OtherHarvest coral shards from Slag Golems


Mission Index

  1. Harvest coral shards from Slag Golems (Slag Golems)

Harvest coral shards from Slag Golems

Archmage Tarixus

The Slag Golems that rampage across Sharkhead Isle are not mere monsters created by random chance. They are animated by primordial magic originating from coral shards at their core. I seek to study this primordial essence. Go forth and harvest coral shards from the Slag Golems.

Do be careful with the coral shards. They are a precious commodity.

Part 1: Harvest coral shards from Slag Golems (Defeat 20 Slag Golems)
Defeat x (Slag Golems)

Mission Complete: You harvested enough coral shards!

ClueCoral Shards

These are the coral shards taken from the shattered forms of the Slag Golems. Tarixus claims that these shards are filled with a primordial essence that animates the creatures.

Archmage Tarixus

These coral shards will allow me to explore what the capabilities of this primordial essence.


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