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Mission Index

  1. Defeat Hicks and his men (Arachnos,Goldbrickers)
  2. Defeat all Arachnos in base
  3. Save Dr. Percey's work

Steal the medical equipment

Dr. Shelly Percey

Thank you for coming, Dread Tomax. I need the assistance of one such as yourself. I have a pateint in bad condition, and I need some rather specific equipment to diagnose his illness. It's right here on the island, but Arachnos won't grant me access, and I don't have the kind of money it would take to buy it legitimately. So I need to try an illegitimate route. Like you. Will you help me steal that medical equipment?

We need the equipment and the code for operating it. The latter will probably be on the base leader. One tiny wrinkle: the Luddites are trying to destroy this equipment as we speak. You may have to subdue a few of them.

Part 1: Defeat Hicks and his men (Steal the equipment)
Arachnos base @ Cap au Diable (Arachnos,Goldbrickers)

Dr. Percey said she was after the most sensitive diagnostic equipment known to man. You have to wonder what kind of strange disease she's dealing with.

Objective: You found the code to operate the medical equipment.

ClueEquipment code

You found this 16-digit code in the pockets of Special Operative HIcks. Dr. Percey will need it in order to operate the daignostic equipment.

Objective: You have the medical equipment.

ClueDiagnostic equipment

This sleek metal box is covered in small dials and lights. According to Dr. Shelly Percey, it is the most advanced diagnostic equipment currently available.

Mission Complete: You got the medical equipment and the code to operate it.

Dr. Shelly Percey

Excellent work, Dread Tomax. My patient will be most pleased. I should have told you, my patient is an influential man here on the island. He'll want to know about your work on his behalf.

Look for information in Aeon's base

Dr. Shelly Percey

All right, Dread Tomax, I performed my daignosis, and I've got some good news and some bad news. The bad news is, my patient only has six months to live. The good news is, he's King Kidas, and if we can help him, we'll both strike it rich. The problem with old Midas is that I can't treat him thanks to his skin condition. Oh, he's not really made of gold, you know. Paints himself that way, thinks it makes him look tough. Men. Still, his skin is harder than diamond, and it's making treatment a bit of a problem. Midas has a history with Dr. Aeon, and I suspect the good doctor may know more about his powers than anyone else. I'd like you to see if you can dig up anything in one of Aeon's bases.

Now listen up, Dread Tomax, because this is important. Midas doesn't know he's dying. not yet. And I'm not going to tell him until I have a cure ready. I'm afraid e may become suicidal, and I'm not about to lose my interesting subject. Nor do I relish the thought of autopsying a pile of rubble. Capiche?

Part 2: Defeat all Arachnos in base (Search base for info, 2 keys to find)
Laboratory @ Cap au Diable

Aeon has labs scattered all across Cap au Diable. He must be working on literally hundreds of projects at once.

Dr. Shelly Percey

So, Aeon was involved in Midas' acquisition of power, eh? Well, it doesn't surprise me. Aeon's almost as curious about the super powers as I am, and he certainly has better funding. If I analyze these fragments with the equipment you appropriated, I may be able to figure out how to get a needle through that ultra-hand skin of Midas'. Then I could cure him.

Save Dr. Percey's work

Dr. Shelly Percey

We're in trouble, Dread Tomax. I wasn't able to cook up a way of piercing Midas' skin to deliver the cure, but I did manage to concoct a medicine that could be absorbed through it. Problem is, Aeon heard about my experiments with Midas' skin, and he wants my findings for himself. And guess who he's sent after them? The Goldbrickers! Midas has no idea he's sending men to snatch the substance that could save his life. And he's not going to find out. If he does, he'll know that I lied to him about his condition, and that can't happen. So I need you to get to my lab and make sure my work stays intact and on the premesis.

I have to warn you, Dread Tomax. There's a chance you could fail this one.

I'm not saying you got sloppy and led Aeon straight to us. I'm just saying we need this situation taken care of.

Part 3: Save Dr. Percey's work
Laboratory @ Cap au Diable

Dr. Percey has more expensive equipment than she claims. She must have hidden resources.

Objective: You have saved Dr. Percey's equipment.

Mission Complete: You have defeated the Goldbrickers and saved Dr. Percey's equipment.

ClueSalvaged data

After saving Dr. Percey's lab from the Goldbrickers, you managed to salvage most of her data on King Midas' illness. It seems Dr. Percey has been studying Midas in detail for many years. According to her scrupulously dated files, Midas' symptoms appeared the day after you stole the diagnostic equipment from Arachnos. She labeled his mysterious disease 'Percey Syndrome'.

Dr. Shelly Percey

Thanks to you, Midas will never have to know how close he came to death. You saved my equipment and along with it, Midas' life. I'll put in a good word for you with old Midas; maybe the two of you can do business together in the future.

Listen, I hope you can keep whatever secrets you've learned about me during this adventure. Take this salvage. Remember: I'm your friend. You can trust me.

Souvenir: The Skin of Midas

This super hard fragment of skin is beige, not gold. It's a remonder of the twisting tale of medical intrigue you like to think of as

Midas Touched

It all started when Dr. Percey approached you with a problem. She had a patient who might be seriously ill, but the equipment she needed for diagnosis was too pricey. Arachnos had the equipment, but wouldn't share. Naturally, you stole it for her.

Dr. Percey completed her diagnosis, and the results were not good. Her patient, King Midas, was dying. Due to his super hard skin, he couldn't be treated. The good doctor revealed to you Midas' most precious secret: his skin was not gold at all! It was simply harder than diamond and painted for effect. Percey sent you to one of Dr. Aeon's labs, where she hoped you would uncover some clue that would help her develop a treatment for Midas' illness. You uncovered some fragments of Midas' skin, along with some files indicating that Aeon had originally granted Midas his powers.

With the info from Aeon's lab, Dr. Percey was able to begin constructing a cure for King Midas. Unfortunately, Dr. Aeon learned of her findings, and he wanted them for himself. What's more, he had asked Midas himself to dispatch men to confiscate the materials! Midas had no idea he was sending troops to steal the very formula that might save his life; Dr. Percey had been afraid to tell him of the seriousness of his condition. And so you went to Dr. Percey's lab to save her data.

You defeated Midas' men, and saved Dr. Percey's work. But in the end, you had to wonder. he findings you saved as Dr. Percey's lab indicated that MIdas' symptoms had begun after you stole the medicatl equipment from Arachnos. And you remembered her fascination with all beings super-powered. Could Percey herself have engineered the disease, along with it's cure. simply as an experiment?


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