Story ArcRevenant Hero Project


Mission Index

  1. Find file on Project: Locke (Crey)
  2. Take the encrypted file to Citadel
  3. Talk to Mark Freeman
  4. Deliver Data CD-R to Jake Montoya
  5. Return to Mark Freeman
  6. Find Computer in old facility
  7. Defeat Crey in Brickstown
  8. Talk to The Can Man
  9. Find Paragon Protector evidence
  10. Shut down Crey Lab for good

Read the email from the Doctor

Gordon Stacy

I got an email from a hacker called 'The Doctor,' and they were specific that they wanted me to get it into your hands. Do you want to take a look at it? It has something to do with Crey. The Doctor is a well known hacker with a major reason to hate Crey industries. This could be the start of something much, much larger.

I'd encourage you to read that message thoroughly. The Doctor knows her facts, she wouldn't have sent it to you lightly. I'd suggest you check out that office and see what she thinks Crey's up to with this 'Project Locke'.

ClueEmail from the Doctor

This email message is from the anti-Crey hacker called 'The Doctor'. It says:

I didn't know how to contact you directly, so I sent this to your contact instead. I hope you get it.

I have stumble onto something in the Crey database that I cannot unlock or decipher. It's called 'Project: Locke' and the file is stored on a computer at a Crey office. As you are well aware by now, Crey is far more dangerous than they seem. I have been snooping around in their network and found a lot of references to a file called 'Project: Locke' on one of their secured computers. If this is what I think it might be, I urge you to get to the facility in Skyway City and find the source file. It may be the evidence we need to take down Crey once and for all.

Part 1: Find file on Project: Locke (Find the Project: Locke file)
Laboratory @ Skyway City (Crey)

Crey security seems strong here, you are sure they are protecting something in this complex.

Gordon Stacy

Excellent work, Red Tomax, but this file is encrypted. We'll need to get it decyphered if we want to find out what this is all about.

Take encrypted file to Citadel

Gordon Stacy

I think Citadel can help us decipher the file you found in the Crey facility. He's an android and his machine mind should be able to work through whatever encryption is on this in moments.

Crey might know that you got your hands on the file, so you should be on the lookout for any potential ambushes.

Part 2: Take the encrypted file to Citadel
Delivery @ Talos Island

I will analyze this for you... complex encryption... booting decryption daemon... file decrypted.

Gordon Stacy

Wow, so Crey was working on a way to make tailor-made clones? I thought Dr. Vahzilok had the market cornered on medical work that insane. This is huge, but I know that there's no way to get the information out and have it stick to Crey. This is going to require further investigation.

Investigate Project: Locke

Gordon Stacy

That file Bastion decrypted talks about using DNA to make upgradeable clones, but what I want to know is where all the hyperlinks in the document go? This is obviously one part of a larger project. We need to investigate the bigger picture.

I know a hacker, maybe you should met him? Mark Freeman. He's over in Skyway City. He should be able to trace those hyperlinks, and get you an IP address to check out.

Part 3: Talk to Mark Freeman
Delivery @ Skyway City
Mark Freeman

Gordon Stacy sent you? He's a good guy. Lemme run a trace on this. It's gonna take me a couple minutes... Tell ya what. Why don't you run this CD to Jake Montoya. I told him I'd have it in his hands yesterday.

Part 4: Deliver Data CD-R to Jake Montoya
Delivery @ Skyway City
Jake Montoya

Thanks for this. My nephew really wanted to see these news articles from when I was the Red Tiger. Hey, I heard you were looking into something about Crey Industries? Well, you didn't hear any of this from me, but I knew some guys who disappeared while looking into them years back. So, just a heads up to keep alert, unles syou want to disappear like the Invisible Falcon. Anyway. thanks for the favour with the CD.

Part 5: Return to Mark Freeman
Mark Freeman

Ok, I traced these IP addresses in these hyperlinks. It was pretty tough, too... They use an archaic addressing system that has fallen out of use, but I think I know why. They all link to a former Crey facility in Crey's Folly. The place was destroyed in the Rikti invasion and then abandoned, so this might be a dead end. Sorry about that, but you might want to double check the area anyway.

Part 6: Find Computer in old facility (Find the linked file)
Laboratory @ 'Crey's Folly'

If this lab was destroyed in the Rikti War, it has been repaired to like-new condition since.

Objective: The file is not on this computer.

Objective: You found the linked file.

ClueProject: Revenant Hero

This disturbing document shows how the modular DNA and template body technology from Project: Locke is being applied. template bodies are being injected with the DNA and genetic samples of heroes, giving them the powers the hero had in life. The sources for their genetic samples included heroes who'd fallen in the Rikti war, DNA harvest from unsuspecting heroes, and an ominous sounding 'Captive Sources'. Late in the document you come across the fact that the original Revenant Heroes had little or not control over their powers because their minds had not developed.

Technology to fix that defect was 'secured' by Dr. Paul Summerfield, who based his research off of the deceased Dr. Friedkin's mind uploading work. They were now able to implant the knowledge of how to use a hero's powers directly into the template body's mind, giving them full control over their powers, but without any lingering personality defects from the hero the memories and DNA had been harvested from.

The Revenant Hero Project is currently on it's 9th generation of the technology, being field-tested by Crey as the Paragon Protectors.

Mission Complete: You have recovered the document.

Gordon Stacy

I can't believe this. Crey is taking dead Heroes' DNA, and making Hero Clones out of them? Not only that, but they are extracting the memories and knowledge from these heroes and putting them in these copies? I knew there was more to the Paragon Protectors than Crey was letting on, but all of this is beyond what anyone had ever imagined. These files aren't enough though, this won't hold up in court on it's own. We need to get some harder evidence.

Go to Brickstown and take down some Crey cronies

Gordon Stacy

The investigation into the Locke file and the Revenant Hero project is really heating up. I have to wonder if The Doctor knew this was going to happen when she started all of this. I'm having trouble proceeding because Crey is concentrating on their security, especially in Brickstown. I was thinking, though, that if you could hit the streets and start fighting with Crey's minions that might be enough of a distraction that I can continue my investigation. What do you say?

If you can keep them distracted, Red Tomax, I can find out what I need to. It's time Crey gets what it deserves.

Part 7: Defeat Crey in Brickstown (Defeat 50 Crey)
Defeat x @ Brickstown

Mission Complete: You have taken down enough Crey to make your presence known.

Gordon Stacy

Great work. Crey was in such a panic over the trouble you were causing that they didn't pay attention to what I was doing. I'll ty to put together all the information that I found. I should have something soon.

Talk to The Can Man to get a secret entrance to the Paragon Protector's base.

Gordon Stacy

Ok, I put the word out that I was looking for some info on the Paragon Protectors. Apparently there is a crazy homeless guy who calls himself The Can Man who found a secret way into their Headquarters. Talk to him and find out how to sneak in there. You should be able to find some more solid evidence that they are not what they've been telling us.

Hopefully you can deal with The Can Man, I hear that he's lost a couple marbles these days.

Part 8: Talk to The Can Man
Delivery @ Skyway City
The Can Man

Paragon Protectors you say? I haven't seen them in a day. I know where their base is, but I don't know their faces. In the Fall sewers you will find the way.

Part 9: Find Paragon Protector evidence (2 computers to access)
Laboratory @ Founders' Falls

You wind through the sewers until you were unde rthe Paragon Protector's HQ. An access pipe lead you into the base.

Objective: You found a file containing the location of the main Revenant Hero Project facility.

Objective: The file is not on this computer.

Mission Complete: You have located a file leading you to the main Revenant Hero Project base.

Gordon Stacy

So Crey has a whole lab set up where these Revenant Heroes are made. Looks like that's going to be your next target, Red Tomax.

Attack the Crey facility and stop the Revenant Hero Project

Gordon Stacy

Now that you've located the Crey facility that's creating these cloned heroes, I think our next step is for you to take it out.

That file you located in the Paragon Protector's base showed us the location of this secret lab.

Part 10: Shut down Crey Lab for good
Laboratory @ 'Crey's Folly'

A sense of dread washes over you. You realize that many heroes met an untimely end in this place.

Objective: Inside this crate you find the mask of the Invisible Falcon, a hero who disappeared investigating Crey. From the tag on the mask, it looks like he was one of the first victims of the Revenant Hero project.

ClueInvisible Falcon's Mask

This mask belonged to the missing hero the Invisible Falcon. You Found it in a Crey lab, confirming the Falcon's sad fate as a victim of Crey's Revenant Hero project.

Mission Complete: Dr. Summerfield has been captured

Gordon Stacy

With Dr. Summerfield behind bars, we can finally learn everything there is to know about this Revenant Hero Project. The Countess Crey is hiding behind her normal wall of denails, calling for commendations for the unknown heroes who exposed the 'rogue' Dr. Summerfield's plot, but the people know what really happened. The families of many of the missing heroes that Crey kidnapped want to thank you for bringing closure to their loss. You did a great thing today, Red Tomax.

Souvenir: Invisible Falcon's Mask

You have kept this mask. belonging to one of the victims of the Revenant Hero Project. as a reminder of when you stopped Crey's insane Hero cloning program.

It started with a lead from The Doctor. where you investigated a Crey facility where a file was stored that she could not access. You searched the various isolated computers in the complex until you came across the file. labeled 'Project: Locke'. The file was encrypted with a secure encryption and needed to be deciphered.

You took the file to the only person you knew could hack the encryption in a timely fashion. Bastion the Android Hero who survived the Rikti War. He decrypted the file. and you learned that Project: Locke was the codename for a project where DNA is put into a Template body to effectively clone a person. The file contained several hyperlinks to another document that was located off-site from the one you infiltrated.

You then took the file to Mark Freeman. a hacker who could locate the physical location of the hyperlinks in the document. It took him a while. but he located the file in a Crey lab that was thought to be destroyed in the opening salvo of the Rikti war in Crey's Folly.

You located the facility. right where Mark Freeman said it would be. and within it you found a fully functioning Crey lab. On one of the computers you found the file referenced in the Project: Locke one. labeled Project: Revenant Hero. This file was a goldmine. as it detailed Crey's involvement in kidnapping or killing heroes and stealing their DNA and memories and putting them into Template bodies. The end result was that they created the Paragon Protectors. The evidence you have wouldn't stand up in court. as it was obtained illegally. and Crey's lawyers would have a field day with it. so you looked to other evidence.

You then followed up on the lead of a crazy streetperson called 'The Can Man'. who knew a secret way into the Paragon Protector base. Once inside the base you rumbled with several Paragon Protectors searched it for more evidence. and came up with the location where the Revenant Hero Project was being run out of.

You attacked this facility and eventually brought Dr. Paul Summerfeld to justice. Dr. Summerfeld was Dr. Friedken's assistant who sold out her memory transferance technology to Crey so they could perfect the Revenant Hero Project.

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