Story ArcAn Unnatural Order


Mission Index

  1. Stop Devouring Earth raid (Devouring Earth )
  2. Stop Devouring Earth attack (Devouring Earth )
  3. Rescue kidnapped scientists (Devouring Earth ,Council)
  4. Seek info at Council base (Council)
  5. Defeat all creatures in cave (Devouring Earth )
  6. Rescue missing scientists (Devouring Earth )
  7. Stop release of mutagen (Devouring Earth )
  8. Defeat all creatures in cave (Devouring Earth )

Defeat the Devouring Earth before they can mount a full attack

Eliza Thorpe

I have something that needs your attention, Red Tomax. Devouring Earth creatures have been spotted massing in a warehouse. They're trashing the place, but I don't think that's the sum of their plan. There's a good chance that their masters are planning some kind of raid and are using the place as a rally point. If you can defeat the Devouring Earth before they can mount a full attack, we could save a lot of people and property.

Keep on the lookout for any clues that might explain why the Devouring Earth is attacking that warehouse.

Part 1: Stop Devouring Earth raid (2 workers left, 7 crates to find)
Warehouse (Devouring Earth )

From the number of muddy trails tracked through this lobby, you guess the Devouring Earth have a big project going on here.

Objective: You found a packing slip.

CluePacking slip

You found this packing slip in a crate to Devouring Earth had ransacked. Acording to the slip, the crate used to hold research equipment scheduled for delivery to Lomad Labs, a biotech company in Paragon City.

Mission Complete: You defeated the Devouring Earth and rescued their victims.

ClueThe warehouse worker's story

One of the warehouse workers you rescued told you:

'I'm real glad to see you! And I think I might have something that'll help you out. The whole time those things were here, I kept my eyes open. And they were rooting through boxes, taking all kinds of stuff! Fact is, I think that's why they came.'

Eliza Thorpe

You saved a lot of lives today. It's kind of odd, though. You say the Devouring Earth stole a shipment ot technological devices? Usually they just destroy anything man made.

Stop the Devouring Earth attack

Eliza Thorpe

Apparently that Devouring Earth technology theft wasn't merely random violence. The creatures are after the same company they stole from, Lomad Labs. This time they've struck one of the company's lab facilities. They're tearing the place apart and kidnapping scientists. You've got to stop the Devouring Earth attack!

The Devouring Earth hate technology and everything man made, so it's no surprise that they'd stage an attack on a biotech company. But they must have something against Lomad Labs. After all, they were destroying Lomad's shipments when you fought them in that warehouse.

Part 2: Stop Devouring Earth attack (3 scientists to save)
Laboratory (Devouring Earth )

The lab's high tech security system is still sending out a desperate screech.

Mission Complete: You have defeated the Devouring Earth and saved many of the Lomad Labs researchers.

ClueScientist's observation

One of the scientists you rescued told you:

'I know it seems like they were just here to kidnap and destroy, but I saw them steal lab equipment! It was strange, but they seemed to know exactly what they were looking for.'

ClueScientist's concerns

One of the scientists you rescued told you:

'I'm glad you came t save us, but those creatures took a number of my comrades away. They gathered us up, and sorted through everyone. They seemed to identify us by scent! They picked a few people out and took them away. I hate to think what will happen to them.'

Eliza Thorpe

You did as well as you possibly could, but it sure seems like the Devouring Earth have something against Lomad Labs. That's two strikes they've made against the company so far! I know that you're worries about the scientists those creatures kidnapped, but it's not over yet. Those people may still have a chance.

Save the scientists from the Devouring Earth

Eliza Thorpe

I got some info on those scientists the Devouring Earth kidnapped from Lomad Labs. One of them was able to get a call out on his cell phone. The police are gathering forces to mount a rescue, but I don't think we have time to wait. Red Tomax, save those scientists from the Devouring Earth!

The Devouring Earth moved the scientists into a series of shallow caverns. They're probably waiting for things to quiet down so they can move the scientists to their main habitat out in Eden.

Part 3: Rescue kidnapped scientists (3 scientists to save)
Cavern @ Talos Island (Devouring Earth ,Council)

You hear a shouted order and frown. When did the Devouring Earth learn 'Attack Maneuver Theta'?

Mission Complete: You have rescued the kidnapped researchers from Lomad Labs.

ClueScientist's warning

One of the kidnapped scientists you rescued told you:

You need to know that we weren't the only prisoners they had. There was also a woman named Raquel Thibodaux, a mystic anthropologist who had recently arrived in Paragon City. She was kidnapped a few nights ago, and had met several other mystic researchers who had also been kidnapped by the Devouring Earth. But they moved all of us after the 5th Column attacked.

ClueScientist's story

One of the kidnapped scientists you rescued told you:

They wanted us alive. They even said they would wait to change us until we had helped their leader. I said I'd never help them, but they said that Hamidon would change our minds or devour us. I don't even know what this Hamidon is, or what it wanted us to help it with. I'm just glad you came when you did.

Eliza Thorpe

Kidnapped scientists, and now missing mystics too. It seems the Devouring Earth have been busy. I checked around; a French mystic named Raquel Thibodaux did arrive in town last week, but she hasn't been at any of the conferences she came here to attend. We need some way to locate her and any more kidnapped people before it's too late.

Seek information in Council base

Eliza Thorpe

It seems those scientists you rescued were right; the Devouring Earth have kidnapped a lot more people than we had guessed. I've been able to link several missing persons cases to recent Devouring Earth raids. They've been taking mystics from all over the area. Right now, our best chance at finding them is to get information on their movements from some of their enemies. One of the scientists you rescued in the caves mentioned an attack by the Council. There's probably a Council base near those caves. I need you to go to that base and see if they have any information about where the Devouring Earth are taking the kidnapped people.

Whatever the Devouring Earth are up to, it's big. Some of the kidnapped were from cities normally outside their range. Let's just hope that the 5th Column's paranoia and habit for careful record keeping work for us this time.

Part 4: Seek info at Council base (Locate any evidence)
Council base @ Talos Island (Council)

The Council always keep close tabs on other groups. It's a sure bet that they have info on the Devouring Earth.

Objective: You found a report on Devouring Earth activities.

ClueReport on the Devouring Earth

This printed report details the estimated movements and actions of the Devouring Earth, as seen by the 5th Column. The report notes that the Devouring Earth have recently gathered a number of prisioners in a well-secured cave system and are holding them there.

Mission Complete: You've found the information you need to locate the remaining kidnapping victims.

Eliza Thorpe

Thanks for getting this information. Now maybe we can find those people the Devouring Earth kidnapped.

Rescue the hostages from the Devouring Earth

Eliza Thorpe

That information you recovered pinpoints the last known location of the mystics the Devouring Earth kidnapped. However, it looks like there may be one more person to look for. I just got a call from Lomad Labs. Seems one of their researchers, a Dr. Theron, disappeared from his home last night. They must have grabbed him after you rescued those other Lomad techs. I need you to rescue the hostages from the Devouring earth. You're the best chance they've got.

Kidnapped scientists, missing mystics, and stolen lab equipment. I still have no idea what the devouring Earth are planning, but it can't be good.

Part 5: Defeat all creatures in cave (3 mystics to save)
Cavern (Devouring Earth )

Shuffling human footprints mark the ground. Looking at them, you can almost feel the hostages' weariness and desperation.

Objective: The crate has been emptied recently.

Mission Complete: You have defeated the Devouring Earth and rescued most of their victims.

ClueRaquel Thibodaux' story

When you rescued Raquel Thibodaux, she told you:

You have arrived in time to save our lives, but these foul creatures still have two prisoners. The monsters moved Professor August P. Lovelethe and Dr. Achilles Theron to another location. I will consult with the spirits to divine their location. I will contact you as soon as that location is clear in my mind.

Eliza Thorpe

Those people you saved are in protective custody now. I only wish we could have found all the Devouring Earth's kidnapping victims! Ms. Thibodaux has promised to try to divine the location of the two missing scientists. After that, it'll be all up to you.

Save Dr. Theron and Professor Lovelethe

Eliza Thorpe

Raquel Thibodaux, one of the mystics you rescued from the Devouring earth, just contacted me. She says she's devined the location of the last two people taken by the Devouring Earth. With luck, we can still save Dr. Theron and Professor Lovelethe.

You had better take along some spare emergency teleporters, just in case.

Raquel said that this area may contain answers for you, Red Tomax. She was pretty vague about it, but you better keep your eyes peeled.

Part 6: Rescue missing scientists (Find doctor, Find Professor, Seek clues)
Instanced Outdoor [Perez Park] @ Black Sands Nature Preserve (Devouring Earth )

It's bitterly cold in this wilderness, cold enough to make you shudder in sympathy for the Devouring Earth's hostages.

Objective: You found Dr. Theron's journal.

ClueDr. Theron's journal

After reading a few entries from this tattered journal, you can feel Dr. Theron's growing disgust with humanity and society. In the latter half od the book, there are vague referenced to meetings with the 'New ones'. The last few entries deal with Dr. Theron's growing desire to help his new friends, and perhaps even become one of them. As he puts it:

'To leave this sickening species behind me and be reborn in the biological crucible of the Hamidon. To shed my old flesh and live forever as part of a new ecology. To join myself, body and soul, with the Devouring Earth! How I long for that day!'

Objective: These bones form a map!

Objective: You have destroyed the spawn chamber!

Mission Complete: You've rescued Professor Lovelythe and discovered the Devouring Earth's plan.

ClueProfessor Lovelethe's story

When you rescued Professor Lovelethe, he told you:

I have failed. I am sorry, Red Tomax, but I have failed this city and its people. The Devouring Earth wanted Dr. Theron and me to help them make something they called the Will of the Earth. A terrible stuff, a mutangenic bacterium infused with magical power. I refused and waited for death. But Dr. Theron convinced me we could sabotage their plan if I would help him.

I agreed, but I was a fool. Theron betrayed me. He was working for them the entire time! They only have a sample, but the havoc it could wreak is incalculable. I think they plan to release it into the sewer system as a test. you must stop them!

Eliza Thorpe

A magical mutagen? Dr. Theron in league with the Devouring Earth? This has to be stopped, and quickly. Fortunately, I think you may have found all the clues needed to put a halt to this.

Prevent the Devouring Earth from releasing the Will of the Earth into the water system

Eliza Thorpe

According to that scientist you rescued, Professor Lovelethe, the Devouring Earth plan to release this mutagen of theirs into the sewers. Red Tomax, we may not have much time. You've got to stop the Devouring Earth from releaseing the Will of the Earth into the water system.

The mutagen is contained in giant crystal structures. You'll need to destroy all of them.

Part 7: Stop release of mutagen (5 crystals to destroy)
Sewer (Devouring Earth )

Not far away, you hear the shuffling of Devouring Earth creatures.

Objective: You recovered a sample of the Will of the Earth.

ClueWill of the Earth

This canister contains a sample of a glowing violet bacteria, the living mutagen called the Will of the Earth. When you hold the sealed conaister, you sense a faint presence in your mind, as if the substance is speaking telepathically. A million tiny mental voices unite into a single chorus of thought, but it's not talking to itself. You sense that it's communicating with another colony of Will of the Earth some distance away.

Mission Complete: You have recovered the Devouring Earth's magical mutagen and prevented its release.

Eliza Thorpe

Holding this Devouring Earth mutagen is the strangest experience. I swear, I can hear its voice chattering away inside my head! It seems to be talking to a larger colony of mutagenic bacteria. If there's a larger colony, then this still isn't over.

Destroy the Will of the Earth

Eliza Thorpe

Okay. Red Tomax, you've already gone beyond the call of duty to destroy this Devouring Earth mutagen, the Will of the Earth. but it looks like there's more of this stuff out there, and the Devouring Earth might be getting ready to unleash it on the populace. You need to destroy the Will of the Earth, once and for all. Thankfully, this sample of the mutagen seems to have some sort of telepathic connection to the rest. It should lead you in the right direction.

It's only a matter of time before the Devouring Earth unleash this mutagen on the city.

Part 8: Defeat all creatures in cave (3 crystals to destroy)
Cavern (Devouring Earth )

This magical mutagen seems to truly have an intelligence of its own. It's voice whispers insidious comments inside your head.

Objective: You destroyed the mutagen, and recovered a sample.

Mission Complete: You have defeated the Devouring Earth and contained their mutagen.

Eliza Thorpe

You did it. You stopped the Devouring Earth from releasing their mutagen! I can't even imagine what might have happened if you hadn't been there, but congrats, Red Tomax. You did a bang up job. I'll make sure that all of the Will of the Earth you recovered gets to the proper labs. Maybe one day, we'll find a way to reverse the changes it can cause.

This has taught us a lot about the Devouring Earth that we didn't know before. Until now, everyone thought the leaders of the Devouring Earth were people who were producing monsters. But Dr. Theron's transformation seems to indicate that any person who was once a member is now a monster himself! I wonder what this leader of theirs is like, this strange Hamidon. But I guess that's a worry for later.

Souvenir: Will of the Earth Sample

You've kept this sealed sample of the Devouring Earth's strange mutagen. the WIll of the Earth. It's a reminder of the adventure you've come to think of as:

An Unnatural Order

It began when your contact sent you to investigate a Devouring Earth raid. After stopping the destruction. you learned that the creatures were after some biotechnology equipment. So it came as no surprise when your contact sent you to protect Lomad Labs. a biotechnology firm. from the creatures. However. you were appalled to learn that. in addition to equipment. the Devouring Earth was making off with Lomad's scientists.

You hastened after the kidnapped scientists and managed to rescue many of them. One of the hostages informed you that the Devouring Earth had also abducted several mystics from the area. Your contact sent you to a nearby 5th Column base to seek clues to the location of these missing magicians. A 5th Column file tipped you off o the Devouring Earth's base location. and you saved the missing mystics. However. you learned of two more hostages the Devouring Earth still held in its clutches.

You set off at once to rescue Professor August P. Lovelethe and Dr. Achilles Theron. Although you saved the professor. you learned that Dr. Theron might not want to be rescued. Indeed. it seemed he was in league with the Devouring Earth!

The doctor planned to help the Devouring Earth release a terrible mutagen into the city's water system. You prevented this vile plan. and recovered a sample of the mutagen. the Will of the Earth. It was strange stuff. this mutagen. You could hear a mental voice emanating from it. By listening to this voice. you were able to track down the last remnants of the mutagen. In doing so. you came face to face with the treacherous Dr. Theron. You defeated the doctor. now a hideous Devouring Earth creature. and recovered the Will of the Earth.

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