PvP Zone MissionBomb base to debuff hero damage


Mission Index

  1. Defeat all Longbow & set bombs - 1:00:00 (Longbow)

Defeat all Longbow & set bombs

Warzone Operative Oudot

We've discovered Longbow is working on a suppression field device to weaken the capabilities of villains within Bloody bay. We need to blow up that Longbow command post!

Longbow will be sending reinforcements to secure the command post very soon. You have 60 minutes to complete the mission!

Blowing up the command post we'll weaken the morale of all the heroes on Bloody bay!

Part 1: Defeat all Longbow & set bombs - 1:00:00 (3 bombs to set)
Longbow base @ Bloody Bay (Longbow)

You infiltrate the Longbow base, prepared to destroy it utterly!

Mission Complete: You blew up the Longbow base!

Warzone Operative Oudot

Excellent work, Dread Tomax! You have dealt Longbow a crushing blow!


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