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  1. Take out negotiator and witnesses (Arachnos,The Family)

Agent of Discord
Obviously, Arachnos isn't as united as Lord Recluse would like the world to believe.
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Take out negotiator and witnesses

Operative Kirkland

I have a special mission for you, Dread Tomax. There's a certain target that I need eliminated, and I need it done secretely. The person in question is currently en route to Sharkhead Isle via caro chip to do some negotiations with the Family. I need you to head over to the cargo ship and take out the negotiator.

The Family and the negotiator are not expecting trouble, so you should be able to take them by surprise.

Part 1: Take out negotiator and witnesses
Cargo Chip @ Sharkhead Isle (Arachnos,The Family)

The cargo ship sits heavy in the water.

Mission Complete: You took out the negotiator and witnesses!

Agent of Discord
Awarded for completing the mission
Operative Kirkland

I'm not going to feign surprise when you tell me about Arachnos operatives on that boat - I knew all along. One thing you'll need to realize is there are factions within Arachnos. Powerful factions. Sometimes these factions don't get along, and that's when certain people have to leave the picture if you know what I mean. Just play along and don't ask too many questions and things will come clear to you in time.

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