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  1. Combat Lost in Terra Volta (The Lost)

Keep the Lost out of Terra Volta

Georgia Fields

The Lost have been appearing in Terra Volta with greater frequency, and it's starting to puch the situation there over the edge. The last thing that Terra Volta needs is another group of attackers in the siege against it. The city needs Terra Volta, and Terra Volta needs the protection of the city's heroes. Can you keep the Lost out of Terra Volta?

You're an inspiration to the city, Red Tomax. You might want to concentrate you refforts on the Challenger Technology Complex and the Raysun Petroleum Refinery; a lot of Lost have been spotted in those areas.

Part 1: Combat Lost in Terra Volta (Defeat 20 Lost)
Defeat X @ Terra Volta (The Lost)

Mission Complete: You have decreased the tensions in Terra Volta.

Georgia Fields

Without the constant work of heroes like you, Terra Volta would have fallen months ago. And with is would have gone the force fields that help keep our city zones safe. Red Tomax, Paragon City owes you its thanks.


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