Minor Story ArcThere's a Sucker Born Every Minute


Mission Index

  1. Free Willy's source from Arachnos (Arachnos,Longbow)
  2. Defeat Arachnos Agent Dominic
  3. Capture mcKnight, defeat his allies

Notable Foes

Free Willy's source from Arachnos

Willie Wheeler

We got some trouble, Dread Tomax! You know I've gotten a lot fo great jobs for you in the past, right? Well, I've been getting them from this guy called Ace McKnight who just got nabbed by Arachnos! We need to get 'im out,or your jobs and my livelihood are history!

Please, Dread Tomax, I'm geggin' ya! Break Ace McKnight out of the Arachnos base!

You gotta get 'im free, Dread Tomax! I'm countin' on ya!

Part 1: Free Willy's source from Arachnos
Arachnos Base @ Cap au Diable (Arachnos,Longbow)

The polished interior reflects your intrusion into this Arachnos base.

Mission Complete: You rescued Ace McKnight!

Willie Wheeler

You got McKnight out? Perfect, perfect! With McKnight out, we'll be set up with some excellent jobs again soon! We're gonna do it, Dread Tomax - we're gonna make the big time!

Defeat Operative Dominic and witnesses

Willie Wheeler

You did an awesome job springin' McKnight from that Arachnos base. I guess a guy like McKnight knows secrets even Arachnos doesn't want gettin' out, eh?

McKnight gave me another hot tuip if you're up for it. He found out who it was in Arachnos that's got it in for him, and wants him taken out. Invade the Arachnos base and take out Arachnos Agent Dominic.

McKnight said this could mean big things for both of us, Dread Tomax.

Part 2: Defeat Arachnos Agent Dominic
Arachnos Base @ Cap au Diable

The flicker of electronics light up the walls of this Arachnos complex.

Mission Complete: You defeated Arachnos Agent Dominic!

Willie Wheeler

McKnight is a Longbow agent? N-no! Thsi can't be! You must be lying!

P-please! Don't tell Arachnos that I'm the one that's been doing jobs for McKnight! They'll come after me!

Capture McKnight, defeat his allies

Willie Wheeler

I screwed up bad, Dread Tomax - real bad. Arachnos agents have already been snoopin' around here, askin' questions, tryin' to find that Longbow Agent McKnight. They don't know I was involved, at least not yet.

They think they've tracked down McKnight to a warehouse they suspect has been converted to a temporary Longbow base! The problem is, if they capture McKnight, I'll be exposed as McKnight's pawn! I'll be ruined, y ahear me? ruined! Sure, you might get off the Arachnos radar, but I'm screwed!

P-please don't do this to me! If you do I'll have no future in the Rogue Isles!

Besides! mcKnight is WAY too tough for you to take alone!

Part 3: Capture mcKnight, defeat his allies
Warehouse @ Cap au Diable

It looks like Arachnos has started their assault on the warehouse. Find McKnight and make him pay!

Sea WitchSea Witch [Elite Boss]
The Sea Witch is a hero from the Rogue Isles possessing elemental powers of the storm. She has been causing problems for the villains of the Rogue Isles for many years, including the destruction of many Family smuggling vessels including the Carpe Diem.

Mission Complete: You captured Ace mcKnight!

Willie Wheeler

N-no! When Arachnos interrogates McKnight, they'll find out that he's been working through me!

You ruined me, Dread Tomax! Who's gonna trust ol' Willy Wheeler now? Get away from me! just go away!

Souvenir: Lollipop

This candy fell out of the hands of a defeated Longbow infiltrator in a story you like to call:

There's a sucker born every minute

It all started when your contact, Willie 'Dealer' Wheeler, called you up about a big problem. it seems most of Willy's jobs have originated from a source who has recently been taken captive by Arachnos forces. Willy losing his source meant no more jobs for you, so you decided to free Willy's source, a man known as Ace McKnight.

McKnight wanted Willy to find someone to take out the Arachnos agent that was coming after him - which was where you came in. Attacking the Arachnos base, it was discovered McKnight was actually a Longbow agent that Arachnos had been tracking for months. Worst of all, Arachnos thought you were in league with Longbow as well!

Willy Wheeler pleaded with you not to go after McKnight, because interrogation of the Longbow agent would reveal Willy as the dupe who had been unwittingly setting up all these jobs for Longbow.


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