Any

Mission Complete: The probe beeps. It knows the location of Dr. Snider.

ClueRikti info

The Psychic Probe discovered that Dr. Snider is most likely being held in a warehouse in Brickstown.

Part 7: Rescue Dr. Snider
Warehouse @ Brickstown

This warehouse looks like it was recently taken over by the Rikti.

Mission Complete: You rescued Dr. Snider.

ClueDr. Snider's story

When you rescued Dr. Snider from the Rikti, he told you:

'They forced me to do transplants on some of their most powerful soldiers. When I extracted their old organs, they were in terrible shape. Withered, decaying! I was told to put in new organs, which I guess came from some fallen Rikti soldiers.'

Steven Sheridan

Dr. Snider thanks you for saving his life. I must say, his story is pretty strange. Performing organ transplants on Rikti soldiers? I wonder what that's all about.

Go see Rebecca Brisnell

Steven Sheridan

I've done a little digging. There's a rumour that all Rikti bodies are taken to a secret SERPAH lab for analysis. Makes sense, I guess. I have a good friend over at SERAPH, Rebecca Brisnell. Go see her; maybe she can tell you more about the RIkti's recent organ thefts.

She's over in Galaxy City, in the Freedom Corp Headquarters.

Part 8: Talk to Rebecca Brisnell
Delivery @ Galaxy City
Rebecca Brisnell

Steven Sheridan called and said you would be by. SERAPH does indeed have a lab where dead Rikti are examined, but it's not like we end up with every single one. I've pulled a couple strings and have secured you a visitor's pass to the facility. Perhaps our techs can point you in the right direction.

ClueSERAPH visitor badge

This badge grants you limited access to the SERAPH facility that analyzes dead Rikti soldiers.

Part 9: Defeat all Rikti in lab (3 scientists remaining)
Laboratory @ Random

The sounds of plasma fire make it apparent that the Rikti have learned the location of this secret lab.

Mission Complete: You have cleared the lab of Rikti and rescued the hostages.

Steven Sheridan

Sorry you didn't get any solid info on Rikti biology. We'll just have to keep digging if we want to know what they want with those human organs. At least you saved the day over at the secret SERAPH lab! It never hurts to impress the big boys, Red Tomax.

Go see Rebecca Brisnell

Steven Sheridan

I just got a call from Rebecca Brinell over at SERAPH. She says she wants you to visit her right away. She couldn't discuss her news on the phone, but I'm hoping it's a lead on this Rikti plot we've been investigating. We need to know what those aliens are doign with those stolen human organs!

Part 10: Talk to Rebecca Brisnell
Delivery @ Galaxy City
Rebecca Brisnell

I wanted to tell you that the Federal Bureau of Super-powered Affairs was very happy with your help in saving that SERAPH lab. Months of Rikti research was almost wiped out entirely, and we have you to thank for saving it. It took a call from the Vice President, and a background check, but you now have Omega clearance! I can tell you what SERAPH has learned from analyzing the Rikti. Are you ready for this?

Rikti are humans. Biologically, they're not aliens at all, justhighly mutated human beings. That means that the Rikti homeworld is not another planet, but an alternate Earth. You can imagine the panic if this was to get out/ not like anyone would really believe it though.

One thing we aren't sure of is if the Rikti themselves know this fact. If they did, they would most likely try to use it to their advantage somehow.

ClueRebecca Brisnell's revelation

Rebecca Brisnell told you:

'Rikti are humans. Biologically, they're not aliens at all, just highly mutated human beings. That means that the Rikti homeworld is not another planet, but an elternate Earth. you can imagine the panic if this was to get out. not like anyone would really believe it though.'

'One thing SERAPH isn't sure of is if the Rikti themselves know this fact. If they did, they would most likely try to use it to their advantage somehow.'

'We also learned that the tough a Rikti is, the more decayed his organs were when we autopsied him. Almost like they were burning up their organs in battle or something. Wierdest thing is, lately we haven't had as many Rikti show up with decaying organs. They are fresh and new, like they worked around this little limitation of theirs.'

Steven Sheridan

so you can't talk about what she told you, eh? From the way you're acting I can imagine it was really juicy. Don't go breaking your code clearance on my account. Now, back to this problem with the Rikti organ thefts. I wonder what's going on there?

Hit the streets with Weintraub's Psychic Probe

Steven Sheridan

I think you need to hit the streets again with Weintraub's Psychic Probe. I've set it to probe for information on organs. Just defeat as many Rikti as you can find; sooner or later one of them has to have some information on those stolen human organs.

Not all the Rikti will be informed on what their plans are with the organs, so you might have to defeat quite a few.

CluePsychic Probe

This high tech device that can read the thoughts of weakened Rikti. It is curently set to find thoughts pertaining to human organs.

Part 11: Probe Rikti minds (Defeat 45 Rikti)
Defeat x @ Any

Mission Complete: The probe beeps. It knows the location of a hidden Rikti base.

Part 12: Investigate Rikti base (3 clues to find)
Laboratory @ Crey's Folly

This base looks like the Rikti have been here a while.

Objective: You found that the unit contains mutating human organs.

ClueMutating human organs

n this cold storage unit you find Rikti mutagen being used to alter human organs into Rikti ones. They must be replacing the decaying Rikti organs with these altered human ones, since they are genetically the same.

Objective: You found that the crate contains Rikti organs.

ClueDecaying Rikti organs

This crate contains some decayign Rikti organs. They are atrophied beyond repair. These were recently extracted from their Rikti hosts.

Objective: You found that the barrel contains Rikti mutagen.

Mission Complete: You have shut down the Rikti organ transplanting operation.

Steven Sheridan

So, the Rikti burn out their own organs, possibly by overworking themselves during combat. It's still hard to believe that they were trying to replace their organs with mutated human ones! I can't see how that would work,them being aliens and all. Red Tomax, you did a great job stopping them before their plan could come to fruition.

Souvenir: Omega level clearance badge

Your Omega level clearance badge allows you access to some of the government's most secret files. But it does more than that. It reminds you of the time you defeated:

The Organ Grinders

It all began after you stopped the Rikti from stealing some human blood and organs. It seemed the aliens were up to something big.

Your contact assumed it had something to do with the Rikti mutagen. and you went to stop them from stealing some chemicals. But the chemical warehouse turned out to be a 5th Column front company. Several defeated soldiers later. you were still no further toward discovering what the Rikti were up to.

While you were on your wild goose-step chase. Dr. Snider. a renowned transplant specialist. was kidnapped by the Rikti. You tracked his pager down to a sewer junction. but he wasn't there. The Rikti had him. their plan was closer to completion. and you had no idea where to turn next.

Your contact got you in touch with Marvin Weintraub. an inventor who had a Psychic Probe that can read the thoughts of defeated Rikti. Using this probe. you found out that Dr. Snider was being held prisoner in Brickstown. When you freed him from the Rikti. he told you that he was forced to perform transplant surgery on living Rikti soldiers. replacing decaying organs with fresh new ones.

Your contact then put you in touch with Rebecca Brinell at SERAPH. She invited you to tour a SERAPH lab where dead Rikti were taken for examination. When you arrived there. the Rikti were attacking the lab. You saved the scientists. and the huge body of data they had gathered on the Rikti.

In recognition of this act of heroism. you were granted Omega level clearance by the Vice President and SERAPH. Ms. Brinell was now able to tell you what SERAPH had learned about the Rikti: that they were nothing more than highly mutated humans. and that the Rikti homeworld was not an alien planet. but an alternate Earth. You also learned that the more powerful the Rikti. the more atrophied their internal organs were upon autopsy.

You used the Psychic Probe again. this time looking for any information about human organs. Eventually you got the info you were looking for. and invaded a secret Rikti base. There you found that they were mutating human organs into Rikti ones. and transplanting them into their soldiers. Apparently the mutated human organs didn't atrophy from overuse like the Rikti organs did. Hopefully. you have ended this operation for good.

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