Minor Story ArcKings of the Sky


Mission Index

  1. Rescue Air Defense Coordinator (Longbow,Wyvern)
  2. Attack underwater base
  3. Defeat Ballista-1 during battle - 1:30:00

Notable Foes

Recover Air Defense Coordinator

Lt. Chalmers

If you're ready, let's get started.

My fellow Sky Raiders are having a spot of bother with Longbow. It seems that Longbow has taken some exception to the new staging facility we've built here in Sharkhead Isle, and are planning to cause us no end of bother. We simply cannot allow ourselves to lose our new facility, and so we must be ready for them. However, if they find out that we're aware of their plans against us, they'll surely change them. That is where independant contractors such as yourself can be useful. The first step in Longbow's plans was to hire Wyvern Mercenaries to catch one of our men, our primary Air Defense coordinator. Well, we simply cannot let that stand. So, I am prepared to offer you a tidy sum to get our Air Defense coordinator back.

Glad to hear it. We've learned where they're holding our man, but if we break him out now, it might tip our hand about what we know. So it's up to you to get him out.

Oh, and do be careful. Longbow will likely be sending re-enforcements to help Wyvern.

Part 1: Rescue Air Defense Coordinator (Rescue Coordinator)
Warehouse @ Sharkhead Isle (Longbow,Wyvern)

Wyvern is supposed to be sitting on the Sky Raiders' Air Defense coordinator in here.

Mission Complete: You recovered the Sky Raiders' Air Defense Coordinator!

ClueHidden base

After you rescued him, the Defense Coordinator told you that he'd briefly been taken to a hidden underwater base. He might even be able to tell you where it is.

Lt. Chalmers

Brilliant! his should get our defenses shaped up nicely, and not a moment too soon. The information he'd learned about the lcoation of a Longbow underwater base could also be very useful. There may be more for you in this, yet. Let me check with my superiors once more.

Attack underwater base

Lt. Chalmers

I've conferred with my superiors, and can offer you another contract. We've learned the location of one of Longbow's underwater bases. We believe it's where they've been planning their attack against us. if we can recover that information, it would help us prepare to repel the comign assault. I would like to hire your services to Acquire a copy of Longbow's plans from one of their underwater bases.

Very good. We've got a submarine waiting for you near Mercy Isle that will take you to the base. one inside, you'll have 4 main goals. First, I'll need you to find a copy of Longbow's attack plans. Secondly, I'll need you to find some data on the forces they'll be sending against us. Third, place some bombs to destroy the base. And finally, I'd like you to take out the base leader, an Agent Vickers, by any means you see fit.


You've been given these four explosive charges to set at the Longbow underwater base to help cover your tracks.

Part 2: Attack underwater base (4 bombs to set, find plans, find info, defeat Vickers)
Underwater Longbow Base @ Mercy Island

Objective: You found the plans for Longbow's new 'Chaser' unit.

ClueLongbow CAD files

These files are for a Longbow 'Chaser' attack skiff. From the look of it, the Chaser is designed from the same prototype that inspired the Raiders' Sky Skiff, but modified for mass production. These files have many notes on how to build components of a Chaser from scavenged materials.

Objective: You found Longbow's plan of attack against the Sky Raider base.

Objective: You defeated Agent Vickers.

ClueLongbow Battle Plans

This is what you came for. These detailed plans lay out Longbow's upcomign attack on the Sky Raiders. Chalmers should be willing to pay good money for this.

Mission Complete: You captured Longbow's plans from Agent Vickers.

Lt. Chalmers

Excellent work with these plans. you should already have recieved your payment. I believe strongly in prompt payment for work done properly. The time-table is particularly interesting. They're planning to make their attack much sooner than we expected. This presents us with a great difficulty, but to be honest, could be quite fortuitous for you. Allow me a moment to confer with my superiors, won't you?

Help the Sky Raiders fight off Longbow

Lt. Chalmers

It looks like Longbow has accelerated their schedule to strike befoer we could be completely ready. They'll be close to having a fair fight, and we simply cannot allow that. So, in the interest of unbalancing the odds, I've been authorized to hire some outside help to accomplish a specific task in the upcoming battle. Since you've done such good work, I thought I'd offer it to you. Be warned, that it will be difficult, I'd suggest getting some cronies to come along.

Time is of the essence. You will only have 90 minutes to stop Longbow!

Excellent. Now, here are your mission parameters: Longbow has assigned one of their heavy Ballista soldiers to this battle. it will be your job to deal with him. Taking care of their heaviest hitter should tie up enough of their troops to swing things in our favour. Be careful, though, they're exceptionally powerful. Of course, you'd be welcome to stay around and continue fighting, but the Ballista will be your true goal.

In addition, we'll have some jet packs preped for you in a truck in the port. Bring those to the fight, take one for yourself, and if you bring allies, they can get them from crates about.

This flight pack should help you out.

Part 3: Defeat Ballista-1 during battle - 1:30:00 (Defeat the Ballista)
Sky Raider Base @ Sharkhead Isle

You can't let the forces of law and order get a foothold on the island, and the Sky Raiders won't be able to stop them alone.

Objective: You have defeated the Longbow Ballista!

Ballista-1Ballista-1 [Elite Boss]
The Ballista are Longbow's heaviest hitters. These tankers are tough enough to withstand direct hits from rocket launchers, and can dish out enough damage to take out the toughest brute Arachnos can throw at them.

Mission Complete: You took out the Ballista, swinging the battle for the Sky Raiders.

Lt. Chalmers

That should teach Longbow that they're not wanted around here. You did brilliant work, Dread Tomax, and we're very thankful for it. Of course, you'll be well paid for your trouble, so I think this will be good for everyone.

Souvenir: Ballista Helmet

This is the broken helmet of one of Longbow's elite Ballista soldiers. You kept it as a memento of a job you did you remember as

Kings of the Sky

The Sky Raiders knew that Longbow was planning some action against their new base in Sharkhead Isle, and had their suspicions confirmed when Wyvern agents kidnapped their air defense coordinator. That was when Lt. Chalmers of the Sky Raiders brought you in as an independent contractor to recover their man and learn what Longbow was up to. When you rescued him, you discovered the location of an underwater Longbow base where they were planning their attack.

You entered the underwater base by mini-sub, and trashed the place. You stole computer files, defeated their leader, and planted bombs. Chalmers wa shappy with your work, unfortuntely you also discovered that longbow was moving up their time-table on the attack.

The battle over and around the floating fortress was intense, but with your help the Sky Raiders were able to defeat the Longbow attack. All in a bad days work.


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