Story ArcThe Freaklympics


Mission Index

  1. Bust Freak leader and his crew (Freakshow)
  2. Defeat Freaks' team captains (Freakshow)
  3. Save councilmen from Freakshow (Freakshow)
  4. Bust the Kerner and his crew (Freakshow,Council)
  5. Defeat all Freaks in lab (Freakshow)
  6. Stop Freaks torching warehouse (Freakshow)
  7. Bust Freak leader and his crew (Freakshow)
  8. Bust Mistah Static, his crew (Freakshow)

Stop the office rampages

Marvin Weintraub

Freakshow have beeen rampaging from business office to business office non-stop today! They're terrorizing everyone inside. Here's the strange part: the Freaks are organized into half a dozen different raiding parties. When the Freaks show this much organization, I get worried. Can you stop the office rampages?

See if you can find out what the Freakshow are up to. It might help us stop them.

Part 1: Bust Freak leader and his crew (3 hostages to rescue)
Office (Freakshow)

Terrified office workers flee the building or hide under desks.

Mission Complete: On the Freaks' leader, you found an interesting score sheet.

ClueScore sheet

This crumpled piece of paper chronicles the recent attacks made by the group of Freaks you defeated. It lists the attacks' locations and their times, as well as an estimate of the damage done to the buildings. At the bottom of the list is the scribbled

Marvin Weintraub

You did a great job stopping those Freaks. Here's something you might want to know: I've talked to several other heroes who've faught the Freakshow recently, and some of them have also discovered score sheets like the one you found, listing the Freaks' recent attacks. I think this might be part of some competition among the Freakshow factions.

Stop the Freakshow thefts

Marvin Weintraub

From what I hear, the next event in this destructive Freakshow competition has begun. The Freakshow are on a rampage through the city, stealing anything alcoholic they can get their hands on. I've already sent some other heroes to stop a few of these raids, but we're going to need all the people we can to shut this down. Can you help stop the Freakshow thefts?

It looks like the Freaks' actions are a lot more coordinated than ever before. This is definitely something big. I'm sending you to a neighbourhood where several Freakshow teams have converged. I need you to locate each team leader and take them out. I'll call for an emergency force field to isolate the area.

Part 2: Defeat Freaks' team captains (4 captains to defeat)
Instanced Outdoor [Kings Row] @ Allegeheney Square (Freakshow)

The streets are slick with spilled liquor, and the whole neighbourhood smells of alcohol.

Objective: On one of the Freaks' leaders, you found a strange pamphlet.

ClueFreaklympics charter

This glossy flyer announces the start of the first Freaklympics, a competition for fun, fame, and prizes among the Freakshow factions. Competition categories include office invasions, mass thefts, and more. The flyer cautions competitors not to let anyone ..

Mission Complete: You contained the Freakshow violence.

Marvin Weintraub

The Freaklympics? I don't believe this. This is totally insane! They'll tear this city apart with this little competition of theirs, and the won't care a bit. This whole thing has to be stopped.

Rescue the city councilmen from the Freakshow

Marvin Weintraub

I just got word that several city councilmen have been kidnapped by the Freakshow. And get this: the original kidnappers were just attacked by another group of Freaks! This is so chaotic, it could only be another Freaklympics event. Can I count on you to rescue the city councilmen from the Freakshow?

Those Freaks may be fighting each other, but I suspect they'll drop everything to attack you.

Part 3: Save councilmen from Freakshow (5 city councilmen to save)
Abandoned office (Freakshow)

The floor of this old office building is littered with broken beer bottles and Excelsior ampoules.

Mission Complete: You have rescued all of the kidnapped officials and ruined another Freaklympic event.

Marvin Weintraub

I've heard from the police; they have all those city councilmen in protective custody. The police tell me that the variou Freakshow factions are looking at their big chance to win Dreck's favor. So they're going all out to win, no matter who get's hurt in the process. I have a feeling that this is far from over.

Catch the Kerner

Marvin Weintraub

We've had a lucky break in the Freaklympics. Seems like one of the Freaks you brought in cracked under police questioning and told us about the next event. You won't believe this, but it's a scavenger hunt for Council gear. It's supposed to take place in Council bases! But it gets better. The Freak responsible for scheduling events, a juicer called Kerner, is going to be on one of these raids. If you can catch the Kerner, it may give us a shot at stopping the next events before they start. Can you do it?

Between the Freakshow and the Council, this could get nasty. Just remember that you're after the Kerner first and foremost.

Part 4: Bust the Kerner and his crew
Council base (Freakshow,Council)

The sounds of heavy fighting inside indicate that this Freaklympics event is far from over.

Mission Complete: You found and defeated the Kerner, and found a list of upcoming events.

ClueFreaklympics event list

This slick, stylish pamphlet contains a complete list of all the events in the Freaklympics. The list of events is at once audacious and suicidal, from the almost mundane 100-meter smach and grab, to the mind-boggling Rockman wrangling rodeo roundup.

Marvin Weintraub

That list of Freaklympic events is just what we need. Now we can start anticipating their attacks instead of just reacting to them. I'll get copies of this list to the police and my other contacts.

Prevent the Freakshow tech thefts

Marvin Weintraub

Thanks to that Freaklympics schedule you got, we should be able to stop the Freaks before they can do much more damage. Apparently, the next scheduled event involes breaking into research labs and stealing high tech equipment. Can you help us prevent those Freakshow thefts?

If we're lucky, you'll be able to stop this raid before it really starts.

Part 5: Defeat all Freaks in lab (3 technicians to rescue)
Laboratory (Freakshow)

Smashed glass and twisted aluminum testify to the presence of the Freakshow.

Mission Complete: You stopped the Freaks' lab theft. But something one of the Freaks said sticks in your mind.

ClueThe Upstart Faction

One of the Upstart Faction Freaks you defeated said:

'Those heroes don't know nothing! Nobody knows nothing! We're gonna win this, and we're gonna be Dreck's new favorites. No one'll be able to stop us once Upstarts' on the streets again.'

Marvin Weintraub

It sounds like all of the Freaks at that lab were members of the Upstart Faction, a group of Freakshow dedicated to total anarchy and the end of all government. their leader, a young Freak named Upstart, was a like a living messiah to them. But he was captured several months ago. If they are planning on breakign him out of the Brick House, that could take these Freaklympics from bad to madness. I'll see if I can turn anything up.

Save the warehouse before the Freakshow torch it

Marvin Weintraub

We have another Freaklympic event about to go down, and this one is big. Apparently, Dreck's set a number of targets for arson, including a warehouse holding all of the new computers for Paragon City's elementary schools. That's low, even for them. With all the money budgeted for post-war reconstruction, I doubt the city can afford more computers for these kids. Can you save the warehouse before the Frewakshow torch it?

Also, I've been looking into the plans of the Freakshow's Upstart Faction. I haven't learned anything concrete yet, but I'll keep digging.

Part 6: Stop Freaks torching warehouse (10 firebombs to defuse)
Warehouse (Freakshow)

You're surprised even the Freakshow could sink low enough to destroy school computers, especially in tough times like these.

Mission Complete: You've defused the last of the firebombs and saved the new school computers.

Marvin Weintraub

Good work at the warehouse. Paragon's kids will have some decent computers to learn on, thanks to you.

Stop the bombing

Marvin Weintraub

I've been looking into the activities of that Freakshow faction commanded by Upstart, and I think I know what they're planning. They found a section of sewers that pass directly under the Brick House, the big prision in Brickstown, and they're planning to pack it full of explosives. If they set off that charge, it'll collapse about half of the Brick House and take out a major chunk of Brickstown itself. And then they figure they can grab Upstart in the middle of the chaos. You've got to stop that bombing, Red Tomax.

You can access the sewers through an entrance in Skyway City. That way you can surprise the Freaks.

Part 7: Bust Freak leader and his crew (3 bombs to defuse)
Sewer @ Skyway City (Freakshow)

The somber gloom of these caverns is at odds with the Freaks' raucous laughter.

Mission Complete: You prevented this Freakshow faction from freeing their imprisioned leader, Upstart. Something you overheard during the fight sticks in your mind.

ClueThe Bootsquad Faction

You overheard the Bootsquad Faction Freaks say:

'Upstart aint ever gettin' out, and that's straight from Dreck!'

Marvin Weintraub

Strange. It seems the leader of the Freakshow doesn't want Upstart freed. I'd like to know more about this, but first we have to shut the Freaklympics down once and for all.

Crash the Freaklympics awards ceremony and arrest Mistah Static

Marvin Weintraub

According to that event schedule you found, the Freaklympics are nearly over. All that's left on the schedule is their award ceremony. One of Dreck's own top men, a Tank called Mistah Static, will be giving out the medals. If we could arrest him, it could help solve dozens of different investigations. Will you crash the Freaklympics awards ceremony and arrest Mistah Static?

Let's blow out the torch on this one. I know you can do it.

Part 8: Bust Mistah Static, his crew
Abandoned warehouse (Freakshow)

This is where the Freaklympics end.

Objective: This crate is full of stolen goods.

Objective: This crate is full of stolen goods.

Objective: This crate holds the award medals for the Freaklympics.

ClueFreaklympic medals

These crude metal disks have been punched out of a manhole cover and painted bronze, silver, and gold. They are each suspended from a ragged scrap of computer cord.

Mission Complete: You've captured Mistah Static and put an end to the Freaklympics.

Marvin Weintraub

That's about it for the Freaklympics. You sure gave them a closing ceremony that they won't forget anytime soon. I just hope that they don't try something like this again for another four years.

Mistah Static's testimony is something. If it's true, the Dreck is responsible for Upstart's jailing. I sure wish I knew what Upstart found out to make his leader betray him like that.

Souvenir: Freaklympics gold medal

You've kept this crude metal disk as a reminder of the time you put a stop to:

The Freaklympics

It started when your contact told you about a series of Freakshow office invasions. While fighting the Freakshow. you found out that these invasions were part of a competition.

It wasn't long before the next event started. with a wave of Freakshow thefts across town. You did your part to stop the thefts. and found a flyer for the Freaklympics.

The next Freaklympic event involved the kidnapping of city councilmen. Fortunately. you were able to rescue all the officials before any harm was done to them.

You got a break in your investigation when you learned that the Kerner. the Freak who arranged the Freaklympic event schedule. was going to be on a scavenger raid in a 5th Column base. You fought through both the Freaks and the 5th Column to capture him. Your efforts were rewarded. for the Kerner had a copy of the full event schedule.

You were able to stop the next event in its tracks and prevent the Freakshow's Upstart Faction from stealing technology from a local lab. You also learned that some of the Freaks hoped to break their leader. Upstart. out of prison.

Before you could investigate the Upstart Faction's plan. you had to stop another group of Freaks from destroying a shipment of school computers with firebombs.

You then found out that the Upstart Faction was planning to plant explosives and sonic destabilizers under Brickstown to blow the Brick House open and free Upstart. When you arrived to stop them. you found the faction fighting another group of Freaks who were had orders to stop the prison break.

With Brickstown saved. you went to the final event of the Freaklympics. the awards ceremony. There you captured Mistah Static. one of Dreck's right hand men. From him you learned that Dreck's word had sent Upstart to jail in the first place. though Mistah Static was unable to give a reason for Dreck's betrayal.

There are still some unanswered questions in your mind. but at least you know that you put an end to the Freaklympics and the Freakshow's wave of crime.

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