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Mission Index

  1. Defeat all mystics in sewers (Circle of Thorns)

Go to the sewers and clear the Circle out

Thao Ku

The Circle of Thorns has been spotted in a section of the sewers. We have enough trouble down there without them adding to it. Get down to the sewers and clear the Circle out.

Watch out for their mystic blasts. They pack quite a punch.

Part 1: Defeat all mystics in sewers
Sewers (Circle of Thorns)

The air smells of roses and jasmine. Magic is definitely being used here.

Objective: You found nothing of interest.

Mission Complete: You have cleared this sewer section of Circle of Thorns activities.

Thao Ku

It sounds like the Circle nearly succeeded in casting a spell that would keep all of Paragon City asleep forever! It's a good thing you went after them, Red Tomax. Otherwise, the lives you've worked so hard to protect would be nothing more than unending siestas!


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