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  1. Destroy magic ring in Hell Forge

Destroy Magic Ring

Captain Petrovich

I have a small trinket that I need ya to get rid of for some mystic types. It's some sort of magic ring, but it's got a curse upon it and needs to be destroyed. Take the ring to the Hell Forge and throw it in a barrel of industrial-strength acid.

Yarrr, I'll be glad to be rid of the cursed thing. Gives me the heebie-jeebies! Plus those damn Arachnos troops keep huntin' for it!

I've got a truck at the docks you can take to the Hell Forge. Wait until the workers leave the Hell Forge, then head over to one of the smelting pots and get rid of that ring!

ClueRing of Naruas

This simple gold ring feels cold and heavy in your hands, and you hear malevolent whispers in your mind. You need to destroy it in the Hell Forge!

Part 1: Destroy magic ring in Hell Forge (Destroy ring in acid barrel!)
Instanced Outdoor [Sharkhead Isle, Hell Forge] @ Sharkhead Isle


Mission Complete: Missing

Captain Petrovich

Yarrr, another fine job! Hope those Arachnos didn't give ya too much trouble. Har har!


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