Minor Story ArcSnuffing the Light


Mission Index

  1. Defeat McGowin and his guards (Longbow,Vindicators)
  2. Eliminate all agents on ship
  3. Kidnap Luminary

Notable Foes

Invade a Longbow base

Operative Rutger

I've been given an important task by Arachnos, Dread Tomax, and I have to come through. If you're prepared to see it through without asking any questions, we can work together and both wind up looking good. The first step is to invade a Longbow base. Think you can handle that?

You're looking for a agent named McGowin. Defeat him, search him, and bring back whatever you find.

Part 1: Defeat McGowin and his guards
Longbow base @ Nerva Archipelago (Longbow,Vindicators)

Like vermin, Longbow can be found in dark dens all over these islands.

Objective: You have searched McGowin and recovered a motley assortment of objects.

ClueMcGowin's possessions

You searched the Longbow Agent McGowin and recovered a motely assortment of objects: some ammunition, a small notepad, and a locket bearing a photograph of a strikingly beautiful woman.

Mission Complete: You have defeated McGowin and recovered his possessions, although none of them seem like they'd be worth this much effort.

Operative Rutger

You have McGowin's things for me? Well done. Don't trouble yourself abou their meaning; you can leave that to me. I am certain that what I am looking for is here somewhere.

Eliminate agents on ship

Operative Rutger

I know you think all you got from McGowin's pockets was a bunch of junk. But you found what I was looking for. In this locket, here. Pretty picture, yes? That's McGowin's late wife. Killed by Arachnos agents in a minor scuffle in Paragon City. Disastrous PR. Anyway, she's the reason McGowin joined Longbow. It's no surprise he keeps his most precious possessions hidden behind her portrait.

What's in it? Well, you'll have to prove yourself worthy firsst. I need you to get to a certain cargo ship and eliminate every last agent on board. And don't ask any questions.

Remember: every agent.

Part 2: Eliminate all agents on ship
Cargo Ship @ Cap au Diable

Your footsteps echo on the deckplating. You'd better anounce yourself, and quickly.


Mission Complete: You have hijacked this vessel.

Operative Rutger

All right, Dread Tomax, you've done a bang up job, and I can tell you a little more about our mission now. McGowin, rest his soul, was one of the higher ups in Longbow. Well trsuted. Trusted enough to be given the codes to Luminary's secret headquarters in Paragon City. It's where she oes to repair herself and update her programming. We could sneak in there, but that's not going to make us famous. No, you're going in there to get Luminary herself -- so Arachnos can take her apart!

Take out Luminary

Operative Rutger

You know what to do. Take that ship to Paragon City, use the code to enter Luminary's base, and incapacitate her. Try not to do too much damage; Arachnos engineers already have plans for a whole army of Luminary clones.

Don't dissappoint me, Dread Tomax. Take plenty of manpower with you, because this is important to Arachons, and I'm not taking the fall for failure alone.

Part 3: Kidnap Luminary
Longbow base @ Cap au Diable

McGowin's code works like a charm. You're in.

LuminaryLuminary [Hero]
The current Luminary is an android built by Positron to replace the original Luminary, who retired in 1995. Far from being a cold machine, Luminary has developed a strong personality under the watchful gaze of the android Citadel of the Freedom Phalanx. Armed with powerful energy blasts, Luminary has become a shining symbol of heroism and progress for Paragon City.

Mission Complete: You defeated Luminary!

Operative Rutger

Well done, Dread Tomax. Luminary is biding her time in an Arachnos lab as we speak. Our scientists are already learning plenty from her circuitry, and we have plans to complete an assessment of her capabilities before a full dissection is necessary. You've certainly come a long way, and Arachnos is paying a lot of attention to you. Just be careful that it's not the kind of attention you don't want.

Souvenir: Luminary's schematics

When you ambushed the heroine Luminary in her private base, you took these shematics. They could come in useful, plus they're a reminder of the escapade you like to think of as:

Snuffing the Light

Operative Rutger didn't give you much to go on when he told you to invade a Longbow base. All he told you was the name of an agent, McGowin, who would have something of value on him. You defeated McGowin and searched him, but found only a few personal items.

However, it turned out that one of these items was valuable indeed. McGowin carried a locket bearing his late wife's pciture; behind that picture was the access code to Luminary's private base in Paragon City! You hijacked a Longbow ship and prepared to set sail.

Once in Paragon City, you used the code to enter Luminary's base. There, you ambushed the android heroine. You dragged her back to the Rogue Isles, where she will undergo experimentation at the hands of Arachnos. Your reputation has increased, and your pockets are lined. All in all, a splendid outcome.


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